A Lesson in Pictures.

Derek Jeter's Halloween Costume.

You see, that’s a picture of Curtis Painter.  I had no idea what Painter looked like.  I may have seen him with his helmet on for a play or two while frantically trying to click away from a Colts game, but this is his look.  That’s Indy’s QB. And, you wonder why they’re 0-6.  It was pointed out to me by ZD (who had it pointed out to him) that Painter is a dead ringer for the Captain.  Sure, Painter has the golden locks and lighter skin, but look at that Jeter face/smile he’s got going.  Uncanny. Another interesting twist is that I think Jeter might actually be the better quarterback.  There has to be room in the NFL for a jump throw, right?  Here’s a picture of Jeter to complete the creepy circle.

Throw a TD to Reggie Wayne, Dang It.




One thought on “A Lesson in Pictures.

  1. in other inane news, a lot has come up on the job today…in need of 3-Putt consultation. Phils catchers, yeah, that is so lunch time. Now, my coworker and I think we have a question for your mail bag.

    SO, about office biggest losers: we feel like the fit people are at a disadvantage going in (strictly size wise). Because, theory is that if you do percentage of weight loss, it’s straightfoward – in theory – ie, a 4lbs/130 lber is 3ish percent and so would be 10lbs/300lber…3%. However, when your body mass is higher muscle, isn’t it harder to lose 4lbs than 10lbs?

    We need help here. We do… a lot, today.
    Thanks Dr. 3-Putt, I know you have all the answer.


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