What I’ve Missed

Thoughts on 4th Place.

Well, I’ve missed the blog.  I know 3 or 4 of you are probably out there with nothing to read on your iPhone while you sit on the can, and for that…I apologize.  It was good I was away, because on the weekend when I saw absolutely no football the following happened:  I completely tanked in NFL Pick ‘Em, I successfully defended my prize-less 4th place finish in Fantasy Football (back-to-back regular season champ!), and the Eagles season ended.  That’s why everyone needed an extra dose of Christmas on Sunday morning.  Saturday just wasn’t right.  So, keeping in mind I’ve barely been in touch with the interwebs or TV for the past few days, here’s a disjointed melange to hold your over for a few days…


NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Big Dub:  44-30-6
  2. Grossy:  42-35-3
  3. JCK: 38-41-1
  4. Nichols: 36-41-3
  5. Kraft:  35-40-5


D.A. Finals Update:

I’m sorry I wasn’t really around to recap the 1st week of the finals.  It was a great match-up with great performances–even if no one took Tim Tebow.  Eli Esses D had Seneca Wallace and Blaine Gabbert.  Kraft answered with Kellen Clemens and John Skelton.  As you can see, it’s anyone’s game heading into the last week:

  1. Kraft: 60.5 points
  2. Eli Esses D:  51 points


Mailbag Interlude:  It is Wednesday….

Q: Why do people always tell you “don’t think so,” or “not sure,” when they definitely mean “NO!”  I’m not offended, let’s save the song and dance.  G.D. Blunt, Richmond, VA.  

A:  First off, let me just say, I do this ALL THE TIME.  “Hey Grossy, we’re going to (insert Philly bar) for Happy Hour, probably catch some drinks afterwards someplace else.  You in?”  Now, there are very few instances when I’d be “in” for this scenario.  But, I very rarely come out and say no immediately.  Sometimes I ignore the text.  Sometimes I say, “HMMMM….” and nothing else.  And, I’m really not protecting feelings.  I’m really delaying a bit of feeling bad about myself for not being the out-going Happy Hour guy.  Everyone loves that guy!  It isn’t me.  So, I stall for a while and think…maybe they just won’t ask me again.  I do think some people do it to soften the blow, though.  I guess no one wants to get turned down, no matter the stakes.  The sunny way to look at it would be like, Hey, at least your friends take your feelings into consideration for a split second.  The day you don’t have anyone on your contact list to invite over to play Yahtzee?  That’s when you’re really in trouble.  


Top 5 Things I’d be talking about if I were Fully Blogging This Week:  

1.  Bryce Harper named his puppy, “Swag.”  This is why Bryce Harper is so vital to the American sports landscape.  He’s a total clown and he never wavers.  You’re going to be able to count on Bryce Harper doing things like this for years to come.  Sit back and take it in.

2.  Winter Classic coming to Philly next Tuesday.  Flyers looking less than sharp after a 7-game winning streak?  Bryzzy not looking worth 50 million?  It’s not going to matter for that particular day, people will be caught in pomp, absorbed in circumstance, but this is the time of year when you start looking for holes in your hockey team.

3.  Wild Phillies rumors.  David Wright?  That’s the power of Twitter.  Jorge Posada.  Not in this lifetime.  The real story is massive free agents are going to go into January unsigned.  That feels unusual.  Spring Training is creeping.

4.  Has there been a significant bowl game yet?  Didn’t think so.  How am I doing in my bowl pools?  I don’t even know.

5.  The Help is a good movie.  It’s definitely better than The Descendants.  No offense, Clooney.  I also watched the MMA movie Warrior.  Think of Rocky, only 10 times less believable.  I thought it was pretty entertaining until the end, though.

 Bowl Standings Updated thru Air Force/Toledo Game.  We’ve got a hot one…see you all soon.


One thought on “What I’ve Missed

  1. oh my….look at superfly struttin’ in with one more mail bag for the year!

    huh, why does “not sure” sound so familiar?

    now i get it.

    ok. so. the Help? Emma Stone impact?
    no, for reals, looks great.
    i also think Descendants could have been great, but the editors on the film kinda tanked. and they prob could have used another stellar writer on force, someone capable of dog names like Huckleberry.

    and more about dogs…

    Swag, haha….you LOVE that boy Bryce. LOVE. may have to move states if he signs in the majors elsewhere. you are loyal. but then again, i’m “not sure.”

    great picture, too. maybe that is my only critique about my current book, the Corrections by Franzen…could use a few picture. otherwise, i’m not missing the blog at all. i have someone else writing me long sentences this week.

    peace out, SwaSsy Q

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