Week 8 NFL Preview — Open Challenge to the NFL.

Emeril Suggests Kicking it Up a Notch.

You know what I’m tired of?  Apologizing for the NFL.  I’m tired of pretending to be amused by the horrific level of play.  It may be great for D.A. Fantasy Football, but it’s not funny.  Not really.  Bad play is like a virus, or a stink bug infestation and the NFL isn’t doing a damn thing about it.  A while back you had your Bengals, your Browns, your Cardinals and a stray team here or there and that was the bottom of the barrel.  Now, half the teams in the league with winning records are unwatchable.  How many teams do you get excited to see?  These awful slates of games aren’t the exception–they’re the norm.

Ask anyone and they’ll say that something is missing in the NFL this season.  Is it the quarterback play?  To me there are two types of offenses in the NFL.  The one led by a ridiculous QB (four/five teams at most) and then some wildly boring, vanilla atrocity.  Did you see what the damn Browns did last week?  They gave Hardesty about 90 carries like he was Jim Brown.  They could have played 10 quarters and he wouldn’t have hit 100 yards, but there were the Browns running it into the line of scrimmage every play on their way to a 6-3 win.  And, if they pass the ball, be prepared for a dizzying array of 6-yd patterns.  How about Denver? Did Foxy steal a middle school playbook to give to Tebow?  It’s a joke.

Is it the rule changes?  Are we protecting too many people?  Are the defenders handcuffed?  Is this kick-off rule finally proving to be the disaster everyone thought it would be?  I wish I had an answer for what was going wrong, but week after week I watch the football games and become less inspired.  Will we ever get to the point where people stop watching the NFL simply because it is the NFL?  It’d take a long time, because people are conditioned to think the NFL is the premium product when it comes to sports entertainment, but how many kids have sat down in front of at TV this year and been captivated by what they saw?

I always fear the NFL’s arrogance, the trust they have in their monopoly.  I just want people in the league office to realize their product stinks right now.  Yes, Mr. Goodell?  Two-thirds of your teams are a joke.  Most teams can’t or don’t know how to play defense.  There is a grave problem with QB play and development.  Why are Sanchez, Flacco, Ryan, Bradford, and Freeman regressing?  Your prime time games are a complete joke.  I don’t believe you can’t flex out of a Colts/Saints game if the Colts are 0-6.  That’s crap.  You’re the NFL.  You can do whatever you want.  Stop force-feeding the public this dime store, outlet grade horse bleep.  Get a clue now while there’s a still a chance to fix what is going on.


Contraction Special:  Bengals @ Seahawks.  

Oh, lordy.  The Bengals are 4-2!  Great.  They’re unwatchable.  We get the added bonus of Cedric Benson serving his suspension this week so Bernard Scott gets the call.  I love how he was a hot pick up in fantasy this week.  The guy’s a back up for a reason.  The Seahawks are killer against the run and have a good defense period.  Get ready for 5.6 points out of the Scott-train.  And, the defenses are really the story here.  Both teams will lock it up, Dalton and White(Akili Smith)hurst won’t be able to move the ball and we could be headed toward another 6-3 thriller.  Maybe 5-2.  Who knows. The over/under is 38, which almost seems too easy.  As always, I feel for the fans.  Cincy has to pretend they like Andy Dalton and Seattle knows last year was a fluke and they still don’t have a QB.  Keep buying those tickets, though.


AFC Special:  Chargers @ Chiefs.  

Here we go.  Monday Night Football.  My question is, what did ESPN do to the NFL to deserve these games?  The league spreads themselves so thin.  Promising games to Fox, CBS, NBC and there’s nothing but scraps left for the Worldwide Leader and they eagerly slurp them up like it’s a nice mid-rare filet.  This game is for AFC West supremacy (because let’s be honest, the Raiders are sunk with CP), but the Chiefs still look terrible.  That was the least convincing 28-0 win in the history of the sport last week.  And, we all know the Chargers can’t be trusted.  The worst thing about this game isn’t necessarily that the teams aren’t that great–but it’s that you know, or at least have a feeling that it’s going to be very sloppy.  Fewest back-breaking pick6s wins.  The AFC West, ladies and gentlemen.


Game of the Week:  New England @ Pittsburgh.

This is a bit of a lay-up.  The Cowboys/Eagles game could be very good, but either of those teams could also implode at any moment.  The best part is that the team who wins will have an insufferable fan base for near future.  Eagles fans will be walking around like their 7-0 and not 3-4.  And, god bless them for that.  But, this Pats/Steelers game is good for one reason–and that’s there should be a ton of points.  And, quality offensive play, not slop.  The Steelers never really have much luck stopping New England even when their D is stout, so this year should be a free for all.  And, New England probably won’t be able to contain the Steelers’ passing game either.  These teams hooked up in prime time last year and I think Gronk and Company went wild.  If Pittsburgh can keep it a bit closer, it’ll be the best game of the year so far.


Five Fantasy Busts:

  1. A.J Green
  2. Knowshon Moreno
  3. Tim Tebow
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  5. Bernard Scott


Five Fantasy Adds if You’re Desperate (And, we’re getting real desperate this time of year):

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. Seahawks Defense
  3. Jake Ballard
  4. Christian Ponder
  5. Roy Helu


Over/Under Lock of the Week (Record: 3-1–ooh la la):  Browns/49ers Under 38.5


19 thoughts on “Week 8 NFL Preview — Open Challenge to the NFL.

  1. Interesting point about the QBs taking a step back. Especially considering everyone is so excited about Newton, Dalton, etc. this year. I’d say Sanchez is kind of a stretch though, he just pulled a few games out of his ass. Was anyone really ever that high on him?

  2. i feel like maybe we’re about to see the end of football. give it another 50 years and all the blah blah blah and ‘roids and head injury and bad hits will result in a lost part of 20th/21st centure American (classy) culture.


  3. I’m assuming the “end of football” comment was tongue in cheek. Football isn’t going anywhere.

    The lockout plays a big part in all of this sloppy play i think. I assume these guys completely shut it down for 2-3 months after the season, just to get back to normal from the pounding they take for 6. So they need those 3 months of OTAs, camp, etc to get themselves to the point where they’re 100% mentally and physically prepared.

  4. i agree that lockout surely comes into play…but part of me imagine that more and more parents might be like, “i dunno, i’d rather my kid have a decent head on his shoulders” and it’s kind of becoming more and more apparent re: concussion issues, etc that maybe we don’t want “our kids” playing. which, may in the long run deteriorate interest.

    i like the strategy of the game. i like to watch it. the hits kill me. but, as a football coaches daughter, i don’t think my dad is that surprised or offended when i say i will not encourage my kid to play someday. regardless of gender (important to say). i’d like them to keep their frontal lobe in tact as much as possible.


  5. as far as the lockout goes, we’re in week 8. There was 4 weeks of preseason. Two weeks of camp before that. We’re at a good 3 months these teams have had to get some cohesion. That should be enough in my mind.

    In regard to the concussions, I don’t football is going anywhere. And, even if you don’t want your kid to play as long as football remains a very lucrative profession for kids who otherwise might not be in the best spot to make a lot of money–there will be plenty of players.

    I think there’s a better chance that medical and equipment technology advance to the point over the next 50 years where we have some control over the head injuries than there is of football being gone from society.

  6. AJ Green a bust? What world are you living on? Of all WR’s this year that have played more than 4 games, AJ is ranked #7 in points per game? He’s tied for 6th in # of receiving TD’s by a WR, and ranked 9th in fantasy WR points. Given that he probably was an 11th round pick in most leagues this seems absurd, esp. as your #1 bust! What expectation did you have for a rookie WR on the Bengals anyways? Chris Johnson… Felix Jones… these are actual fantasy busts.

    • you must be new here, swifty.

      these are busts for the week.

      meaning, people you might play because they are at least decent, but I wouldn’t play this week. I think Seattle’s defense shuts down Green and Cincy as a whole.

      Thanks for enlightening us on Chris Johnson being a bust for the year, though.

      Talk about a scoop.

      • I would not be so quick to draw that conclusion. The Seahawks put two of their starting secondary in Trufant and Thurman on IR, and have another corner on the injury report too. Great run defense, but I guess we’ll see this weekend.

      • Look, it’s an opinion.

        I don’t want any trouble with the president of A.J. Green’s fan club.

        He’s obviously on your team, so I hope that works out for you.

  7. We’re in week 8 and you’re judging the season based on the play so far, correct? So by your own definition this is about where teams would be playing their 3rd or 4th preseason game. So yes, they should start showing cohesion, but to imply that the lockout didn’t have an affect up to now is ridiculous in my opinion. Your response even denotes that they’ve had 3 months, well when do OTAs start normally? May. Then training camp at the end of July. So you’re talking 4 months.

    • i’m gonna hate myself in the morning, but i’m gonna agree with Melo. if there was the whoooollllee true lockout, these guys are behind, if on team play and plays, alone. hate to make this comparison, but unless your middle name starts with a q, in cross-country…if you didn’t work it leading into the season. it showed, but a few weeks in, even more so. i don’t doubt these guys did some work, but…not the same. i truly think that is what all this fumblin bumblin is about. and defense, helloo….i’m gonna take my biggest stereotype to date on this blog, right here, right now…defensive players i imagine are better at hitting the meat balls than the medicine balls. what’s the ugliest part of the (Patriots) NFL this year, defense. Q

      • They are professional athletes. I’m not going to accept a cross country analogy. This is not a “few weeks” in anyway. They’ve been working out/practicing under the team’s supervision since the end of July. Cross-country season has come and gone.

        They had a full training camp. Same as always. They missed mini-camps and OTAs which some veterans don’t even attend anyway.

  8. OTAs aren’t every day, first of all. The amount of time they can actually spend working as a team in the off-season is limited by the players association.

    And, they had a pre-season. So, these teams have played 11 games together. How does that compute to being at the 3rd week of preseason?

    OTAs are worth 8 weeks of day in, day out work? Come on.

    • I think you’re grossly underestimating the amount of work they put in. Look at cooley and his comments regarding doctors and trainers. They are professional athletes, you’re right, which makes them that much more sensitive to change in routines, et al.

      I never implied to said OTAs where day in and day out work. My entire point is that the little delays and missed things absolutely affect these guys more than we probably know. You think that it only takes 3 months for chris johnson, cromartie, etc to learn a playbook? You think 3 months is sufficient to prepare for the pounding their bodies take? Flat out, the lockout had an effect, there is no doubt.

      • I knew you were going to bring up Cooley. That’s one injured guy. Let’s not put the entire league’s play on one guy’s knee.

        I think you’re ignoring that this is something of a trend. I don’t think it popped up this year out of the blue. We’ve been headed in this direction. I mean, of the top-12 QBs in the league, how many have been developed in the last 5 years? 1? If you like Stafford. Considering a good 5 teams a year try to start over at the position, isn’t that a little light? And, guys like Flacco have been in the Ravens system for years–and he’s getting worse.

        You can’t honestly think that these guys just sat around and did nothing because they were locked out. I’m sure most stuck to their usual off-season routines (minus the OTAs)

        Chris Johnson missed training camp. Which, is different. And, that’s another one player example.

        What about Cam Newton? How is he even completing a pass based on your theory? What about our beloved AJ Green and Andy Dalton connection? How’s that happening?

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