Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

You Could Have Stepped Out of Bounds.

Nothing is anywhere close to a cover that’s already in the books.  That’s just a great feeling.  But, there are certain occasions when you allow yourself to relax.  Among those, nothing ranks quite as high as getting 3.5-5.5 points as a game enters overtime.  NFL teams play for the field goal.  As soon as they’re inside 40 yards, they’re centering it up and getting ready to seal the deal–usually on 3rd down.  About the only thing that can go wrong is a breakdown in coverage.  That’s what happened Sunday.  The breakdown’s name was Patrick Peterson.  Peterson appears to be some type of freak of nature.  He caught the punt deep in his own end for no other reason than to cost me a cover.

Not much else to talk about.  Nice win for Baltimore?  The Colts really do seem headed for 0-16?  The Eagles will be the highest scoring 8-8 team of all-time?  Boring.  Let’s do some standings…

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Big Dub:  27-15-3
  2. JCK:  25-19-1
  3. Kraft: 22-19-4
  4. Grossy:  23-20-2
  5. Nichols: 20-23-2

The “Going 0-16 is Hard” Pick of the Week:  Every once in a while you see a winless team as a favorite and it makes you take notice.  Is this the week they get it done?  With the Dolphins this week there was nothing real jarring about the line.  The incredibly average Chiefs were favorites, but I think the mystery that Big Dub sniffed out is the AFC West is an uncommon train wreck.  Being 4-3 in the AFC West is like being 2-5 (at best) in a vacuum.  The Dolphins, despite their self-sabotaging haven’t given up on the season, and that was all it took to get by the Chiefs–with ease.  Big Dub gets a little bit of hardware to compliment the hot streak he’s been on for the last month or so.

The “Give Carson Palmer a Full Season, He’ll Throw 48 Picks,” Awful Pick of the Week:  As you can see in the standings, we’ve officially had a little changing of the guard.  About a month ago, JCK was at 71% winners and had a nice lead.  Now, it’s Big Dub at 64% and he’s got a two-game cushion.  So, in the spirit of awarding Dub the pick of the week, I’ve got to give its ugly step-sister to JCK.  It was actually a pretty decent week around here (16-9), so JCK’s Oakland Raider call stood out a bit.  He’s a man of no analysis, so it’s hard to know what he was thinking, but I imagine it was “Tebow’s awful.” Hard to disagree, but Oakland’s defense wanted to get on the radar and couldn’t be denied.  Stop the run much?


D.A. Standings and Summaries:

I’m pretty happy with how D.A. is going.  We just had our 2nd straight week where no one was in negative numbers.  It’s always interesting to me to watch the trends.  Last year if Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing the Jets he would have been the first or second pick.  This time around–undrafted.  And, Andy Dalton was not taken this week, either.  Amazing. Obviously, that was the right call.  Skipping out on Fitzy was not.

D.A. Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine:  6-3
  2. JCK:  6-3
  3. Kraft:  5-4
  4. Fake Chow:  4-5
  5. Team Horse Face:  4-5
  6. The Slop Jocks:  4-5
  7. Eli Esses D:  4-5
  8. The Shiva Cry:  3-6


JCK Wins Pitcher’s Duel, 6.25 to 3, Edges into 1st Place Tie with Neckbeards.

JCK has come a long way in seven weeks.  After losing to Neckbeards in week two, JCK was 0-2 and still lost in the D.A. woods. He capped a 6-1 streak since with a win over the 1st place team and put a strangle hold on one of the playoff spots. This game wasn’t pretty.  Who knew Matt Moore would throw 3 TDS?  The key to the game was Carson Palmer’s penalty yardage.  Palmer has now thrown 6 Picks in less than two games of action, but the lax Broncos defense allowed him to pile up well over 300 yards.  It was just enough to cost Neckbeards a 7-2 record.

The Greatest Show on D.A. Turf, Kraft, Cruises to 46.5 to 8 win over Fake Chow.  

We’ve had some discrepancies in point total and standing, but for Kraft those numbers are starting to even out.  He’s had weeks of 94, 56, 64 and 46 on his way to a league-leading point total.  This week it was Curtis Painter, who Kraft surprisingly picked up at #13.  I think some people look at “Colts” and forget for a second how bad Painter is.  This week, in that undressing by Atlanta, Painter rang up 28.5 points.  For Fake Chow, he just hasn’t been able to tap into the monster week.  This week, the frustratingly consistent Alex Smith (-5 points) put the nail in the coffin.

The Slop Jocks slide by The Shiva Cry 20.25 to 14.  

The Shiva Cry loves taking Eli Manning.  Through the 1st half on Sunday it looked like it was going to be a smart play.  Eli was terribly inaccurate and the Giants looked less than dynamic against the troubled Pats defense, but Eli rallied the Giants late again and it ruined a big incompletion day for him (14 points).  To compliment that, Tim Tebow had 0 points. A good point of reference considering he played about as well as he can.  The Slop Jocks leaned on Sam Bradford.  How do you get 13 points without a TD?  How about 2 safeties?  Well played.  Bradford, last year’s darling, put up 16.75 points and that was enough.

Eli Esses D Beats Team Horse Face 32 to 15, Makes a Bit of History.  

I don’t know how many straight weeks Eli Esses D has been in at least a share of last place.  I know it’s double-digits.  You have to give Dub some credit for not giving up, though, and now he’s on a nice 3-1 kick.  He had the 1st overall pick this week, and Tarvaris Jackson probably wouldn’t have been my choice, but he really delivered with 3 INTs and 33 points. Team Horse Face got a surprisingly pedestrian 16 points out of John Beck and Jay Cutler couldn’t make up the difference on Monday night.

3-PT D.A. of the Week:

John Skelton was responsible for 2 safeties this week.  That’s 8 D.A. points, people.  Not too shabby, but Skelton wasn’t dynamic enough otherwise.  Perhaps you remember a somewhat hard and fast rule I implemented last year.  Two Pick-6s and you win the D.A.  Well, I’ve got to dust that one off this week.  Philip Rivers threw for a ton of yardage Sunday.  He actually showed some signs of coming out of a season long funk, but that was after he buried his team in the 1st half.  Back-to-Back pick-6s turned a horse race into desperation for the Chargers.  Considering his disappointing year to this point, Rivers also probably deserves this for his first half body of work.

**We’re featuring Akili Smith in the Historical D.A. Section this week.  Top of the Page of you want a gander.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. I’m en fuego right now. So much so I would be in third in the Las Vegas Hilton Contest. Now, I know I’m not one to brag, but I’m going to do it. The contests i a pointspread pick off where you have to pick 5 games per week, the entry fee is $1,500 and you get paid for finishing in the top 20 with the winner getting about a quarter of a millon.

    You get a point for a win and a half point for a push. I’d had 28.5 points and sitting in third place.


    It’s okay to live in a delusional state and aume you would make the same picks knowing you have a $1,500 entry hanging over your head, right? Oh, and you get a 10 grand bonus for picking 67% percent winners. I’m almost there.

    • It’s an impressive total. You’re dominating Bill Simmons. So, you’ll always have that.

      Maybe we should put in $300 dollars each next year, we all pick one game a week and watch it go up in flames???

      Anyway, nice run, we’re all rooting for you to keep it going……or not.

  2. How does Tim Tebow come out as a push? There has to be something wrong with our scoring metrics. At no point should be ever not be putting up 10-15 points minimum. Eli giving me 14 was all i could ask, i figured tebow would push me easily over the top.

    I think with Painter it was more that it looked like he might actually be getting a little bit of a clue, with dallas clark, et al. But who knows.

    PS: Suck it Brady.

  3. Tebow won the game, threw 2 TDs and 0 INT, I think the fact that he didn’t put up -20 points is a reflection of how good our system is.

    Same with Eli, one drive at the end couldn’t erase that awful 1st half.

    And, Tebow is handcuffed by them not trusting him to throw. So, he doesn’t have as many opportunities as the other guys.

  4. Yeah i’m just bitter eddie royal showed up all of a sudden. Of course Tebow will immediately buckle and go to hell this coming week.

    So is Rivers officially a DA “must have” in the second round at this point?

  5. Rivers is a problem in the yards category. Even with two pick-6s, I think he only put up a handful of points on Sunday. You’ll have to watch the match-ups. I think he’s got Oakland this week? That’s been proven to be a spot where you don’t want to go in terms of D.A.

  6. I wonder what percentage of people in that contest are actually pro bettors and how many are clowns like the Sports Guy (who almost cashed last year I think).

    I love the thing. I think it totally exposes “the sharps.” Obviously a handful know what they’re doing, or have a track-record, but $1500 isn’t the most prohibitive buy-in I’ve ever seen. Where are all the guys on the internet/radio that tout 80% winners? 2 of 3 wins this thing and it’s the best of the best.

  7. Are we really not going to comment/discuss this whole PSU thing? I mean, I know I’ve seen PSU fans on here and just nothing. As an “outsider” i don’t see how any alumni could be anything less than appalled at JoePa finishing up this season. If I were a booster, my last dollar has been sent to the school and I’m looking for a new place to support.

  8. I would place Paterno on immediate administrative leave. I do not think he did what was morally the right thing to do in 2002. I do not think he acted morally in allowing Sandusky continued access (with children!) to university facilities following the 2002 incident. I also suspect that he knew quite well the reasons behind Sandusky’s 1999 departure from the coaching staff–and that those reasons had to do with allegations of the very nature we are now seeing–and yet at the very least acquiesced in keeping the allegations quiet for the benefit of the university’s reputation. It pains me to say all of these things but I think that allowing Paterno to finish the season out of respect for his stature at the university, or for any other reason, is to perpetuate exactly the kind of thinking that led to where we are today. I am trying to be cautious about overreacting and jumping to conclusions but I think the fundamental issue here is that things should have stopped pending further investigation when they first came to light rather than to continue as if everything was normal, and I think that same dynamic is playing out right now.

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