Kate Beckinsale Ushers in Blogcation; Picks Winners.

Happy Holidays.

Ok, it’s pretty much time to call it a season ’round these parts.  I’m a little behind on my Christmas preparation, so I’m not even going to bother going into much detail or depth here.  The picks will continue to come, we’ll tally the D.A. results, there could be the odd post here or there, but basically we’re shutting it down for a while.   Before we get to the important stuff, how about those Colts?  Impressive.  We’ve got an all-out derby for the #1 pick now.  Anything could happen.  And, with Matt Barkley going back to USC, the pool got a little more shallow.  Tank these games while you still have the chance, people.  Cleveland is really kicking themselves for not being 2-12 right now.  Ok, enough about that.  Picks…

Big Dub:  41-29-5  

Oakland (+1) over Kansas City.  How do I know last week’s game against Green Bay was Kansas City’s Super Bowl?  They did the Gatorade bath.  Blow your wad and you get tired.

New York Giants (+3) over New York Jets.  This is one of the easiest picks of the year.  Do you really trust Mark Sanchez in this spot laying points?

Seattle (+2) over San Francisco.  San Fran stinks.

Baltimore (-13) over Cleveland.  If the Ravens score 14, they’ll cover this number.

Cincinnati (-4) over Arizona.  I don’t have to lay more than this against the Cardinals on the road?  Deal.


Grossy:  41-31-3

San Diego (+2.5) over Detroit.  Why not?  Might as well ride the Chargers till they buck me.  Fact is, they’re playing better, Detroit isn’t going to stop anyone and they’ve pulled A LOT of games out of their backside this year.  The Lions are improved, great for them, but they’re still just a sloppy team with good skill players.  The pristine conditions of a dome are just what old Philip needs to tighten the race in the AFC West.  He’ll be slangin’ TDs and then giving up praise to Jesus.  It’s his dream day.  No last-second magic for the Lions this time around.

Denver (-3) over Buffalo.  The Bills are playing out the string.  If it happens to be a blizzard–all the better.  There’s a joke about Tebow being so white you couldn’t see him in there somewhere.  The entire world wants Orton to come back to Denver next week with the division on the line.  There’s no way that happens.  Buffalo won’t allow it.  They strenuously object.  They’re too bad.  Tebow is Mr. Bounce Back, he’s probably been in everyone’s ear since that game ended Sunday.  No one in the history of history is going to be better prepared and try harder from this point forward.

New York Giants (+3) over New York Jets.  The Giants stink, the Jets are worse.  That’s my thumbnail.  The Jets certainly don’t deserve the standard hometown 3 points here.  I don’t love the fact that the G-Men receivers are talking trash.  Well, it’s amusing, it just doesn’t help my pick, but if the Eagles can move the ball up and down the field at will against the Jets so can Eli-Face.  He’s not going to disappoint Archie on Christmas Eve.

New England (-9.5) over Miami.  Remember what the Eagles did to Miami a few weeks back?  That was your friendly reminder from the NFL gods that the Dolphins are a very bad football team.  Can they beat the Bills?  Sure.  Are they going to go to New England and get their doors blown off?  Ab-so-tooting-lutely.  All New England has to do is slow down Reggie Bush a little bit and this thing is done like dinner.  And, the worse the weather gets, the better Welker is.  Everyone knows that.

Atlanta (+7) over New Orleans.  I’m fading the Saints’ winning streak.  They’ve knocked off six in a row, but it’s mostly hammering away at “Little Sisters of the Poor.”  I know that’s the oldest joke of all-time, but was that ever an actual school?  I don’t know.  Their best win of the streak came over these same Falcons–in OT.  I’ll certainly take OT in this one.  I think Atlanta is playing well too, they need the game just as bad as New Orleans does, and I think they can keep it within a TD.  I’m tempted to puff out my chest and say OUTRIGHT!  Oh, screw it, Falcons win.


Kraft:  33-36-5

  1. Atlanta (+7) over New Orleans
  2. Washington (-6.5) over Minnesota
  3. Cincinnati (-4) over Arizona
  4. Kansas City (-1) over Oakland
  5. Tampa Bay (+7.5) over Carolina


Nichols: 35-38-2

  1. New England (-9.5) over Miami
  2. Minnesota (+6.5) over Washington
  3. Tampa Bay (+7.5) over Carolina
  4. San Francisco (-2) over Seattle
  5. Dallas (-1.5) over Philadelphia


JCK:  35-39-1

  1. New England (-9.5) over Miami
  2. New Orleans (-7) over Atlanta
  3. Carolina (-7.5) over Tampa Bay
  4. Cleveland (+13) over Baltimore
  5. San Diego (+2.5) over Detroit


Commissioner’s D.A. Top-5:

  1. QB Rams
  2. Blaine Gabbert
  3. QB Cardinals
  4. QB Browns
  5. Caleb Hanie


All right, time to hit the strip mall one last time.  Hooray!  I’ll see you out there in the trenches.  If I don’t say it again, everyone have a great holiday.  Thanks for contributing to one of the 2 or 3 best years in the history of this blog.


14 thoughts on “Kate Beckinsale Ushers in Blogcation; Picks Winners.

  1. Is that right? Yeah, I’m not up on it like I should be this week. Not even really qualified to do a ranking. Amazing that Chicago decides NOW that they need to go with someone else.

    • Moderately amusing passage from Bill Barnwell: Flop: Caleb Hanie, who serves as another example of why you can’t take one quarter of action very seriously. In last year’s playoffs, Hanie came in after Jay Cutler got hurt and Todd Collins 0 for 4 performance basically signed the death warrant on his own career. The Bears took Hanie’s play as a sign that he was ready to be Jay Cutler’s primary backup, and while he was an upgrade over the atrocious Collins, he’s not an NFL quarterback. After his latest start, Hanie’s thrown 102 passes and completed 51 of them, for a completion percentage at an even 50 percent. He’s thrown nine interceptions, producing an interception rate of 8.8 percent. Nobody has thrown interceptions that frequently over 100 or more pass attempts in 23 years! Steve Grogan narrowly beat it out in 1988. After you adjust for the era Hanie plays in, pro-football-reference.com suggests that Hanie’s been worse at avoiding picks than anybody in NFL history since the merger. Hanie’s also been sacked on a whopping 14.5 percent of his dropbacks. PFR suggests that only three players since the merger, after adjusting for era, have gone down more frequently. Bottom line: Caleb Hanie might be the worst quarterback to throw 100 passes since the AFL merged with the NFL.

      • Pretty funny. I mean, we could probably do some research and find some other guys who were pretty bad, but again, it’s hard to believe they just let this guy submarine their whole season.

  2. just wanted to say congrats on another successful year with 3PT. I know it’s not easy to entertain us day after day, but you do a hell of a job at it.

    • well said, Rand! i echo that…and to toast the big captain, giants just won. so OF COURSE, eagles will win big for your last two games of the season.

      it’s never toooo late to join the Pats fan base, remember…you have Patriot Pride in ya.

      3-Putt, you’re awesome (strictly blog speaking)

      blogger Q

  3. Oh mr Skelton thank you for my Xmas gift….st Louis needs to take the training wheels off kellen Clemens and let him air it out…

  4. The bills strenuously object to your pandering to tebow time. Boom….I give you my karma.

    Giants and jets both stink. Here comes the let down dismantling by the cowboys.

  5. so, 3-Putt, is it safe to assume now that Tebow is not the second coming of Jesus? he floundered day before xmas? ooops. well, i guess all tebowians need to keep the faith. Q

  6. yeah, you thought he had Christmas all wrapped up with a red ribbon…and a cute puppy beside the scene.

    oh well. next year? or maybe he won’t have a contract. eh, he turned elway into a believer.


  7. Grossy’s week in NFL pick’em: More like a speed bump or more like those crash test videos where the car hits the concrete wall at full speed?

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