Different Picks.

And a Puppy!

Well, I’m not quite ready to enter a world where I have to talk about something aside from picks on Fridays.  February is going to be a tough month.  Maybe I’ll start reporting on the weather in Clearwater.  For now, to ease the transition and to kill time before Super Bowl Sunday, I’m going to make some other–less glitzy–selections.  We’ll keep track of how I do.  The 52% winning standard I set on football is going to be awfully tough to live up to.  Let’s make some bank….

The Abu Dhabi Classic:

This is a tightly bunched field.  Tiger fired a 69 in round two to pull into a massive logjam in 4th place, two shots behind Thorbjorn Olesen.  Oh, you haven’t heard of Thorbjorn?  The leader is currently 16/1 to bring this home, but I’d never touch such an unknown commodity.  The conditions are apparently getting tougher, which might bode well for Tiger’s putting woes.  If no one goes real low, he’ll be right there.  Give me…

4,000 units on Tiger at 3/1:  Tiger is the co-favorite right now with Rory McIlroy, but Rory doesn’t quite look on his game.  I think Tiger  has a pretty good shot at this thing.  Sorry Tiger fans out there for that massive hexola.

1,000 units on Sergio Garcia at 14/1:  Serigio is currently three shots behind Olesen, but only one back of the massive pack at 5-under.  Sergio got back in the winner’s circle late last year with back-to-back wins.  This could finally be his year–13 years after the fact.

1,000 units on Robert Rock at 25/1:  Rock is a solid player in the pack at 5-under and only name recognition I imagine is keeping his odds this high.  Is Tiger 8 times more likely to win than Rock?  No way.  He’s worth a little flier.


The Pro Bowl:

It’s back in Hawaii this year.  I think it’s just easier to ignore, more comfortable for everyone if they keep this game off the mainland.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any prop bets on the Pro Bowl.  That felt like it would have been more fun than  picking the game, but apparently there wouldn’t have been a lot of action on such trivial matters.  Give me…

2,500 units on UNDER 74 points.  I know that no one plays defense, but I don’t think they’ll try hard enough to roll up 11 TDs either.  This is a vacation for these guys.


UFC on Fox 2:

Did everyone watch the UFC’s last fight on Fox?  It lasted about 90 seconds.  They didn’t show the undercard and it was 45 minutes of talking, 2 minutes of fighting and then another 13 of talking.  Not a great showcase, except for the knockout.  I think there are 3 televised bouts on Fox this time around, but don’t hold me to that.  The main-event is a light-heavyweight match between former champion Rashad Evans and the undefeated prospect Phil Davis.  Give me…

5,000 units on Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis at +160.  First of all, I challenge you to bet against someone using the nickname, “Mr. Wonderful.”  Can I put some money on Paul Orndorff this weekend?  Davis is a 4-time All-American wrestler from Penn State, he’s a total beast, and Evans has already peaked in my mind.  This is like free money.


The Australian Open:

Did we remember the 1st tennis major of the season was going on?  Look at how nicely this weekend is shaping up.  Unfortunately, my pre-tournament picks of Roger Federer and Serena Williams have already taken a hike, so I’ll need to recalibrate my tennis prognostication machine.  The problem is, since these matches are in Australia, I have absolutely no idea when they’re being played.  Give me…

1,000 units on Maria Sharapova at +110 over (Something) Azarenka.  After I made my Serena call I was a little bummed because I immediately read a couple of stories on how sharp Sharpova was looking.  She’s been on fire to this point, and who can turn down an opportunity to bet on Maria?

1,000 units on Rafa Nadal at +135 over Novak Djokovic.  We all know that Novak is the new Rafa, who was the new Rodge, but if I’m reading the schedule right–and I’m probably not–I think Nadal has one extra day of rest and Novak is coming off a tough 5-setter over perennial bridesmaid Andy Murray.  Nadal in four.


The NHL All-Star Game

Here’s something I’m sure you had no idea was going on this weekend.  There’s a hockey All-Star game?  There is, and YOUR Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen are all suiting up.  The NHL is still doing its Captain’s choice thing so the teams are “Team Alfredsson” and “Team Chara.”  The game’s in Ottawa if that matters to anyone.  And, now that I started typing this, I see there isn’t a line posted.  What?  Well, I’m not going to delete so, Give me…

1,000 units on Team Alfredsson (-110) over Team Chara.  I’ll just assume it’s even odds.  And, there’s no way I’m betting on Chara for anything.


Your Philadelphia 76ers:

The Sixers have been sneaky cover machines.  When they win–they win big.  And, they’ve covered some massive lines.  How do they do it?  With defense and effort.  Apparently it’s not illegal to guard people for 4 quarters in the NBA.  Who knew?

Give me 2,500 units on the 76ers (-16) over the Bobcats.  Judging by this line, the Bobcats must really stink.  The Sixers are a little thin down low right now, but you know what that means?  Yep, 20 and 12 for Elton.  No problem.  This should be a cakewalk.


Let Me Find a Soccer Game:

A couple of years ago I heard about this thing called, “El Clasico.”  It’s a game between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  The way I heard people talk about this game I thought it was like the Haley’s Comet of sporting events.  But, they play each other at least twice a year.  Let’s lose some of the hyperbole.  This is like an NFL regular season divisional game.  That was just a random soccer thought.  Give me…

1,000 units on Villareal and Barcelona Draw at +450.  How can you turn down a chance to bet a draw?  I feel like that’s some really advanced soccer betting.  What are you rooting for?  A tie, baby!


So, there you have it.  Twenty thousand units in play.  And, you thought it was going to be a slow weekend.


12 thoughts on “Different Picks.

  1. boom way to create an exciting weekend out of thin air.

    real solid tennis analysis there… likewise for the sixers.

    question regarding the pro bowl: do the O and D lines literally do nothing during these games? I mean, you’re not actually allowed to sack a QB are you?

  2. Do you think players specifically don’t pick other dudes/players from teams they hate? That’s how it works right, the captains pick the teams?

    You know who I think I hate? KG. That ridiculous interview after the game yelling “bar fight” and drawing a parallel to the game. How was that basketball anything like a bar fight? How is any basketball game like a bar fight?

  3. I think Alfredsson has 1/3 of his team made up of teammates and fellow swedes, so I think that’s pretty much how it works. I’m sure if they didn’t like a guy, they’d be in no rush to pick him.

    I have no idea what KG’s deal is. He seemed to have mildly toned it down, and i mean mildly, but the guy is just borderline out of control. what’s he going to do when he retires?

  4. pretty amazing. did you see any of the game? the sixers were up 30 with about 9 minutes left. The series of events that followed were unbelievable. I’ll take my 2,250 fake units, though.

  5. Oh thanks, thanks. Despite a pretty awful run through the tennis and all-star games I still managed to turn 20,000 fake units into over 36,000. Just gotta pay attention, we’re putting kids through college here.

  6. yeah, i was a little slow getting the wheels going this morning. they didn’t have much choice. fat andy is basically under an ultimatum so he couldn’t offer any security to a new coordinator, plus they’re stuck with the wide-9 and jim washburn and not many coordinators want to work with a line coach that has such a profile/system. they give castillo another shot, if it works, it works and if it doesn’t the whole staff goes up in flames.

  7. oh everyone is definitely on board. we just can’t escape fat andy’s gravitational pull right now, so we’re resigned to the fate.

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