All Kinds of Stuff.

Whatcha Lookin' At?

Love this picture for so many reasons.  First, this whole “ice girl” thing has really turned into a craze.  Whenever you figure out a way to put women in skimpy outfits at a sporting event, the idea is going to catch on pretty quickly.  At first hockey doesn’t seem conducive to any type of “cheering” or “dance teaming,” but then some genius just handed the hot marketing intern a snow shovel and a culture was born.  As you can see, these maintainers of the ice surface draw plenty of eyes, but I have to give some respect to the kid 3 from the left.  Obviously, the Flyers are losing this game.  Obviously, this kid is die-hard and can’t be bothered to look at some tart skating around the ice.  That would only make him more furious.  But, his girlfriend is checking out what’s up, and the other guy, my goodness, Sir.  Act like you’ve been there before.  Flyers are 3-0 by the way.  Giroux, Bryz and company are going to cleanse the city.


Did the Cardinals jump out to a 4-0 lead in game 3, then completely shut down offensively, but still manage to win?  Oh, that happened?  Did Tony LaRussa stick with an obviously not sharp Chris Carpenter until he blew the game, or did he take him out while the Cardinals still had the lead?  Oh, he took him out?  Weird.


This is it for Justin Verlander.  The Tigers may be cooked anyway.  This Nelson Cruz guy–I think he might turn into something.  He keeps hitting the ball with a great deal of authority in extra innings, but the Tigers are facing a 3-1 hole and are trying to defend their home field for possibly the last time.  Your everyday stat geeks have told us that Justin Verlander should be the AL MVP after his dominant season, but where has that Verlander been?  Did that game-one rain out in NY throw him out of rhythm for the entire playoffs?  Doubtful.  The guy just isn’t getting it done.  The Cy Young is his, but if he wants to elevate himself to the upper echelon, he can give the Tigers a game when they really need one.  He’s facing off against C.J. Wilson and his quest for 100-million this winter.  Would I give Wilson that much money?  No, but Bartolo Colon isn’t my 4th starter.


Taking a poll.  Should I start Tom Brady this week against Dallas, or should I play Eli Manning-Face against Buffalo?  Eli outscored Tommy Boy last week, and Tom has back-t0-back 16 point efforts after leading the universe in scoring at the start of the season.  The Bills despite all their W/L success, ain’t afraid to give up points to opposing QBs.  I believe they may lead the league in this stat.  This is the classic example of, “You didn’t draft Brady to sit him,” vs. “Getting cute with your Fantasy Lineup is fun.”  I’m looking at a must-win, and I don’t want to be responsible if I play the wrong guy.


Has everyone seen the Dr. Pepper 10 commercials?  Apparently they’ve put 10 calories into a Diet Dr. Pepper and that makes it manly?  They’re marketing it like it’s Paul Bunyan’s magical elixir.  It’s an Old-Spice commercial.  What’s my problem with this?  Well, I’d make the argument that real men don’t drink soda–period.  Kids love soda.  Women love diet soda.  Clowns love Mountain Dew.  I used to love soda.  Orange Crush.  A nice Root Beer.  I’ve pretty much grown out of the phase.  I probably have about 5 sodas a year, and that’s when I’m trapped eating some type of extra-value meal and I buckle and get the Coke.  What I’m saying is, Dr. Pepper Ten is going to fail, hard.


Esquire named Rihanna the sexiest woman alive.  What I’ve always wanted to know about these “honors” is if the magazine has to approach Rihanna first before everything goes in motion.  Do they say, “If we happen to name you the sexiest woman alive, would you pose in very little clothing in our magazine and make a video for our website?”  Or, is it a given that she’d accept?  I don’t know any celebrities who would turn down this type of publicity, but it would be pretty funny if Rihanna stone-walled them and they announced the thing and were like, here’s a picture of her we got off the internet. Runners-Up to Rihanna included Mila Kunia, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Stone, etc.


19 thoughts on “All Kinds of Stuff.

  1. you are the king of randomness.
    still no comment on lee/rangers though? or did i miss something? or is it socially awkward to even broach the subject?

    comments about your comments:
    1, rihanna is hot. but good point. think she’s at her peak when in the justin t rehab video. disturbia, quality footage as well.
    2, there is nothing CUTE about doing anything without Tom Brady. for real? that was question? i know they’re hyping this D coordinator knows Brady, but guess what…Bella and Brady knew the D coordinator. and that D coordinator, is that a ryan relative dressed as Jeff Daniels for halloween?
    3, i’m tired of looking at tony larussa even if he helps dogs.
    4, flyers girl…no comment. she’s a good skater? non-affirmative action.


  2. I don’t think the Rangers give two bleeps about Cliff Lee at this point.

    They made the World Series last year, so unless they get back and win it, I don’t think they’ll be satisfied.

      • My opinion is it makes no difference to them. He was a rent-a-player there as it turned out.

        Also, who gives a bleep about Ron Washington.

  3. I just want to chime in here with an endorsement of the mailbag and this post.

    Secondarily, let me ask you this: How mad at yourself are you going to be if you start Eli and he turns in a giant steaming pile of horse poop? More mad than if you start Brady and it turns out that Eli scored more points, right?

    * Disclaimer: You are currently taking fantasy advice from someone who started Dexter McClusterf*ck last week and whose starting QBs this year have included Sam Bradford, Rex Grossman, Kevin Kolb, and . . . wait for it . . . Colt McCoy.

    • that’s a solid endorsement…hey, mr vermont…any hype up there about the ides of march movie supposedly based on the book supposedly based on the dean campaign?

      wasn’t there a fired PR guy?


      • You know, I only heard about the movie for the first time this week. I haven’t heard anyone up here talking about it. I think Dean has been on the national stage for so long that people here don’t get too worked about him anymore . . . perhaps. That’s the impression I’ve gotten anyhow. I’m curious to see the movie though. Although the New Yorker was really criticizing the movie on the ground that it would have been more interesting and timely if Clooney’s character was a Tea Party candidate rather than a Democrat. I dunno?

      • i see! thanks.

        biased, i’d have to agree with the New Yorker, gosh…speaking of the New Yorker, i miss their fiction section. jam packed yum. Q

  4. your Brady/Manning argument is obviously logical, but I had the same dilemma last week, sat Eli-Face and it cost me 8 or 10 points. it didn’t impact my result, but you have to acknowledge that Brady is going to have down weeks, right?

    but, it sounds like I should join your league, trade you Eli, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    • If you were in my league, I would inquire about Eli, and you would say something like “It’s not worth it for me to give up my ‘QB insurance’ except for Calvin Johnson AND Jermichael Finley” and then we would all be right back where we started.

      • No, I’m Mr. Reasonable. Eli is available for any reasonable player. Someone that actually plays. Definitely not Johnson maybe Finley–he’s all flash. I think I offered him for Darren Sproles.

      • I’ve been offering Vincent Jackson for a backup QB and everyone is all, gee, I dunno, I don’t think it’s worth it to me . . . it’s maddening.

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