Margot Robbie Wants A Closer Look at Your Winners.

Bad News for the LASIK Industry.

Well, I kicked around about 35 ideas for a game-5 post this morning, but couldn’t really come up with anything adequate. There’s really not much to say.  Everyone knows what is at stake.  The Phillies need to win to keep the season going, and sorting out the reaction will be a lot easier once we actually know the result.  So, after unsuccessfully trying to embed an MLB video that somehow made Game 5 of the 1980 NLCS seem boring, I’m relieved to see it’s time to post some NFL picks.  The perfect distraction.  I need to bear down and find some winners this week before I end up eyebrow deep in a hole.  Let’s see what we’ve got.

Kraft: 11-7-2

Philly -3 over Buffalo.  I will ignore all the experts here about how Fred Jax is going to run for 250 yards since the Eagles defense is so porous.  This game is a must-win for the Birds, and it’s all about pride.  Do you have pride, or not? 1-4 is a death sentence, so I expect their best game of the season.  If they lose this game I may have to decide whether I will become a Ravens or Lions fan.

Tennessee +3 over Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is beat up.  Tennessee is one of the few teams that matches up with them toughness wise to begin with, and Harrison is out.  Hasselbeck is apparently Steve Young in 2011, and how can you go against a team with a QB with male pattern baldness?

Oakland +6 over Houston.  I’ll take the six points.  Oakland runs the ball very well.  I see them taking the air out of this ball game, and they may have something to prove after their defeat last week to NE.  Houston is without their #1 weapon, Andre Johnson, and I see this as a big letdown game.

Cincinnati +2.5 over Jacksonville.  I was surprised to see Cincy has the #1 defense.  That’s not a good sign for Jacksonville’s horrid offense.  I like the Red Rifle’s composure, and he’ll need every bit of it to settle himself in the NFL’s version of Death Valley.  Those 25,000 fans sound like 30,000 after tailgating for 3 hours.

New York Giants -9.5 over Seattle.  I would lay 9.5 with the University of Alabama.  This is my weekly blowout special.


Big Dub: 10-9-1

I’m going to say I honestly don’t believe in my picks.  I’m just going by what the line says.

Philadelphia -3 over Buffalo.  How in the world are the Eagles a favorite?  They are on the road, they can’t play defense, and they are starting two new players on the offensive line.  I think Buffalo should be favored, so I guess that means I should go with the Eagles.

Minnesota -3 over Arizona.  The Vikings should not be a favorite over any team at any venue.  I don’t get this, I thought it would be a Pick ‘Em.

New York Jets +9 over New England.  The Patriots can’t stop a nose bleed.

Green Bay -6 over Atlanta.  The Falcons couldn’t stop the Eagles at home, they couldn’t stop the Packers in the playoffs last year, and they won’t stop them this week.

San Francisco -3 over Tampa Bay.  I’m going against every team flying across the country.  Especially on a short week.


Grossy: 9-11

Oakland +6 over Houston.  I don’t think the Andre Johnson absence is getting enough play.  The Texans will have Kevin “Rex” Walter and Jacoby Jones out wide?  That’s a serious downgrade.  I’m hoping it’s good news for Owen Daniels (more targets please)on my fantasy team, but the Texans offense has to take a little hit.  Matt Schaub is an erratic mess, the Raiders play teams tough, it’s just too many points.  The Texans are also getting too much credit for beating Pittsburgh. They stink right now.

Green Bay -6 over Atlanta.  I’ve been a little leery of Green Bay all year, and I don’t know why.  Perhaps residual bitterness over not being able to continue my fantasy love affair with Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers are looking like a well-oiled machine.  I must admit that.  They going to score at least 5 TDs on Atlanta, so the question is can the Falcons keep up?  I don’t think so.

Tennessee +3 over Pittsburgh.  I think the Steelers need that signature, OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING, game like the Eagles absorbed last week.  There are a lot of things going wrong in Pittsburgh, they’re banged up, they’re aging, and Tennessee is not the pushover many people were expecting them to be.  I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but Matt Hasselbald looks pretty good out there!  Even without Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson looking like a waste of money they’re going to find a way to score. Outright winner.

Chicago +5.5 over Detroit.  Heartbreak time in Detroit.  They were sitting there last week, waiting to get their bubble burst, and then Tony Romo happened.  Can Cutler one-up Romo?  Of course he could, but coming off a bad game he’s more likely to tease Bears fans once again with a reasonable effort.  The Lions, unfortunately, are not going to go 16-0.  They might slip by the Bears, but it’s going to be a struggle.  FG goal win at best for the fighting Wayne Fontes’.

Carolina +6.5 over New Orleans.  How many big lines did the Saints fail to cover last year?  12?  They aren’t that much different a team, and the Panthers have a totally different dynamic with Scam Newton at QB.  The great thing about betting Carolina is you’re never out of the fight.  Newton was born to play in garbage time.  He’s got that youthful exuberance. He’ll kill himself to get you that backdoor cover.  Saints lack the killer instinct, Carolina is their house of horrors, give the me the 6.5.


NICHOLS: 8-10-2

New Orleans -6.5 over Carolina.  Weak secondary vs. Brees and 6.5 is it?  Could be a trick, but I’m going with Brees.

Seattle +9.5 @ New York Giants.  A win is a win, and as a Giants fan I’ll take what I can get, but that was a fumble and karma is a bitch.  Giants win, but will struggle, just like Atlanta did.  If this was +3.5, I’d go with Seattle for the win.

San Francisco -3 vs. Tampa Bay.  The 49ers are riding high and Tampa, as a city, has had its fill of excitement for the year. I’m going with San Fran to win by 6.

Atlanta +6 vs. Green Bay.  Everyone will pick Green Bay because they are the smart play.  I say Atlanta circled this game on the calendar and has been waiting for this weekend all year.  The Falcons season rests on this game.  High score–Falcons win by a FG.

Detroit -5.5 vs. Chicago.  I picked Chicago at first with a 3-point Detroit win, but now I like a MNF win by 6.  I like Detroit at home and they’ve earned all the support they can get.  I actually think this might turn out to be a good Monday Night game.


JCK:  14-6

  1. San Diego (-4) over Denver
  2. Giants (-9.5) over Seattle
  3. Cincy (+2.5) over Jacksonville
  4. Oakland (+6) over Houston
  5. Patriots (-9) over New York Jets


Commissioner’s D.A. Top-10: Cruel Joke that Miami is on bye this week.

  1. Blaine Gabbert–Welcome to the Jungle
  2. Tarvaris Jackson–8 Sacks
  3. Kevin Kolb–The Vick Backup Bowl Winner
  4. Andy Dalton–Should Shave his Head
  5. Alex Smith–Letdown City
  6. Curtis Painter–Likely His Low-water mark
  7. Donovan McNabb–The Vick Backup Bowl Loser
  8. Matt Cassel–Set him loose, Haley
  9. Ben Roethlisberger–Welcome to your future, Ben
  10. Kyle Orton–Next to last start


Ok, there we go.  Tough week for D.A. with the bye-weeks starting.  Should really serve to separate the talent.  Remember to get your picks in by Sunday morning.  Hopefully everyone enjoys the weekend, for me and the rest of the Phillies bandwagon, it’ll be a better weekend if they win tonight, but at the very least we’ve got one more game to turn our stomachs inside out.  I’ll see ya when I see ya.  Could be 2 am, could be Thursday.


18 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Wants A Closer Look at Your Winners.

  1. I really hope that in my lifetime I get to see a college team play a pro team. Maybe once the NCAA realizes it is a total joke and disbands we can get some version of florida state playing the phillies in grapefruit league action.

    • I’m fairly certain there used to be a game played each year where the college all-stars played against the defending Super Bowl champs. I could be wayyyyyy off line, but I’m tossing it out there for someone else to look up.

      If the Diamondbacks hold this very early slim lead and the Phillies lose tonight I’m gong to feel like the Eagles when they lost to the Bucs.

      I know the negative attitude isn’t good, but it’s hard to shake sometimes. Trust me, in about 30 minutes I’m gonna be all fired up and thinking we can’t lose. I’m a bipolar fan.

      If it makes me a bad Philly fan or just a bad fan in general, I can live with it. I’m emotional and I’m just saying how I feel.

  2. Agreed with the sentiments expressed above. I would be riveted by Alabama v. Seattle.

    Best line of the week: “Those 25,000 fans sound like 30,000 after tailgating for 3 hours.”

    Florida professional sports! No.

  3. Great start by the Falcons. The Packers just finally gave Rodgers enough time and Atlanta’s offense went to sleep. Or, it took Green Bay a quarter to wake up and then they just totally dominated.

  4. I’m flabbergasted by DA right now. Completely upside down. Painter doesn’t suck? Newton doesn’t suck? Vick threw 4 picks? Cue Ed Helms….

    • Painter hurt me but I think Orton’s performanced may have been enough to pull me out of the depths. The DA locks seem to be mediocre or good (in a bad way) that really has my outlook all out of whack.

  5. Obviously someone needs to flip conventional wisdom here. Get Paul Depodesta on the phone and change the standard D.A. Metrics. The old-school stats aren’t cutting it anymore. Fear the penalty yardage, sniff out value.

    • i agree….but that’s my defense of picking Tavaris Jackson numero uno. Seattle (west coast) coming East for a 1pm game, against the gmen who were on a bit of a roll. Newton has to come back to earth I’m assuming…then steve smith just starts pwning people.

  6. I was a little surprised Orton didn’t get a bit more love this week. It always helps if you can pick a team that is going to implode as well. If you saw TB’s trip to SF as a disaster as some did, you’d probably give a little boost to Josh Freeman, for example.

    We can’t change anything mid-season, but if the passing numbers continue, the yardage points are probably in line for a tweak.

  7. I just feel like there are a lot of yards being piled up in general. Random stat: going into week 5, 21 QBs were averaging 240+ yards a game. Last year only 12 did that for the season.

    It seems like there has been a lot of 28-55 for 385 and 3/3 in a 35-30 loss this year type of games….not a lot, but definitely one or two a week, like Schaub’s game this week.

    and, you take away the yards, and that’s a huge day: high 30s in points, but that’s down to about 0 when you factor in the penalty yardage.

  8. Perhaps. Schaub didn’t have a traditionally wonderful DA day though, like David Klingler’s 9/25/94 gem against Houston (10-30, 115 yards, 3 picks, team lost 0.67 yards on average every time he dropped back to pass). On some level Schaub’s day does seem to me like a DA push–in that we are striving to reward the truly incompetent rather than the sloppy shootouts. Thoughts?

  9. Yeah, I agree that Schaub didn’t have a classic D.A. game, just maybe something to think about. Schaub had 1.5 points in a loss while campbell had 28 in a win. They were both horrific as far as accuracy goes, schaub had 43 points before his yards were factored in. To me, it seems like a big penalty for unsuccessfully moving the ball up and down the field, but I’m not in the league.

    I guess, though, that any sign of actual QB ability (throwing for yards) should be penalized. I guess I’m thinking maybe it’s just too severe a penalty, possibly push the threshold back to 300 yards for next year, or something.

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