Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

Caleb Hanie's Self-Esteem? Low.

Just another week in the NFL.  I spent some time last week going on and on about the Packers.  Oh, why don’t more people pick them to win each week?  How do they cover such luxurious spreads without the slightest hiccup?  Then they lose outright to the Chiefs.  Needless to say we lost a few soldiers on that pick this week.  We’ve got 10 games left to pick, and it would only be a slight exaggeration if I said I was misting up a bit at the thought of Pick ‘Em season coming to an end.  I’m just thankful that I’ve still got a horse in this race.  I fell short of my 4-win goal, but I’ve still got a hook in Big Dub.  Two more weeks to reel him in.

Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. Big Dub:  41-29-5
  2. Grossy: 41-31-3
  3. Nichols: 35-38-2
  4. Kraft:  33-36-5
  5. JCK:  35-39-1

The “Candy Cane Ice Cream,” Pick of the Week:  Somewhat lost in the shuffle of the epic 2-way battle we have going to win this thing is the strong resurgence of last year’s champ.  Mired in a mid-season slump that took him well below .500, I wasn’t sure Nichols would ever leave the cellar.  But, he’s been chipping away and a 4-1 Sunday got him a lot closer to nosing back over .500.  Who knows, maybe he’ll go 10 for his next 10 and go back-to-back.  Anyway, in a 4 win week, the one that stood out was the Bengals over St. Louis.  Not sure why no one else was on board here.  Kellen Clemens?  What else is there to know?  Nothing.  The answer is nothing.

The “Dog Drank all the Tree Water,” Awful Pick of the Week:  You’ve got to do your homework.  And, for the 3rd time this year, I made a pick without the proper QB knowledge.  Who knew the pride of Texas, Kevin Kolb, was going to sit out again?  And, even though John Skelton is a verified 4th quarter assassin (ask Eagles fans), he really shouldn’t be trusted laying seven points.  The Cardinals feisty come from behind win was just an insult, sitting there knowing there is no way to get 7 points in OT.  And, what was Vegas thinking with this one anyway?  Seven points?  Seven?  I feel misled.  No more reading lines this year, no more Cardinals either.  Gotta be smart.


D.A. Semi-Finals:

The D.A. Semi-Finals left me feeling a bit unsatisfied.  I don’t think the QBs lived up to the moment.  We missed out on Ricky Stanzi, Dan Orlovsky and the dang Colts won a game…what is going on here?  Of course, the sheer thrill of being in the semis will carry the day, but I’m hoping for more fireworks in the finals.  Hopefully the players drafted can play more like Eli Manning.  Talk about going from the top of the world to the depths of despair in one week.  Well played, Eli.  Are you a play against the Jets this week?

Big Dub Keeps Hot Hand, Bests JCK 37 to (-6.25)

The hottest team in the league stayed hot.  Big Dub feels a little like Butler right now.  A Cinderella story all the way to the finals.  The question is, can he finish the job?  Or will Eli Esses D be a nice, quaint memory that fades over time?  To earn his spot in the finals, Big Dub struck early.  Thursday night, Blaine Gabbert started the show with 28 points.  Gabbert could be the leading D.A. QB of the year, and he’s so bad, 28 points felt a little hollow.  On Saturday, Josh Freeman’s decent finish left him with only 9 points.  Thirty-seven seemed like an attainable number for JCK (Seneca Wallace and Kyle Orton), but in-line with the theme of the day–the Packers let everyone down.  Orton cut them up for (-19.25 points) and that was that.

Kraft Upsets Neckbeards and Codeine 46.5 to 28 to Earn Spot in Finals.  

This was only a mild upset.  Kraft led the league in points, Neckbeards won the regular season.  Pretty titanic clash for the Semis.  Neckbeards got to pick the draft order and chose to pick 4/5.  It allowed Kraft to have the #1 pick, but with the top-heavy talent pool, the theory made sense.  The only problem was, Caleb Hanie came to play.  Credit goes to Kraft for sniffing out Hanie with the first pick.  Who knew he had 2 pick6s in him?  It was part of an orgasm of defense for the Seahawks and Hanie’s 47 points were easily the best of the week.  It off-set Orlovsky’s day and put Neckbeards in a tough spot.  Christian Ponder was very good with 27 points, but spot-starter Kellen Clemens meandered his way through the Bengals game without taking many bullets.  His 2 points weren’t nearly enough.

D.A. Finals:  Kraft vs. Eli Esses D

  • Two-Week Cumulative Scoring
  • Draft Order TBD


3-PT D.A. of the Week:  

There was a nice pack of contenders this week.  Mark Sanchez was brutal.  T.J. Yates finally showed some potential.  Christian Ponder was woefully inaccurate.  Blaine Gabbert was Gabbadocious.  And, then there was Eli Manning.  He was the only real contender to Caleb Hanie’s throne this week.  Eli threw in an absolute terrible performance in a pretty key spot for the Giants the week after looking great against Dallas.  Eli chucked 3 picks and out-stunk Rex Grossman–not an easy task.  I was about to crown Eli, but then I realized that would be just a little too much anti-Giants bias.  Just because Hanie has conditioned us to his terrible play doesn’t mean 2 pick6s don’t still mean the world in this contest.  And, there is the fact that Hanie has also ruined Chicago’s whole season.  He good big-picture too.  Congrats, Caleb.

*Bowl Picks, Etc.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

  1. Leader of the Hilton Contest is 50-21-4
    Second place is 49-22-1 and he went 1-4 this past week.I want a clean 10-0 finish to the season.

  2. They do it by points, so 49.5 points is 2nd. You’ve got 43.5, I’ve got 42.5. Not bad.

    In the spirit of Bleacher Report, let me make a BOLD prediction…we’re eventually going to win that contest. Destiny.

  3. Yeah, not a big deal. Unless you give Mike Arbuckle all the credit, Wade doesn’t have the worst scouting eye in the world. (For the record, I give arbuckle most of the credit). But, considering the role he’ll have this isn’t going to have much impact on anything.

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