Ashley Greene Eggs and


Another pretty deadly Thursday.  That’s why I stay away.  Never smart to rush into things, though I was kicking myself for not taking the Ravens by the 3rd quarter last night.  It would have made up for Ray Rice’s fantasy night.  There’s nothing like the feeling when you know a guy is going to be a bust and you have no choice but to play him anyway.  Why, oh why, did they have to get cute down by the goal line?  I wouldn’t trust a single team in the league to run straight ahead for a yard from the one yard line and score.  That’s asking too much.  You know what isn’t asking too much?  A little 5-0 speed slot to catapult into the lead.  Let’s see…

Grossy:  30-22-3

Atlanta (-9.5) over Minnesota.  I’m trying to identify teams that are done for the year.  Minnesota is obviously one of them.  Adrian Peterson, bless his heart, wants to play, but they aren’t going to let him.  Toby Gerhart will see what it would have been like if went to an SEC school, and the Falcons should be able to run this one up at home.  Is Matty Ice on a little bit of a bounce back?  When you compare him to the Sanchez/Flacco/Bradford trio of suck, Atlanta has to be pretty happy with their man.

St. Louis (-3) over Arizona.  Revenge game.  And, it’s very personal for me after that, what appropriate?, IN-appropriate Arizona cover a few weeks back.  I know I shouldn’t fan the flames of Patrick Peterson’s career, but I’m going to tempt him to beat me one more time.  I know the Cardinals offense isn’t going to cover this number.  Beanie’s hurt, Bartel is slinging the rock, and Arizona is scouting the local “speed pitch” booths for their next QB.

Carolina (-3) over Indianapolis.  Talk about a season that’s already in the books.  This is the week where Indy erases any doubt that they’re getting Luck.  Oh, the Panthers at home?  A turnover prone mess with a horrid defense?  No worries, Colt Nation.  We can lose to that.  The Colts don’t have an answer to anyone, and they don’t show interest in solving that problem.  This is the week my Steve Smith pays off.  I can feel it.

Seattle (-3.5) over Washington.  Um, Grossy, could you pick worse games?  Well, it’s the NFL, I can’t help it.  I’ve got to stick with the theme.  If you don’t know that Washington is going to be dead on arrival in Seattle after losing their biggest game of the season and then schlupping across the country on Thanksgiving week…well, you’ve never watched football.  Marshawn Lynch should get his standard 103 yards on 41 carries, but it’ll be the Redskins resounding apathy and incompetence that carries the day here.

New York Giants (+7) @ New Orleans.  I think the Giants were a bit overrated a few weeks ago.  The Saints are still overrated.  The Saints defense isn’t any good.  Remember when they beat up on Indy and everyone got excited?  Oh, I was the only one who got excited?  Well, yeah, then they lost to St. Louis.  The G-Men should be able to keep Brees off-balance enough to slow down New Orleans a little bit and that’s all it will take to keep them within cover range.  I’ve got that 24-20 feeling.  I don’t like picking a dog unless I think they can win, but a Monday night spesh, combined with a mini-jinx on New York is more than worth the risk.


JCK: 30-27-1 (This Week, 1-2)

  1. Carolina (-3) over Indy
  2. Pittsburgh (-10.5) over Kansas City


Big Dub:  33-21-4 (This Week, 1-2)

  1. Washington (+3.5) over Seattle
  2. Indianapolis (+3) over Carolina


Kraft:  26-24-5

  1. Houston (-3.5) over Jacksonville
  2. Carolina (-3) over Indianapolis
  3. Tampa Bay (+3.5) over Tennessee
  4. Seattle (-3.5) over Washington
  5. New York Giants (+7) over New Orleans


Nichols:  26-29-2 (This Week, 1-1)

  1. Carolina (-3) over Indianapolis
  2. Pittsburgh (-10.5) over Kansas City
  3. New York Giants (+7) over New Orleans


Commissioner’s D.A. Top-10:

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  2. Christian Ponder
  3. Caleb Hanie
  4. Kansas City
  5. Rex Grossman
  6. Colt McCoy
  7. Blaine Gabbert
  8. Arizona
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Tim Tebow


Ok, that’s it for the week.  The Antagonist is taking the holiday off.  He said that people are so ungrateful for his fantasy sleepers that you can just go ahead and lose this week–he doesn’t care. Everyone get your gosh darn D.A. picks in, and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.  Go Arkansas.


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