You Win One, You Lose Some.

She Knows What I'm Talking About.

So yesterday Big Dub and I decided (loosely discussed) that we’d enter the Las Vegas Hilton’s Supercontest next year.  Split the entry fee, win going away and move to Vegas to become the greatest duo that town’s seen since Nicky and Ace.  Of course, to win the Supercontest you have to win a bit more than 55% of your games.  And, in Dub’s case you have to stop picking Thursday favorites.  We’re well aware of all of that, but also I feel the need to charge to the finish line here.  If I can bust out a little 15-5 stretch, channel Fall ’09, I’ll be in just the frame of mind I need to be set the phasers to stun on “Operation Become a Tout.”  So, without further ado, drink in this knowledge…

Big Dub:  36-26-4

New York Giants (+3.5) over Dallas.  The Giants have been playing some good competition, and they’ve hung around before losing.  Dallas has been playing awful teams and either barely winning or coughing up the game.  I think the previous weeks pay off for New York here.  The Giants are no strangers to winning in Dallas, either.

San Diego (-7) over Buffalo.  This pick has nothing to do with the Chargers and everything to do with Matt Moore.  Say, what?  Yes, Matt Moore.  A couple of weeks ago Mr. Moore lit up the Bills and they continue to get exposed weekly.  A trip across the country will not solve their problems.

Tennessee (+4) over New Orleans.  New Orleans has been on fire of late.  I want to see them win on the road outside of a dome.  I will play against New Orleans outside in the elements until I get burnt.  Speaking of which, this smells like the awful pick of the week.  Or, is it the best?

New England (-8) over Washington.  The Ravens are going to win and the Pats will have to win to keep pace.  Washington is ready to mail it in.


Kraft:  30-30-5

Atlanta (-3) over Carolina.  Atlanta needs this game, bounce back from last week or they can forget about their playoff chances.

Tennessee (+4) over New Orleans.  Feeling a drop-off for New Orleans who has looked almost perfect for two weeks.  The revitalized CJ1K runs for some yards and the Titans squeak out a W.

Cincinnati (-3) over Houston.  Fool me once T.J. Yates…but not on the road against a good defense.  I’ll take the Red Rifle at home against a 3rd string QB.

Dallas (-3.5) over New York Giants.  G-Men can’t rush the passer, can’t cover.  Dallas wins going away.

Denver (-3.5) over Chicago.  I know Tebow isn’t great, but he has to be the luckiest SOB on the planet.  Look at their schedule.  It is atrocious, and now they get the Bears with Caleb Hanie and no Matt Forte.  Honestly, Denver should just call 60 runs, and they win 10-0.  The Bears only offense will come via the fake punt.


Grossy:  34-28-3

Philadelphia (+3) over Miami.  This is like the Chargers game from Monday.  Yeah, the Eagles stink.  Yep, they’re on the road.  But, what, the Dolphins are going to win out?  Matt Moore is going to keep playing well?  Very unlikely.  Let’s not get carried away with the old Football Marlins.  The Eagles have some extra time to prepare, Vick will be back out there, and on their way to 6-10, this is one of the Birds’ Ws.

Atlanta (-3) over Carolina.  Falcons have to bounce back here.  They’re not as bad as they looked last week, but more importantly the Panthers defense is far more generous than what they saw in Houston.  The Panthers have some good things going, they can beat other bad teams, they can move the ball a bit–but this is too big a spot for them.  They’re going to make mistakes, Tony Gonzalez is going to run wild, and Atlanta will be firmly back in the playoff hunt by Monday.

Houston (+3) @ Cincinnati.  I don’t know how much Cincy has left in the tank.  They’ve been valiant, but not quite good enough to make a real splash.  They’re still the 3rd best team in their division.  Houston is their worst nightmare.  They’ll come in pounding the ball, they won’t be able to run against them, and bottom line that means you can’t be laying points. Houston has figured out how to win this way, and if old Yatesy had a Heisman and a propensity for catchy poses, he’d be getting a lot more pub–because Houston is doing the exact same thing Denver is doing on offense.

Indianapolis (+16.5) over Baltimore.  The Unitas Bowl.  I’m feeling frisky and watching the Colts backdoor cover like a band of heroes last week has me thinking they can do it again.  Can they be within 3 TDs late in the game?  I’d like to think that they can, because Joe Flacco is a total train wreck right now.  The Ravens aren’t in blowout mode, it has to be almost impossible to get up for the Colts, and with the #1 pick all but locked up, the boys from Indy have finally sat Painter and Addai.  Indianapolis, covering giant spreads since ’11.

Denver (-3.5) over Chicago.  You could get the crack team that saved Apollo 13 on board and they still couldn’t figure out how Chicago is going to score.  The fans in Denver are going to be out of their mind.  Caleb Hanie will be handing off to Marion the Barbarian, it’s just not a good spot for Chicago.  And, that little extra half point tells me all I need to know.  A little hesitation for the flood of Tebow money.  Sorry, not prohibitive enough.  No comeback needed this time–rout city.


NICHOLS:  28-35-2

  1. New Orleans (-4) over Tennessee
  2. New England (-8) over Washington
  3. Atlanta (-3) over Carolina
  4. San Francisco (-4) over Arizona
  5. New York Giants (+3.5) over Dallas


JCK: 31-33-1

Trying my best here to work my way back from picking at a 70% clip to sub .500.  Here we go:

  1. Kansas City (+10) over New York Jets
  2. Green Bay (-11) over Oakland
  3. New England (-8) over Washington
  4. San Francisco (-4) over Arizona
  5. New Orleans (-4) over Tennessee


 Commissioner’s D.A. Top-10

  1. QB Rams–Does anyone know who’s behind Feeley?
  2. Caleb Hanie
  3. Blaine Gabbert
  4. Tyler Palko
  5. QB Tampa
  6. Andy Dalton
  7. Mark Sanchez
  8. Kevin Kolb
  9. Dan Orlovsky
  10. Rex Grossman


Ok, that’s another week in the books.  The week of Pujols.  That selfish little so-and-so.  Enjoy the American League.  I hope the St. Louis fans sack up a bit and rain down some boos on him if he ever comes back.   What else?  Flyers are unstoppable, but I’m not allowed to talk about them, because when I do they go right to the tank.  They’re a little like a college football team running the spread right now.  Just score, score some more, and see what happens.  Giroux for MVP!  Lastly, Frosty the Snowman is on tonight.  Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “You Win One, You Lose Some.

  1. FROSTTTTYYYY! why didn’t i get advanced notice? can we get a holiday special preview, 3-Putt opinion style (informative days and times welcome, too)…i know i missed a very merry country xmas (twangy dang). am i in time for a very hip hop hanukkah? gosh, should i produce that? anyhow.

    3-Putt…Claude the Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr… is doing well eh? my bro will be happy. think i caught that 10 second ESPN update. that’s all they get, and all they …wait.

    but don’t forget:

    i stop. tis the season. Q

    • dang, but i can still get a dog for christmas, monday the 12th if someone let’s me watch their tv…i will try to be kind to friends and family. Q

  2. Say what you want about Eli – his 4th quarter stats are sick. Don’t even try to tear down Jason Pierre Paul. That kid is a beast.

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