Behati Prinsloo Makes Her Selections.

Likes the Hoodie.

It’s a been a dark post-season of picks for me.  And, looking at the two lines this week I don’t have much faith in a rally.  The Giants, Patriots and Ravens have all been tough teams to figure out this year.  Big lines, backdoor cover vulnerability, discrepancy in home/road play.  It’s pretty much a nightmare.  The Giants went 8-7-1 during the regular season against the number.  How definitive.  They’ve won two post-season games by 15+ points.  And, they’re underdogs.  They’re playing with our minds, people!  There’s no other explanation.  So, as I limp to the line here, trying to make amends for a 1-3 horror show last week, I need something to fall back on.  What’s the good news?  Mad Men is coming back March 25!  If only it started next Sunday so we could all avoid the Pro Bowl.   How about some picks….

Big Dub:  Playoff Record, 6-2.  

Baltimore (+7) over New England.  I don’t believe in Flacco a little bit.  In fact, he’s the white Donovan McNabb, and I learned what Donovan McNabb was all about in the playoffs.  But didn’t Matt Moore, Rex Grossman and Ryan Fitzpatrick hang around with the putrid Pats defense?  Isn’t this all about covering the number?  In that case, I’ll take the points and doubt the Pats defense.  Yes, they looked great against Tebow.  I think that’s self-explanatory.  I won’t be shocked to see the Ravens win this outright as Brady is made to look ordinary at times against a great defense.

San Francisco (-2.5) over New York Giants.  I’ve been riding the Giants like Romo rides Jason Witten.  All the weird stuff is going against New York.  It’s going to rain, flight across the country and Eli has a tummy ache.  Yes, I think Eli being sick Wednesday is a factor.  He feels pretty good by Friday but then has to fly out to San Fran.  That flight won’t feel too good for him, and I see him not playing well as a result.  Yes, the Niners D will have more to do with it than anything, but don’t ignore his health and the flight.  If the venues were switched, the Giants would roll the Niners, but at home SF should be able to force the turnovers they did against the Saints.


Grossy:  Playoff Record, 3-5.  

Baltimore (+7) over New England.  I really wish this game was 7.5.  It’d make me feel a bit more comfortable.  There are some teams that the Pats just don’t have a great record of covering against, and Baltimore is one of those teams (anecdotal).  There are some similarities here to previous New England post-season letdowns.  You always assume the Pats will score enough to cover a big spread, but recently that hasn’t always been the case.  I think the emergence of the two TEs makes them less vulnerable to a loss (by the way Rod Rutledge and Jermaine’s Wiggins don’t know what all the fuss is about), but they’re still going to have to slog it out.  This could be Ray-Ray’s last run, I think the Ravens rally the troops and get a cover.  Also, important not to overreact to beating Denver.  They’re terrible.

New York Giants (+2.5) over San Francisco.  This is just my karmic plight.  I’m going to embrace it.  There will be no newer, or more enthusiastic Niners fan on Sunday than this guy.  It’s going to be downright shameful.  Just embarrassing for all parties involved.  What are my other options?  I know I’ll be punished for this, though.  I’ll be forced to stomach another Giants Super Bowl trip.  I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning for a few minutes and it’s just unbearable what this NFL season has become.  It really is.  I wish the Niners still had Mike Singletary at the helm.  Harbaugh got them this far, but they might need a lunatic to put them over the top.


Top-5 Other Things Going on this Weekend:

1.  Sixers/Heat.  Saturday Night in South Beach.  Is Miami ready for Jodie Meeks?  The correct answer is, Awww,HELL no.  The great part about the Sixers’ 10-3 start was that they played a bunch of terrible, terrible teams.  It’s not their fault.  Two-thirds of the NBA is a trash heap.  But, they also don’t really have a quality win.  They blew that the other night against Denver.  Beating Miami would be huge.  D-Wade is already hurt and on his way to playing about 38 games this year–at best.  He’s like the Chase Utley of the NBA.  Sixers–OUTRIGHT!

2.  Do we think Prince Fielder is like, “Ok haha, very funny…someone F’ing sign me.”  The winter of Boras continues.  Collusion?  Hopefully.  The Rangers decided they’d rather spend 115 million on Me Darvish?  No, Yu Darvish.  That joke was written by Our-Maury Telemaco.   I’m not sure where Prince will land.  The choices are probably Seattle, Washington, isn’t it time for the Cubs to swoop in?  What’s Theo doing out there anyway?  How about Toronto?  Prince would love Canada.  It’s great.

3.  There is a golf tournament being played in the contiguous (aka continuous) 48 States this week.  Bill Clinton is hosting and is playing on Saturday–I think with Greg Norman.  It’s Phil Mickelson’s debut for the season as well.  Rough start for old Philly Mick–74.  He seems a bit directionless (bored?) these days.  It’s been 20+ years of smiling out there.  That’s exhausting.  He knocked two balls O.B. yesterday.  When I was 10 I called those Nytols.  Why?  Because Nytol will help you go O.B.

4.  Holy cuss, it might snow!  A couple of inches?  Finally.  I think we were somewhere around blizzard 6 or 7 by this point last year, so I guess if I have to dust an inch or two off the windshield tomorrow I can live with it.  I just hope the grocery store isn’t sold out of water when I get there this afternoon.  It’s not a hurricane, people.

5.  Philadelphia Wings vs. Washington.  That’s indoor, professional, sweet-lax action.  Through a long and complicated process I became committed to attending a Wings this year.  I’m expecting it to be an epic, retroactive live blog.  This is not the weekend, though.  I want so study up on some sweet lax flow before I head down there.  The Wings lost their opener 22-12 so…I might have to become and Edmonton Rush fan.


15 thoughts on “Behati Prinsloo Makes Her Selections.

  1. yeh, I shouldn’t sell short the chance of seeing a lax-brawl. If only it hadn’t been Tebow vs. Brady maybe I would have been down there.

  2. The goalies are the best part of the lax brawl. The amount of junk they wear is amazing. Get yourself a crotty jersey. NJ boy, went to Duke, blah blah blah. Comically, check out the NALL. Apparently there are “professional” lacrosse leagues popping up everywhere. This sh*t is what? B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    Separately, is the 2.5 line on the giants/sf game just vegas trying to mess with the minds of the public. It screams to take the dog, which makes me think they’re baiting people. Rainy out there on an already soggy field, Canty/JPP/Tuck are all banged up, Bradshaw is hurt and the running game is largely smoke and mirrors. If you look at the stats last week, Jacobs and Bradshaw had basically 3 big runs and a ton of runs of 2 yards or less. Not exactly running all over teams. And I still don’t know who’s gonna cover vernon davis. I kind of want the Giants to sign singletary for one game, put a jersey on him and trot him out there the first series to cover Davis and just get in his head. Is that legal? Can they do that?

  3. I think the 2.5 line is trying to get people to take SF. If it was 3, I think everyone takes the Giants.

    The Giants have more momentum among the betting public I imagine, plus SF has been undervalued all year so I think that gives you the 2.5 instead of 3.

    I definitely don’t think it’s a SF line, maybe a little bit of a NY line.

  4. Pats -7.5 over the real Cleveland browns- Brady steps up big, like he should. The 3 man TE rotation of Gronk/Hernandez/Ben Coates has no equal. The real Brownies aren’t still playing if Houston was playing with their back-up QB. The Pats D played with the most intensity that ive seen this yr and I just don’t think Flacco can make the big plays- I see this as a comfy 27-13 Patriots W.
    SF -2.5 over Giants- hopeful pick here…giants have the momentum, but I prayed to Tebow last night for things to even out for Eli Manning.

    And how amazing that Fausto Carmona is a fake I’d? He’s really 3 yrs older and Roberto Hernandez Heredia? Priceless

  5. What a great AFC champ game, back & forth, guys making big plays…could Tom Brady run a sub 6.0 40 yd dash?
    Upon watching the replay, did ray Lewis just break Brady’s spine on that TD?

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