BCS Feeds SEC Machine.

Apollo: "There Ain't Gonna Be No Rematch." Rocky: "I Don't Want One."

Of course, there ended up being a rematch, and we’re getting one in college football as well.  The inevitability of LSU and Alabama meeting again set in a few weeks ago and not even a blowout by Oklahoma State at the buzzer could sway voters enough to break up the SEC’s stronghold on college football.  I don’t have any doubt that the SEC is the best conference.  I think you’d be foolish to argue otherwise, but have we gone too far?  Do they get too much credit?  Are the viewers victims of the SEC’s past success?  If they hadn’t been dominating the BCS championship game for years, does this Alabama team hold steady at #2?  I think about how much credit ‘Bama got for beating a blah Auburn team last week.  People talked about that game like it was case closed, forget the rest of the season, rematch coming.  But, OK State drubs a team that’s been top-5, top-10 all year, and it’s like, “Ehh, I’m not sold on the Big-12.”

I think this is the best argument against the current system we’ve ever seen.  It’s because it accomplished exactly what it was supposed to accomplish and people still aren’t happy.  LSU is clearly the #1 team, and Alabama might be the only team in the country that can beat them, but we’ve seen that game.  If Alabama wins next month, and becomes National Champions, I don’t see how anyone could be satisfied with that outcome after the year LSU’s had and considering the weight the NCAA loves to put on the regular season.  It all comes back to this partial playoff system, which is crippled by it’s own design.  The foundation of any playoff is that you have to progress out of your division, conference, region–whatever it may be.  There’s no guarantee that the last game will be the most difficult to win, but that’s what the NCAA wants.  This is fine in theory, but they arrived at the final game in a flawed manner.

I said this before, but how about this example.  What if the 1980 U.S. Hockey team had to play the Soviet Union again in the gold medal game.  Ok, you beat them, but now instead of playing Finland–we’ve decided that the Soviets are the best team and you have to play them again.  That’s total horsebleep.  They’re trying to legislate out the possibility of an upset.  If you’re going to have any bowls, any type of BCS system, you have to open the door for a lesser team to get the job done.  And, in this case, it’s very debatable that Oklahoma State is really that inferior.  They deserve their swing.  They didn’t get to play LSU or ‘Bama during the regular season.  And, you can’t argue that this is the game people want to see, simply because it’s 1 vs. 2.  This is the game that people in Alabama want to see.  Maybe SEC die-hards get some satisfaction out of this, but I imagine the rest of the country and even LSU fans would probably rather face the Cowboys.


In the spirit of the National Title Game Announcement, I did some research and found several other interesting facts about the BCS.  Take a look…

1.  The BCS suggests that Coke re-release their new white cans under the name “New Coke.”

2.  The BCS has suggested Pierce Brosnan as the next James Bond.

3.  The BCS thinks the Phillies can change their approach with the same players.

4.  The BCS was in charge of all New York Yankee managerial hires in the 1980s.

5.  The BCS has already green-lit “Too Fast Too Furious 2”

6.  The BCS thinks Juan Castillo should be hired as the Eagles Offensive Line Coach.

7.  The BCS thinks Kurt Warner would look great in Chicago.

8.  The BCS is sending you the same Christmas card it sent you last year.

9.  The BCS’ favorite meal is “leftovers.”

10.  The BCS plays golf with unlimited mulligans.

11.  The BCS always votes for the incumbent.

12.  The BCS is hoping for a Packers/Steelers Super Bowl

13.  The BCS thinks the sequel is always better than the original.

14. The Philadelphia Flyers employ the BCS as their goalie coach.

15.  The BCS thinks the 2nd best pitcher in MLB is whoever is standing next to Justin Verlander.


20 thoughts on “BCS Feeds SEC Machine.

  1. It’s a travesty that Alabama, who didn’t even play in their conference championship, is playing for a national title. You said it best, they had their shot, they didn’t get it done. At night. On their HOME FIELD. I’m sorry, you can’t lose that game and expect to deserve a rematch. There’s a bunch of pundits arguing it’s b/c of the “style of play”, that the spread or whatever couldn’t stand up against the smash mouth play of bama and lsu. Well…..then let’s find out.

    Even more of a slight to this much maligned system, look at Michigan. Ok, so they lose to MSU, they finish 4th in their conference while MSU loses to Wisconsin….and they go to the sugar bowl and MSU falls to the Outback bowl? Boise State finishes 7th in the country….and they’re going to the MAACO Bowl? The excuse “michigan fans travel” is atrocious and just an egregious example of the committees ignoring the competitive nature of thegame.

  2. Yeah, I do feel bad about the smaller schools constantly getting slighted for the ‘travel’ factor.

    But, at the same time, I don’t really care about that game. I don’t care if Boise State plays Virginia Tech, or if they play Michigan, or whatever. The only way I’d care about that game is if it was the 1st round of a 16-team playoff or whatever…

    There are 2-loss teams I’d rather watch play LSU than Alabama again. It’s so, so frustrating how messed up the system is.

    I heard this lecture once at OLD F&M (I think a prof slipped in a VHS) it was a guy talking about AT&T and they wanted to completely change their industry and they told all these people in the company that the telecommunications system in the United States had completely shut down, it had failed. It did not exist. And, they had to build it back up from scratch. What would they do differently, what would they change, what innovations did they want to make?

    And, that’s finally how they got some real innovation, by working outside of the framework they had trapped themselves in. That’s what the NCAA has done with football in my opinion.

  3. Obviously the nat’l championship game carries more weight, i just think the whole argument about the bowl system making the regular season more important is belied by the fact that once the bowl season rolls around all of a sudden those rankings don’t count anymore. The regular season counts! We swear! (Unless you’re a smaller school, or if we think some other team’s fans will generate more money for us, then it doesn’t count at all)

  4. Yep.

    The regular season only means something when it’s convenient to their argument (OK State), but not when it isn’t (‘Bama).

    by the way, can we discuss the circumstances of OK State’s loss? I know it’s crass to discuss that in terms of football rankings, but I feel like it had to have some impact on that game.

    I also think Wisconsin would have a puncher’s chance against LSU. Worst system ever.

    • Are you talking about how OK State is not playing for a national championship because a football may have been one or two inches on one side or the other of the upright but there’s really no way to tell unless you were standing right under the damn post at the time?

      • when are they going to get smart and just have some sort of lazer or something that shoots up out of the top of the goal posts?

      • I mean I don’t actually know how the baseball thing works but they claim they can tell you whether a baseball was in the strike zone or not. Seems like we could use some technology to tell you whether a football is inside the goal post or not.

      • yeah i mean, if you walk under a garage door as it’s closing the door goes back up. this isn’t ground breaking technology we’re talking about here.

      • We can put a man on the moon and figure out if a little tennis ball fuzz hit a line, but we can’t determine if a field goal goes between the uprights.

    • Yes, thank you.

      Tiger Hoods.

      My favorite part is that all the mutt journalists that rely on Tiger to have a job are sitting there waiting to pounce on him for losing the event, and then he pulls it out and they’re like, oh, it’s an exhibition. Wake me up when he wins 6 times in a year and a major.


      He’s back, you still have something to blabber about. You’re welcome.

  5. and as far as the BCS goes…I mean under the current system what do you expect? The bowls became all about the money, so of course they are just going to pick the teams that will maximize the gate receipts.

    It doesn’t really bother me, but I guess if I were a Kansas State fan I’d be upset.

    The NCAA will probably come crashing down in the next decade or so, then maybe we’ll get a reasonable system.

  6. It’s always this time of year that I get upset with how messed up college football and the BCS is. We all know that the current system isn’t fair for a number of reasons, what I’m more interested in at this point is, who is the BCS – i mean i know who the BCS is on a very surface level, but if possible can we pull back the sheets and get a understanding of who the BCS really is, and why college football can’t/won’t change this system. We’ve all heard the normal excuses for why they won’t change to a playoff system, I assume the real reasons come down to certain people/institutions in power and control and not wanting to give up or change that power. Perhaps this may take a little research and investigative reporting, but if 3PT is up to the task, it would be a very interesting read!

  7. Just for clarity’s sake, what is wrong with having this happen this Saturday:

    1:00 Wisconsin at LSU
    3:30 Boise State at Alabama
    7:30 Oregon at Oklahoma State
    10:00 Arkansas at Stanford

    And then the semifinal round on the 17th, and the championship game on New Year’s Day? Is this somehow offensive to anyone?

    As a sidenote, there are no college football games on New Year’s Day this year. What the *#&$?

    • The argument against this is the all the money that would be lost in all of the other 30+ bowl games. Yes, they could still have the bowls, but they would be rendered meaningless. Not saying I agree, but you need to address this concern before you can get people to buy-in to an 8-team playoff. How about we just start with some baby steps and have everything exactly the same, but with a +1 game? Then, in due time, it can evolve to an 8-team event.

      What’s funny is that, no matter how many teams you include in the playoff, someone will feel like they were left out of the dance (think of the 2-3 teams every year that don’t make the NCAA Tourney in basketball).

      • No meaning in that game or pretty much any non-BCS game. That said, the BCS Bowl games bring in a lot of $$$ for the big conferences, so you’ll have to somehow draw that same kind of revenue (which can be done) via the playoff format. I’m with you – I hope they change it.

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