Dan Marino Wants To See Lily Aldridge’s


What did you think I was going to say?  This fascinating bit of TV happened on the CBS pregame last week.  I’m sure you’ve already seen and or heard about it, but it felt like a good fit to lead off the picks segment.  Great bit of promotion by CBS bringing in Victoria Secret model, Lily Aldrige (die-hard football fan), to talk about the upcoming fashion show and pick some games.  I don’t remember who she picked or how those teams fared, but she picked with conviction.  Marino was impressed.  It’s probably a safe bet to say she wouldn’t have taken the Eagles last night.  My lord.  Now, I’ve made my task that much more difficult.  Must nail 3 of 4 to have a winning week.  Tall order, super-model tall, statuesque even.

Kraft: 28-28-5

Quick aside:  How much $$ do you think i could bring in by selling my Eagles-Dolphins tickets for next week’s game?  I was pumped 10 weeks ago when I pulled the trigger, now not so much.  My only hope is that Vick plays so i can see him play in person.  On to my picks, I will have to pick with laser like accuracy if I want to stay in the race:

Atlanta (-3) over Houston:  When your QB is a 3rd string rookie from North Carolina, not named Ronald Curry, and you pick up Jake Delhomme off the waiver wire, I will lay 3 with a playoff team.

Green Bay (-7.5) over New York Giants:  How can you take the G-Men here?  They have zero pass rush and can’t cover, especially with thier LBs.  Not a great time to have Green Bay coming to town.  Memo to Brandon Jacobs: You are supposed to run over 5’8″ 165 lb. DBs when you are 6’4″ 265.  Stop running your mouth when you do so…

Tennessee (+2.5) over Buffalo.  Tennessee has a real chance here to pick up a game on Houston.  I see their offense slowly picking up with Chris Johnson.  Buffalo is about to throw in the towel.

Carolina (+3.5) over Tampa Bay.  Sh*t show.


Big Dub:  34-23-4

Dallas (-4.5) over Arizona.  Is Arizona actually getting respect for beating a terrible Rams team?

Pittsburgh (-6.5) over Cincinnati.  They handled them in Cincy after two tough games in a row.  They roll them at home after a disappointing showing Monday night.

Atlanta (-3) over Houston.  3-Putt said T.J. was the Texans’ QB.  He might as well be.

New York Giants (+7.5) over Green Bay.  Someone is going to expose the Packers secondary.  New York has the weapons to do it.


JCK:  31-29-1

  1. Oakland (+3) over Miami
  2. Atlanta (-3) over Houston
  3. Dallas (-4.5) over Arizona
  4. New England (-20) over Indianapolis


Grossy:  32-26-3

Tennessee (+2.5) over Buffalo.  The Bills are a tough team to figure out.  Just like every other team in the league.  Was that their last gasp against the Jets?  It might have been.  The Titans have life in the division if they can win some games.  The only consistent thing I see in this match-up is Buffalo’s tendency to give up points.  The Titans should be able to throw the ball and who knows, maybe Chris Johnson makes it two in a row.  Stranger things have happened.  Outright city.

St. Louis (+13) over San Francisco.  I know the Rams are terrible, and I’ve had especially bad luck with them, but since Patrick Peterson isn’t on the Niners, I feel a little more comfortable making this pick. Cue the Ted Ginn TD return!  Anyway, this should be a field goal fest, and if the Rams can knock 2 or 3 through the uprights, then SF will have a tough time covering this number.  That’s a big-boy offense spread and the Niners don’t have that kind of firepower.

San Diego (-2.5) over Jacksonville.  This is just a public service.  I’m going to keep picking the Eagles and Chargers until their coaches get fired.  You’re welcome, everyone.  Honestly, this comes down to thinking, are the Chargers going to lose out?  They could, I guess, but I need that Monday night action.  I’m just a lemming looking for a cliff.  The good news, I’ve clinched a bye-week in fantasy and don’t need to sweat Vincent Jackson.

Tampa Bay (-3.5) over Carolina.  I think we all know how much I hate the Bucs.  And, I hate the state of Florida as a professional sports locale.  And, I’ve done pretty well picking the Panthers this year, but something about this line doesn’t make much sense to me.  Why 3.5?  Seems like a sucker play for the Panthers, so I’ll just go the other way.  Not much else is working these days.  And, the Panthers are very, very bad.  Let’s not forget about that.  First QB to 4 turnovers loses.


Commissioner’s D.A. Top-10:

  1. T.J. Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya Not Gonna Work Here Anymore.
  2. Caleb Hanie
  3. Jacksonville–It’s time to ask, who’s 3rd string?
  4. Christian Ponder
  5. Kansas City (I feel Orton)
  6. “Action” Dan Orlovsky
  7. Sam Bradford
  8. Colt McCoy
  9. Kevin Kolb–I think he’s back
  10. Rex Grossman


Ok, that’s another week in the books.  No Eagles this weekend.  And, if you want to be cute, no Eagles really for the rest of the year.  Go buy your Christmas tree!  My family always had STRONG opinions about which tree to cut down, except for my Dad who was just trying to figure out how we’d get it in the truck.  Anyway, someone would invariably get a little pissed, but Jiminy Cricket would give us a pep talk on the ride back home and everyone got over it, and we’d all have a good laugh about how tilted it was in the damn stand.  Memories.  Also, D.A. Picks.  Send them please.  Huge week.  We’re gonna end some seasons this week, I think.  Shame.  See everyone on Monday, unless the Phillies sign Reyes or something.


6 thoughts on “Dan Marino Wants To See Lily Aldridge’s

  1. funny you can’t remember the VS picks. giggles. did he really look at her that way, or is he looking at her picks?

    this photo reminds me just how far we have come since the corset…girls everywhere imagine how comfortable that over-the-should-bolder-holder looks, while saying, i want one i want one.

    and i admit. i do. VS (made in china) forever. Q

  2. it’s a real picture.

    i don’t think he’d be stupid enough to do it on live TV.

    I’m sure he’s looking at her notes, or it’s just the camera angle or something.

    probably got his eyeful off camera.

  3. What truly drives me nuts about jacobs isn’t his mouth, its that he runs over DBs when he’s in open space and their the last guy to beat and invariably he trips/stumbles over them and goes down…..then when he’s supposed to hit the hole hard on a 4th and 1, he dances in the back field making offing cuts. WHAT THE EFF?!?! Make your moves in the OPEN FIELD when you have one guy to beat, and run over everyone else when you only need one yard you oaf. Have you never played football in your life? What is your effing deal?

    Ok, moving on. Yes, the Packers secondary is weak but have you seen the giants entire defense? There’s no pass rush, our LBers can’t cover anything that’s not a paraplegic and our best corner is a rookie who’s played 2 weeks in the NFL. In the end, the best thing that could happen is snow. If the Pack is forced to run, the g-men will beat them (soundly). Otherwise, i smell 55-18. Maybe 24.

  4. That Thursday stat-correction loss has turned out to be the difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs. I mean other than the games I lost that were Vincent Jackson’s fault.

  5. 3Putt – Do you realize how good these stats are, especially for Big Dub? I mean, it only takes about a 56 % correct rate to make money in Vegas….maybe you and your crew can start a group of “wicked smart” handicappers and sell your data to degens? I mean, tout services are legal – why not???

    • Haha, I mean, I appreciate your confidence in us. You might want to recheck the records after tonight.

      I’ve known Dub through a lot of bets. Not sure I’d want him as my tout. But, you can do worse than us, I think. Maybe.

      I am thinking about rounding the boys up for the Super Contest next year. Team 3-Putt.

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