What Percentage Chance is there We'll Have an NBA Season?

I’m going out to play golf today.  This time of year that old Christmas adage comes to mind.  How many shopping days left?  How many decent golf days are left in the season?  Well, this obviously depends on how badly you want it.  Some people rig-up the cart heaters and play straight through the winter.  I don’t mind the temperatures as much as frozen conditions.  On the off-chance I hit a green, I’d like my ball to stay there.  Coldest round I ever played ironically enough might have been on a spring break golf trip to North Carolina.  I’m going to ballpark the windchill at about 15 degrees. Half the team stayed behind and finished trashing our accommodations.  Four of us went and played a place called, “The Pit.” The funny thing was, we were supposed to play 36 that day.  Did we wait for our afternoon tee times?  Nope.  We showed up at about quarter o’ eight.   When we walked in, the guy working the counter looked at us like we were idiots, or possibly ghosts.  I think I shot 86.  Real solid round for the conditions.   Anyway, before I got side-tracked there, I was saying I’m heading out for the day, but I wanted to leave everyone with something other than fantasy standings…


Is the NBA going to just slowly cancel the season?  I’d rather have a band-aid motion on this one.  Let’s just get it over with.  Are the two sides even negotiating?  Are they meeting?  If the NBA is so popular, I’m not sure why I haven’t heard one person complain about the lockout.  Not even a tidbit of conversation at a Wawa while I work the touch screen. No one cares.  Certainly not around here.   And, I think part of the NBA’s problem is that the fans don’t sympathize with the players.  Everyone was on the side of the players in the NFL lockout, but NBA cannot garner that kind of support.  Is it because players like Kenyon Martin send out tweets that say, “To all the haters, I hope you catch full blown AIDS and die.” I imagine that doesn’t help.


I saw Ides of March.  I’ll tell you what, Clooney and Gosling together really melt the screen.  It was a solid movie.  Worth seeing.  If you ever doubted that Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman could both have roles in the same film–prepare to stand corrected.  This cast requires two schlubs!  I’m not going to give anything away, but if you want more fuel for the what is wrong with politics in America fire, you should certainly check it out.  If political intrigue is not your thing, I fear you may be bored to death, or confused because it won’t hold your attention.  What I’m saying is, if it takes too long for your dessert to come out at Applebees and you miss the start time for What’s Your Number, maybe you can check out Ides of March instead.


I can’t watch the NLCS.  Can’t do it.  Can’t stand to watch Milwaukee’s pitchers get knocked around like the scrap heap junk that they are.  I watched a bit of the American League game yesterday, and like I mentioned last night, a real goose-bump inducing call by Joe Buck on the slam, assuming you happened to be watching the last few minutes of Rudy and then flipped over to the game at the exact moment the ball landed in the left-field stands.  I really was sleeping on Texas all year.  They’re on a roll.


Quiz of the Day:  3,000 Hit Club By Picture.  Category: None of those Guys is Rogers Hornsby.  My Score: 26/28.


Ok, talk amongst yourselves.  I’ve got to go take 37 putts.


6 thoughts on “Quickly…

  1. I’m good with watching the NBA take a break. When the player’s argument is “the median income for a player is just over $2MM” then I just can’t support them. They get 57% of the revenue and are willing to go to 53%. Cancel the season.

    Ides of March – solid movie. Some thought it was going to be more action packed like the previews suggest but it had the right level of intensity…and didn’t go crazy with hyperbole. That shit is real. A friend of a friend is the inspiration for the main character in “Farragut North” and Gosling’s character in the movie. He was a PR guy and the story is losely based on his work on the ’04 Dean campaign. Great story.

    Oh, and since when did BK start tweeting for Kenyon Martin?

  2. schlub, hahaha…nice use. i think those two get cast as the guy you wanna feel badly for and can most relate to.

    and in other news, re: the political discussions inspired by that Ides movie…(aka, two people who knew nothing about politics AND academics debating academic pres’s Dem v. Republican)….anyhoo, Carter is supposedly an intellectual according to momma Q.
    and according to WIKI:
    “Carter was a gifted student from an early age who always had a fondness for reading.”
    huh, but if we do the 3-Putt clause, he still wouldn’t be an intellectual.
    SO, my clincher: he has personal views on abortion that do not align with his political ones. a true intellect?

    who knew?

    finally, dear mailbag at large: is it a sign USA cares less about bball than football, cause I think bball is already cancelling games and i’ve only heard about the story once or twice a week on sports center?


  3. I think it’s hysterical that the NBA players rejected a 50-50 deal. Amazing. Guaranteed contracts, high median income, but we want it ALL!

    Yeah, Kenyon is definitely finding my 2000-2001 stride. Let’s all hope he stops there.

  4. apparently Kenyon had a stuttering problem…

    but, not tourettes.

    the NBA players should take any deal they can get.

    20/80, whatever, you want to play in Turkey? Really?

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