McNabb Free Again.

Don't Listen To Martz. He's Working For the Enemy.

Oh, Donovan.  How did it come to this?  It wasn’t but a couple of years ago where one of the more heated discussions in the history of this blog came about because people were defending you.  Now, it looks like the Vikings might pack you neatly into a Bolt Bus and send you off to Chicago.  Can’t beat out Christian Ponder, but maybe you can outlast Caleb Hanie?  If McNabb were to head to Chicago and then not start, he will have been bettered by Rex Grossman, Kevin Kolb, Christian Ponder and Caleb Hanie all within a couple of years.  If that’s not a sign you should retire–I don’t know what is.

Donovan has had a Mo Vaughn like decline.  If this were baseball, McNabb would probably be a suspected juicer at this point.  Quarterbacks, ones that were successful for a decade, are supposed to age more gracefully than this.  McNabb is just 35, which sounds old if you are a running back,  or maybe a base stealer, but if you are a quarterback like Peyton Manning, 35 is the year age when you sign 90 million dollar deals (Ok, bad example).  McNabb has fallen so fast that for me, he’s become a sympathetic figure.  Everyone who bemoaned his time in Philly has been vindicated, but I think enough is enough.  The problem is, Donny isn’t anywhere near ready to quit, so he’s going to keep subjecting himself to these humiliations.

Best case scenario?  The Bears make the playoffs and start rotating QBs like a struggling hockey team shuffles goalies.  Your series, Cutler-Face!


10 thoughts on “McNabb Free Again.

  1. So sad. It’s like seeing an ex girlfriend that used to be so hot. But now she’s sitting at the bar wearing too much makeup and she’s waiting for someone to pick her up, but no one will because she ate too many cheeseburgers and threw too many interceptions.

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