Deep Fried Thanksgiving Winners.

Or, How to Burn Down the Garage.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I guess the only drawback of this glorious holiday is that it messes up the rhythm of NFL Pick ‘Em ever so slightly.  Three games today, decent games and very enticing games according to the action we got.  The remainder of the picks will go up tomorrow in some kind of combo post between The Antagonist and myself.  I’m holding out on the games today.  I don’t want any increased chance for indigestion.  But, here are some selections for you, and you’ve still got a few minutes for D.A. picks in that first game as well.  Enjoy the holiday, everyone.

Big Dub:  32-19-4

I think I’ve taken every Thursday game this season, why not continue the trend?

Detroit (+6) over Green Bay.  The Packers are not very good in the secondary.  Matthew Stafford has been a turnover machine.  With those cancelling each other out, I turn to Gross’ “Biggest Game in the History of the Program,” Theory. It’s too long to explain, and it only applies to college, but other than that, I’ve got this game pegged.

Dallas (-7) over Miami.  The Dolphins stink.  What?  Win one game and I’m supposed to be excited?

Baltimore (-3) over San Francisco.  Short Week.  Flying Across the Country.  “Get the body bag ready!!”


JCK:  29-25-1

  1. Green Bay (-6) over Detroit
  2. Dallas (-7) over Miami
  3. San Francisco (+3) over Baltimore


Nichols:  25-28-2

Green Bay (-6) over Detroit.  Detroit struggled with the Panthers.  I think it’s safe to say Green Bay is better than the Panthers.

San Francisco (-3) over Baltimore.  I’m not a fan of the short week, but what the hell?  I think they are the better team and will, at the very least, cover.


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