The Daily Double.

Big Dub Hogged the Hardware.

It’s known throughout the blog universe that winning both the Pick ‘Em and D.A. Fantasy League in the same year is the Holy Grail.  Can it be done?  Nichols came close last year, but you had to wonder, will anyone ever get that close again?  We didn’t have to wait long for someone to pull off the feat I’m dubbing, “The 3-Putt Slam.”  That it turned out to be Big Dub, a D.A. Fantasy GM who totally embarrassed himself in year one is a little surprising.  His picks have a bit better track record and after seizing control of the standings about midway through the year, Big Dub never looked back in Pick ‘Em.  It was a down year around here for the prognosticators.  I blame Juan Castillo.

Final NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. Big Dub:  46-33-6
  2. Grossy:  44-38-3
  3. Nichols:  39-43-3
  4. Kraft: 37-42-6
  5. JCK:  39-45-1

D.A. Championship Results:  

Final Score:  Eli Esses D 128.5, Kraft 102.5

Kraft took a nine-point lead into the 2nd week of the D.A. Finals and also possessed the #1 pick.  A nice advantage, but as it turned out Eli Esses D was about to rain down an epic amount of incompletions.  Picking 2/3 for the 2nd week, Big Dub took the dynamic duo of Seneca Wallace and Rex Grossman.  Grossman felt like a bit of a wild-card.  Would the Eagles defense come to play with nothing but pride at stake?  Well, Grossman can tank a game regardless of the circumstances and he got Eli Esses D off to a nice start with 30.5 points.  Wallace was the anchor, though, wading through a sea of inaccuracy in an ugly loss to the Steelers.  He’d put up 47 points when it was all said and done and Dub’s QBs combined to go 38 of 86 on the day.  Pretty remarkable.  Those totals put Kraft in a monster hole, and Kellen Clemens and Josh McNugget couldn’t close the gap.  The Bears picked up a costly win, they combined for only 2 INTs, just nothing came together.  At the end of the day, Kraft has to settle for 2nd place.

3-PT D.A of the Week:  It was the kind of game Tim Tebow was winning a month ago.  Wha’ happened?  It was a strange year for the Gator wonder.  When he emerged on the D.A. scene people were falling over themselves to draft him.  There were questions like, “Can he go a whole game without completing a pass?”  Then, the wins piled up, the INTs stayed away and Tebow was mostly forgotten in D.A. circles.  But, he finished with a vengeance.  Denver is on a putrid roll entering the playoffs and they have Tebow to thank.  He closed the book on the 2012 season with a particularly horrid performance against the Chiefs.  He was 6 of 22 for 60 yards and 1 INT.  His run to nearly 40 D.A. Points was the most complete effort of the weekend.  Looking forward to watching you next week, Timmy!

3-PT D.A. of the Year:  Blaine Gabbert.  I admit freely that I didn’t put a ton of thought into this.  There was no combing of the desert so to speak.  Gabbert arrived in Jacksonville as the 10th pick in the draft and after a horrific Luke McCown experiment–he took over the starting job for good.  This is all about the body of work.  Gabbert only threw 11 INTs, which seems way too low for this award, but he also chucked only 12 TDs.  That was in 15 games.  Gabbert shines here for his complete lack of stats.  What was he doing out there for 15 games?  And, his other stats were where all his hidden value was.  He got sacked, he completed 50% of his passes for THE YEAR.  He fumbled.  He hardly ever won a game.  He threw for under 100 yards FOUR times.  He never went over 250.  He threw more TDs than INTs in 1 out of 15 games.  He was the model of D.A. consistency and managed to keep his job–another great D.A. trait.  With Jacksonville probably missing out on a top QB in this upcoming draft, we look forward to another year of Blaine Gabbert.  May you regress even further.


Ok, there you go.  Season in the books.  Congrats again to Big Dub.  Don’t be offended if you aren’t invited back next year.  It’s nothing personal!  But seriously, enjoy this while it lasts because we know next year you’re a stone lock to pick 39% winners.  I’ll get my revenge by going 11-0 in the playoffs–as usual.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Double.

  1. Looks like Caleb Hanie cost his team the playoffs AND got his GM fired. Way to go Caleb!

    Of course Blaine Gabbert got his coach fired in the middle of the season, which is an achivement unto itself.

    Are people waiting in line in Vegas for the opportunity to bet against Tebow this week?

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