Weekend That Was.

Castillo Disproving That Song About Futures and Shades.

Well, welcome to Super Bowl week.  Also known as the biggest week in Sixers history (post-Iverson), but we can’t get ahead of ourselves.  If we go crazy with Super Bowl coverage today, what will become of the rest of the week?  Let’s be honest.  You’re not quite ready to hear why Vince Wilfork is the key to the Pats’ success.  For a weekend clogged up with meaningless All-Star games, there have been some happenings we should address.  We’ve got to look back before we look forward.

Juan Castillo Year Two.

In a very unsurprising move the Eagles filled a vacancy at secondary coach with Todd Bowles and retained defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  Last year the Eagles decided to hire a defensive line coach (Jim Washburn) before hiring a defensive coordinator.  When prospective DC candidates found out they’d be married to Washburn’s “wide-9,” that culled the herd quite a bit.  Who was left standing?  Castillo, who implemented some type of sit-in tactic at the Nova Care until he was given an interview.  So, despite the cries for Castillo’s job, the Birds were right back in the same position this year. They would have needed to find a new DC to work with Washburn and also consider that Andy Reid could be a lame duck.  That’s not an attractive landing spot.  In the end, it’s welcome back Juan, because last year the Eagles decided to buy new appliances before remodeling the kitchen.


Charlie Manuel’s Casting Couch

It appears the Phillies are holding an open casting call for time in left field.  Juan Pierre became the latest player thrown into the crowded mix when he signed a minor league deal with the Phillies.  Add Pierre to Nix, Mayberry, Dom Brown and even Scott Podsednick if you want to the Phillies outfield landscape.  It’s a lot of bodies, especially considering the Phils are hoping to play Victorino and Pence just about every day.  That’s not a lot of at-bats to go around, and all these signings and Spring Traning invites are just insurance policies.  The Phillies hope that Mayberry can play, but with a 1/2 season track-record they can’t rely on that.  Among these four or five guys, there has to be at least a workable platoon in there somewhere?  I expect Pierre will have a good shot to make the team, especially early if Ryan Howard is on the DL.  The at-bats, though, will be Mayberry’s and Nix’s at the start, Mayberry to test his status as an everyday player and Nix because they made a 2-year commitment.


So, Robert Rock brought me home 25,000 fake units by winning in Abu Dhabi, but I’ll have to say I was a bit disappointed Tiger didn’t come through.  I want to see Tiger win again so I can see the reaction of everyone who has written him off.  From respected columnists to blog trolls there will be plenty of backpedaling when Tiger finds the winner’s circle again.  He may have lost this past weekend, but from what I saw, you’d have to expect Tiger to pile up multiple wins this season and the first will probably coming sooner rather than later.  It’s a shame that the Tiger can’t win because he’s not a good person story line isn’t going to play out for everyone.  In the end I think the real genius is going to be Joe LaCava who left the flighty Dustin Johnson to take Tiger’s bag.  Light schedule and plenty of dividends.  That’s my prediction.

On the PGA Tour, the “meltdown” continues to be one of the most compelling reasons to tune-in.  Kyle Stanley, a popular pick to be this year’s “Webb Simpson,” had the tournament under control from about the midway point.  At one point on Sunday he led by seven shots.  He stood on the 18th tee with a three shot lead and hit a beautiful tee shot.  From there, things got really ugly.  Lay-up, water, etc.  Next thing you know, Stanley’s got himself an “8” on the card and he’s about to lose a playoff to Brandt Snedeker.  From what I hear, Stanley’s got a little bit of “the buckle” in him, but it is incredible to me how much difficultly these guys have closing out tournaments.  Stanley was reduced to tears after the loss, a condition usually only suffered by Steve Stricker after a win.


Please do not play another Pro Bowl.  Ever.  Thank you.  That is all.


6 thoughts on “Weekend That Was.

  1. Well, he’s definitely not a “yes.”

    I think the goal of this off-season was to cleanse his mind, try to let him forget the offensive and defensive nightmare that was the end of last season.

    He’s been working a lot on his defense, from the sound of it has gotten a little bigger (doesn’t matter) and could conceivably win a spot on the roster with a good spring.

    But, I think they want him to start the season in AAA, unless he is just too hot, and they’ll hope for Mayberry to develop.

    I’m sure there’s a model that has Brown in left, Mayberry in center and Pence in right starting in 2013. That might sound like a nightmare and Mayberry and Brown both might not cut it, but that’s the optimistic, cost-effective model.

    Overall, I’d say he’s still a “maybe”

    • I really do want Tiger to win. I’m not trying to hex him. I want to see how people backpedal….

      Has college basketball season started?

      Syracuse is good, Villanova is awful, what else is there to know?

  2. The Castillo announcement is just disappointing. Maybe he’s just been a voracious reader this offseason and Andy saw ‘4-3 defense for dummies’ & ‘3-4 defense for dummies’ on his desk and was impressed?

  3. Haha…

    I’m just as concerned about getting players. They could have brought in whoever they wanted and with those LBs and safeties they are going to have issues. Let’s get enough talent that any moron could coach them up.

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