The Miracle Cover.

Prater Was the Real Hero.

As far as I could tell the two competing story lines for Sunday afternoon were Tim Tebow’s miracle win/cover and perhaps the worst day of QB play we’ve seen in quite some time.  The atrocious slate of games lived up to their hype, especially for the guys taking the snaps.  The influx of new, rehashed and generally awful QBs made for some interesting stat lines and unwatchable games.  What the Browns and Seahawks engaged in was a crime that should never again be perpetrated against NFL fans (DA did not start for Cleveland, but he liked what he saw).  In the Kansas City/Oakland game, the combined stat line for all QBs was 30/65 for 328, OTDs and 8 INTs.  It’s amazing that 14 points were scored on offense. And, from Tennessee to London, plenty of other QBs were in on the action.

Tim Tebow was right there with them, playing perhaps the ugliest 3.5 quarters of the year before the Broncos pulled out the most unlikely win I’ve seen in a long time.  With 5:23 on the clock, and sitting on their own 20, the Broncos took over facing a 15-0 deficit.  Did the 0-win Dolphins take a breath on defense?  Did they realize they’re going for the #1 pick?  Or, did Tebow just engage hyper-winning mode?  Whatever the cause, Denver took the ball down the field and a TD brought the score to 15-7.  With under three minutes left, the Broncos then recovered an onside kick.  To my knowledge, Tebow did not make the kick or the recovery, but back on the field, he took the Broncos right down the field again and converted a second TD.

At that point it was a 15-13 game and depending on what you had for the line, you started hoping for any number of different outcomes.  Personally, I had the Broncos getting 1.5 points, so all that bluster would have been pointless if Tebow couldn’t get the 2-point conversion.  But, if there’s one thing you can trust Tebow with besides the offering plate, it’s a two-point conversion.  The Broncos punched it in and then the bionic leg of Matt Prater took over in OT.

The question is, how out of control is this Tebow thing going to get?  Are the first 55 minutes of this game forgotten?  Do we ignore the fact that the Broncos were playing the Dolphins?  There are still several times a game when Tebow looks completely incompetent.  Nobody questions Tebow’s toughness, his determination, or his winning record, but ironically those aren’t some of the first qualities we look for in quarterbacks.  We like arm strength, pocket awareness, accuracy–things Tebow seems to be lacking.  I feel like Tebow is just an entertaining sideshow until Denver figures out what it is doing, but I guess Sunday’s last five minutes could be the first step to proving me wrong.  But, I doubt it.


Is Jason Campbell sitting somewhere with Mike Brown laughing his ass off?  I’m sure Campbell wasn’t thrilled when the Raiders, who he’d led to a 4-2 record, made the blockbuster (chuckle) deal that tied them to Carson Palmer through next season. It’d be one thing if the move was temporary, but the price they paid indicated that Campbell’s days as a starter could be over even when he returns from his collarbone injury.  Then there’s Mike Brown, who said he wasn’t going to trade Carson Palmer and who many football observers might say isn’t capable of making a smart deal.  Brown got a haul for Palmer that already (after one half of football) looks a little ridiculous.  Perhaps one day Campbell can end up in Cincy Qb’ing the Bengals.


Five Fantasy Gut Punches of the Week:

1.  DeMarcus Ware.  Ware had Dallas’ only sack against St. Louis on Sunday.  There’s nothing quite like a team totally dominating on defense, rolling up a 34-7 win and yet not doing much of anything in fantasy terms.  If you can switch a position out every week and not have it hurt your team (kicker, D/ST), how does that improve the game?

2.  Rashard Mendenhall.  The Steelers scored 32 points, but Mendenhall couldn’t even manage 4.  It’s not so much that Mendenhall was terrible–he’s been showing signs.  It’s that he’s coming off a 140-yard game and couldn’t do a thing against listless Arizona.  It makes no sense.  For a 2nd round pick, at worst, he’s got to be killing a lot of people.

3.  Philip Rivers.  Rivers has been coasting through this season without taking much heat.  The Chargers were 4-1, but he imploded at the New Meadowlands on Sunday.  His first pick was tipped, but then he threw another to ice it.  He’s been without Gates, V-Jax isn’t 100% and he probably even misses Sproles, but Rivers has to get it done, regardless his weapons.

4.  Mike Williams.  25 for 240 and 1 score?  No, those aren’t DeMarco’s Murray’s Sunday numbers.  They’re similar, but that’s Mike Williams for the year.  What happened to this clown?  Wasn’t this the guy who came waltzing off the wavier wire last year to factor in the title of about every league?  No he can’t do a thing.  Mutt.

5.  DeMarco Murray.  Murray had 71 career yards entering Sunday.  Then he broke every record the Cowboys have.  Everyone who got this guy off waivers should be humping the sofa cushion right now, but I wonder how many people a) got him, but didn’t start him, or b) had Felix Jones but didn’t have the waiver priority to get Murray.  I’m in the “B” camp, and the big insult is that at this rate, Felix Jones’s job may be gone for good.


Arbitrary, But Definitive Top-10:

  1. Green Bay–Relaxed into a Back Door Cover.
  2. Baltimore–I’m assuming they’ll beat JAX
  3. New England–Big Match-up with Pittsburgh coming.
  4. Pittsburgh–The Sharps Took it in the hind end with the Cards today.
  5. New Orleans–Look at what they did to Indy!
  6. San Francisco–Shut it, Niners fans.
  7. Buffalo–If the Bills don’t play does the week count?
  8. Atlanta–And, we’re out of good teams.
  9. Houston–So, They’re Better than the Titans.
  10. Cincinnati–Red Rifle Fever.

6 thoughts on “The Miracle Cover.

  1. Yeah, that’s my fault. If you have anyone on my team this week–youre screwed. I’m looking at about 35 points with a full roster.

  2. Is MJD serious? He was a top 5 pick in most leagues (i’d bet or close to it), and it looks like someone oil slicks the ball every time he touches it. Get it together, at least help out your rookie qb by maybe not fumbling on the 1 yard line going in.

  3. That’s true, he finally did something and carried my team to victory.

    By the way, heard a good fred couples story this wknd.

  4. And…

    Nice cliff hanger. So, I picked up this hitch hiker last night. Turns out it was Jessica Biel.


    was the story about him hooking up with mad chicks and shooting casual 62s, because that’s what I have in my mind.

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