End of the Year Picks, Etc.

Kate Upton Ushers in the New Year with Winners.

Posting picks on a Saturday.  Believe me, I feel the shame.  It’s been unsettling being out the blog routine for a whole week, but I’m looking forward to Monday when things will start to get back to normal.  I know I used a picture of Kate Upton last year but hey, a) it’s Kate Upton and b) NYE is rapidly approaching.  I’ve got to eat, celebrate and get tucked into bed by 10:30.  That way I can really get the jump on 2012.  I’m going to be honest.  I don’t have a lot of faith in my picks this week.  It was pretty deflating to get almost mathematically eliminated last week and I’ve spent the past 7 days drinking in absolutely zero football news.  I was in the land that ESPN forgot.  It was a nice break, but I don’t know who is resting, who’s playing, or what.  I do know I need to work about a 5-0 to Dub’s 0-5 to make this happen though, so let’s see…

Big Dub:  44-30-6

Lions (-3.5) over Packers.  I really hope this line is telling me something.

Bengals (+2.5) over Ravens.  The Ravens suck on the road and this is the perfect spot for the Ravens to come up small.

Titans (-3) over Texans.  Again, please be honest with what you are suggesting, Mr. Linemaker.

Giants (-3) over Cowboys.  Ding Dong, the Cowboys are dead.

Chiefs (+3) over Broncos.  Broncos never win by more than 3, do they?


Grossy:  42-35-3

Eagles (-8.5) over Redskins.  Why not?  They need to seal up that 17th pick in the draft, or whatever number it is they’re going to use on an undersized D-end next Spring.  Maybe they can trade the pick to Houston for Wade Phillips.   Honestly, this is just a case of one team having even less to play for than the other.  I think the Birds will give the home crowd one last reason to rue this season as the biggest waste in franchise history.

San Francisco (-10.5) over St. Louis.  I don’t think I picked against the Rams enough this year.  Probably because the one week I did they beat the Saints.  Not covered.  Beat the Saints, who right now look hotter than any team in the league.  The Niners need this game to lock up the bye and the right to lose at home in the 2nd round.  That’s what we’re all waiting for, so I expect them to seal the deal in convincing fashion.

Colts (+3.5) over Jacksonville.  Gotta take the Colts, right?  I mean, Indy clearly has the advantage at QB.  That has hardly been the case this year.  The Colts have proven over the last couple of weeks that they DO NOT want Andrew Luck.  Well, Jacksonville isn’t going to stand in their way.  Believe that.  By the way, this might be the worst game of the entire NFL season.  It’s just a putrid stink-bomb and I’m sure everyone in Florida is hoping it gets blacked out.

Patriots (-10.5) over Buffalo.  Pats looked awful, went to Coverville and then got back-doored last week.  I think they learned their lesson.  They, like SF, are looking for that #2 seed.  The Bills showed some life last week for no apparent reason, but in New England there won’t be any reason to be so gallant.  I’m about 50% I’m getting nipped late in this one, but there’s no way I can take Buffalo and I’ve got to pick different games than Old Dub.

Lions (-3.5) over Green Bay.  This is just the lock of my life.  It wraps up my 5-0.  Big Dub gets a lone win to go 1-4, and I cruise to the crown by percentage points.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Green Bay’s got nothing to play for in this one.  They may be fielding their practice squad–I don’t know.  The Lions will be able to clean up the mess.  I’d rather be 14-2 than 15-1 entering the playoffs anyway.  It’s less conspicuous.


JCK:  38-41-1

  1. Washington (+8.5) over Philadelphia
  2. Detroit (-3.5) over Green Bay
  3. Indianapolis (+3.5) over Jacksonville
  4. New York Jets (+2.5) over Miami
  5. Buffalo (+10.5) over New England


Kraft: 35-40-5

  1. Detroit (-3.5) over Green Bay
  2. Carolina (+8) over New Orleans
  3. New York Jets (+2.5) over Miami
  4. Seattle (+3) over Arizona
  5. Texans (+3) over Tennessee


Nichols:  36-41-3

  1. Detroit (-3.5) over Green Bay
  2. St. Louis (+10.5) over SF
  3. Washington (+8.5) over Philadelphia
  4. New York (-3) over Dallas
  5. Kansas City (+3) over Denver

D.A. Finals Preview

Eli Esses D. vs. Kraft:

We’ve got week 2 of the D.A. Finals.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I wish I had a fantasy team going this week, but I don’t.  Perhaps next year I relinquish the commissioner’s reins and get in on this D.A. nonsense, but for now I’m just a satisfied spectator.  In week one, Kraft carved out a 9.5 point lead over Big Dub’s squad.  It’s a long way from insurmountable, but it’s the kind of advantage that could make a difference.  The squads:

Kraft (60.5 points)–Kellen Clemens (or St. Louis starter) and Josh McCown.  Kraft had the first pick this week and snapped up St. Louis’ sacrificial lamb against the rabid and ready Niners.  It’s a logical play, and a smart play with the lead.  Coming back around, he gets the Bears’ newest king of the scrap heap.  The Bears fans might be the only group more shell-shocked than Eagles fans this year.

Eli Esses D (51 points)–Seneca Wallace and Rex Grossman.  An interesting play by Big Dub who has been charging since mid-season.  The Eagles, believe it or not, have been tough on opposing QBs and Grossman has that scary, blowup potential.  Perhaps slightly behind the 8-ball he felt he really needed to swing for the fences.  Grossman gives him that one-swing, homerun power off the bench.

It should be a great final, congrats to both for making it this far, and may the most atrociously awful QBs win.


Closing thought from a drive back to PA from Virginia.  Unlike Peter King I have to transport myself and cannot just hop on the Acela and throw down the corporate plastic.  Anyway, it was a traffic-free drive up 95.  A rare occasion.  In fact, no traffic on the way down either.  So, if you’re planning a trip to VA or D.C, I suggest leaving Chistmas Eve evening and returning New Year’s Eve.  So anyway, as I digest the miles into my eyeballs, I’m thinking…is there a threshold of bumper stickers you cross and automatically become an insane person?  We’ve all seen a simple Obama sticker, some Ron Paul love, a dog shout out, etc.  But, if you hit like 4, 6, 8 stickers on one car don’t you go from someone with a fun-loving bumper sticker spirit and a strong opinion or two to a complete nut job?  I mean, keep some secrets about yourself.  I don’t need to know your stance on EVERYTHING just because I happen to be tailgating you for 40 miles.

Happy New Year everyone, be safe, and be generous with the Cliquot.  See ya Monday.


5 thoughts on “End of the Year Picks, Etc.

  1. I didn’t get the week 17 lines and I have a tee time in an hour, so I will take a mix of Big Dub and Grossy –

    Lions (-3.5) over Green Bay
    St. Louis (+10.5) over San Fran
    Skins (+8.5) over Iggles
    Giants (-3) over Cowboys
    Chiefs (+3) over Broncos

  2. Yeah, sorry about that I botched the email with the lines and didn’t realize it until Kraft said something last night.

    Hit ’em straight.

  3. What a buckle job! Tebow was the play…just out of curiosity, how many points did 6/22 for 60 yds and 1 INT produce?
    And Matt Flynn? WTF? He would have given you about -150 in DA play

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