Abby Manning vs. Gisele — The Super Bowl Pick.

That's Gisele on the Right.

Perhaps you’ve heard by now of the Gisele email that has been making the rounds.  She wants everyone to wish her Tommy well on Sunday.  She doesn’t sound like much of a football fan.  It’s all like, this is important to him for some reason, so I guess it’d be better if he didn’t get Eli-Faced again.  I have not seen an email from Abby Manning, though I imagine the Manning clan only sends email within the clandestine Manning network.  I think that network is mostly clogged up with emails from Archie talking about how he would have won multiple Super Bowls if the Saints didn’t stink. Hey Arch, you weren’t that hot either, buddy.

Anyway, I decided to pit these two better halves against each other because if we’re being technical about things here Gisele is lacking in the Super Bowl category.  There are people out there, crazed Boston fans mostly, who are keenly aware of Tom’s post-season stats with and without Gisele by his side.  What can I say?  The city is prone to embracing curses.  The Brazilian supermodel may have already cost the dynasty a couple more rings.  Abby Manning, on the other hand, much like her dazed-faced groom is a perfect 1-0 in the Bowl.  In fact, Eli made things official right after that historic 2008 upset.  He knew he was peaking, I guess.

I may retire the girls with picks theme for next year.  I’m not sure yet.  Might be time to try something new.  So, if this is the end of an era, I thought this was the proper way to go out.  On to the pick…


New England (-3) over New York Giants.  

To borrow a phrase from the great Mark Zumoff, I was on the see-saw with this one.  Personal spite immediately shifts me to the Pats.  Then, I feel that the Pats’ past success has installed them as token favorites.  Then, we’ve got the Giants sounding awfully cocky and the majority of money (and experts) coming down on the side of the G-Men.  That’s a lot of directions to get pulled in and I honestly could see either team winning this game.  The Giants are the “hot” team and you don’t want to discount the fact that they only went 9-7, but the Pats aren’t your typical 1-seed.  You could argue they have 1 quality win the entire year(thanks to a shanked kick), and they lost to the Giants in the regular season.

That loss adds a double-revenge factor into the mix for the Pats.  And, my head just exploded.  Here’s some general thoughts I have on the game.  I think both defenses are getting drug through mud a bit.  I think Gronk will play and he’ll be effective enough.  I think Brady will be pressured, but not necessarily bothered.  Lastly, I think the 1st quarter and 1st Pats possession are very key.  Like I said, the G-Men are feeling themselves.  Any fodder that gets added into that mix is only going to heighten the belief in their own destiny.

I tend to think coaching is overvalued in many sports, but the NFL guys earn their money and deserve all the heat they take.  You’ve got a game here where the game-planning could play a huge role.  Can Belichick (the author of some historic defensive game plans) come up with another to slow down the Giants passing attack?  Can Coughlin out fox him?  Or beat him at his own game again?  I did a quick scan and might have missed one, but I think this is the first Super Bowl where both coaches have a ring since 1985 (Miami vs. SF), regardless this doesn’t happen often.  It’s probably the best Super Bowl coaching match-up of the last 20 years.

In the end I’m picking New England because I think the Giants momentum is going to run out.  They’re a little like a hot baseball or hockey team that now had to sit and wait for their next opponent.  I think Belichick will find a way to slow down, not stop, the receivers and I think Brady will patient enough in the short passing game to chip away and score enough for the win.  And, if there’s any chance Drew is going to be there again to make out with Bob Kraft on the field after the game–I can’t pass up a shot at seeing that.  Pats 27-20.


Your Super Bowl Commercial Guide:

I’ve seen plenty of commercials over the years.  Some good, many very bad.  As someone who once received an “A” in college for a fake Bud Light ad I feel like I am qualified to pinpoint the 5 keys to any successful Super Bowl commercial.  If you have these things, you’ve got yourself gold.  Gold Jerry, Gold.

  1. Toddlers or Babies
  2. Beer
  3. Clydesdales
  4. Dogs
  5. Monkeys

That’s it.  I challenge you to prove me wrong.


Your Non-Super Bowl Weekend Guide:

The Lingerie Bowl:  The Philadelphia Passion will play for the Lingerie Bowl Championship this weekend.  I could not find a line on the event.  If the Philadelphia lingerie football team wins a Bowl before the Eagles win a Super Bowl?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

Sixers:  The Sixers inspired me to send out my first tweet in over a year the other night.  Are you following me yet?  I already have six followers, so I think I’m approaching the limit.  Anyway, I’m trying to get the hashtag, “#defensewins3seeds” to catch on.  That’s all mine.  Trademarked.  The Six-Dogs continue the most important stretch in their recent history this weekend with an epic clash.  Tonight, LeBron’s (Or is it D-Wade’s) Heat come to town.  The Sixers have already knocked off Orlando and Chicago this week, with ease.  If they dust off Miami I’d start filing for the parade permits.  The Heat are a mere two point favorite (Oh my god, Sixers line!) tonight.  It could happen.  And then they’d have all that momentum for Kobe on Monday.

Baseball News:  Cashman’s got a stalker, Hamilton hit the bottle and the Phillies will probably keep signing veterans at a rate of 2-per week.  My favorite part of the Cashman story is that the lady claims he bought some pajamas at TJ Maxxxx for his sleepovers at her place.  Any lingering questions about Cashman’s intelligence should be put to rest.  He obviously knows where to shop.  One more baseball note, here’s a story I saw at Crossing Broad about the Nationals begging their fans to buy tickets to their games against the Phillies so their stadium doesn’t turn into home-field disadvantage.  The Nats also signed Chad Durbin.  No one knows why.

Golf:  There are no interesting golf story lines this weekend because Tiger isn’t playing.  Neither is Fred.  But, I’m brushing up on my Euro Tour so I can go back to picking stone cold long shots next week.


That’s it for now, everyone enjoy the big game.  Remember to pace yourself.  It’s a long day, especially for a Sunday.  Don’t go out too quick.  I’ll see everyone Monday when we can discuss Brady vs. Montana or how I’m supposed to live in a world where Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls.


36 thoughts on “Abby Manning vs. Gisele — The Super Bowl Pick.

  1. well, Thunder the Under-Dog and Muffy the Spoiled Favorite may have potential as the new face of the 3-PUTT NFL? huh? nice.

    good thing my women’s protest movement is finally influencing situations (didn’t do much to stop Howard Stern or Rush), because i do like to take credit for all things good and fair and just, and also – because i believe in the power of subconscious means for sabotage.

    (though i liked to look at the women too, we allll know that here…)

    in other sports news…found this letter i wrote four years ago:






  2. Annnndddd……boom goes the dynamite. I guess the Eli debate here is over, definitively an elite qb and a top 5 qb. World Champs, baby.

  3. LOL ahhhhh soooooo bitter. So if Eli (2x MVP) “managed the game beautifully” then how does Brady rank? Oh wait, let me guess, he “outplayed eli and the giants” and was “brilliant….he just doesn’t have the supporting cast…”. Like i said, it’s a futile discussion on here b/c regardless there will always be a “yeah BUT….” when it comes to Eli on here. One of five (5) players to win multiple Super bowl MVP awards, 103 rating, 4th quarter comeback (again), made some absolutely RIDICULOUSLY great throws during the game and especially in the 4th Q, but it was definitely him “managing the game”.

    It was an ugly game, but Eli was fitting balls into some insane windows. And when it comes down to it, they gave him the ball at the end and asked him to carry the team and he did. Again. All in baby.

  4. Okay, I’m just going to point out that I gave you an opportunity to go “all in” for Eli before the game and you didn’t take it. It’s fine to be all in now and I am not arguing in any way about the game last night. I’m just pointing out what happened before the game.

  5. you’re an Eli front runner. I’ve actually defended the guy against some of your hot and cold tirades, but now I’m expected to bow down and do what exactly? You want to split hairs over whether he is the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th best QB in the league? Whatever. It’s called having an opinion.

    The Giants won the Super Bowl. Eli has 2 Super Bowls. I understand that. You can call me biased all you want, but the guy put up 19 points (kinda 15) against an incredibly mediocre defense. I’m not trying to take the rings away from the guy, but I’m not in any hurry to crown him as baby-Montana, either.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with how Brady played. He wasn’t any good. And, if you honestly want Eli QB’ing your team next year instead of Brady or Rodgers, or whoever else–GREAT! He’s the QB on your 2nd favorite team–so that’s super convenient for you.

    Personally, I wouldn’t take him ahead of those guys. And, nothing he did yesterday changed my mind about that.

    Also, can we simmer down about the 4th quarter comebacks? He was facing a 2-point deficit with an entire 1/4 of football left.

  6. First, I hadn’t looked at the blog since I stated that my prior 3 years of Eli defense/campaigning stood as my record. All in. Did you really need me to reiterate that Eli is a stud?

    Second, how am I an “Eli front runner”? How long have i been on here defending him? Am i blind to when he plays poorly? Absolutely not. But I’ve been clamoring for Eli as a top QB for quite some time, arguably more vehemently last season (2010) when he was getting mountains of negative press.

    Additionally, that comment is exactly my point. For eli, the bar continually moves. Big Ben often gets top 5 billing here and most places. His first super bowl he was abysmal. If i remember correctly, their only TD pass came from Randle-el. Yet, Big Ben is a “winner”. Brady played like complete a*s in the AFC championship, after Tuck dominated him he broke last night, yet no one comments on that (it’s welker’s fault for the drop, blah blah blah). Brady, in the last two super bowls, has put up less than 20 points and had a shot to win at the end both times and couldn’t get it done. Roles reversed, it would all be on Eli. And that’s fine. But if that’s going to be the case, that when they lose it’s eli’s fault regardless of his play, then the pendulum swings the other way too.

    You wouldn’t take him? Vick’s your guy huh? At the end of the day, the two QBs you immediately name Eli just beat head to head. So yes, he deserves more respect than is given to him by the at large crowd here. I’m not trying to define where he is to a specific number, but as always “elite” here has been that he’s a top 5 QB-which few here have been willing to rank him as. If people don’t now, even if its begrudgingly, it shows an irrational mind.

    “Second favorite team” hahaha. I’m pretty sure if you take my Bills comments as anything more than trite support and to have a rooting interest against Pats/Jets fans, you’ve missed the mark.

  7. You picked the Patriots to win the game. And, score 31 points. So, what was that based on? Green-Ellis?

    Part of the problem is, where were the “Eli’s the better the QB, the Giants win this game,” comments before the game? You hide behind a Pats pick and then crow away when the Giants win–in any manner.

    At least Nichols steps up and says the Giants are going to win the game.

    It’s got absolutely nothing to do with who plays QB for the Eagles. That’s not part of the discussion;

    I think i’ve said 1 or 2 bad things about eli all year. I’m not praising him ENOUGH, that’s your issue.

    You demand to be “right,” about this, when I’ve said for most of the last 2 years Eli was playing good and/or great at times.

    So, like I said, if you’d rather have Eli than the other guys, fine. I would not. Beating a guy in one game doesn’t mean I automatically take him for the rest of eternity.

    Eli lost to T. Jackson, Vince Young, Alex Smith, and Rex Grossman (twice) this year. I think you’d say it would be a ridiculous argument to say any of those clowns were better than Eli based on the outcome of one game.

  8. Hide behind a pats pick? How about i picked the pats to win and score 31 based on 1) a terrible giants defense (which it was and still is) and 2) getting the ball last. It had “bubkis” as they say, to do with Eli vs Brady. The Giants, I believe, allowed the most points in the NFL this year, and if not the most than damn close. So I thought this would be a high scoring game, the Pats would get the ball last and skewer the D and avenge 2007. I expected a shoot out situation where the person with the ball last would win, and that the Pats would be that team. In no way did I look at the loss as reflective of Eli’s play, since I’m pretty sure I had the G-men scoring a good amount of point too. But to my earlier point, if the Pats won 31-27, scored with 1 minute left and Eli had the ball and DIDN’T drive them down for a TD, regardless of his numbers, we’d be sitting here basking in “Eli is horrible! Eli is a fluke! He’s not a top 5 QB!!!” posts and everyone and their brother chirping at me.

    I AGREE with you that its splitting hairs of 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 5 (as i’ve already said in my prior post) so saying “better QB in the game” is a moot point in this situation. It’s a wash. My point is simply that at no point has anyone on this blog said “Eli is a top 5 qb”. And i wasn’t saying one game or beating another qb in one game makes him better. My point is using those two guys as an example, two guys that lost to Eli in the playoffs, is indicative of eli being top 5. If i had rodgers would I up and trade him for Eli? No. But I also wouldn’t do the reverse. If the Packers/Pats said “rodgers for eli, straight up”, I wouldn’t do it. I think the top 5 are incredibly close, BUT i know Eli is top 5 definitively and that’s the point. Would the Saints trade brees for rodgers or the other way around? No. They’re top 5, they’re both studs, that’s that.

    And again, if i were a front runner i wouldn’t have been harping on eli as elite for 3 years, and this discussion would not even be occurring. Your’e fired up b/c it’s been going on for how long now? So how in god’s name could i be a front runner? Did i all of a sudden come out of the woodwork and hop on a band wagon for Eli? F*ck no. If anything i built the bandwagon and have been driving it.

  9. Well, just for the sake of accuracy (never let the facts get in the way of a good argument) the Giants gave up the 8th most points in the league. Not that it has anything to do with anything.

    You knew the Pats were going to have the ball last? Amazing prognostication skills.

    The truth is, this all started about 2.5-3? years ago, when I ranked the QBs after your initial argument with Dub. I had McNabb 10th and Eli 11th–mostly just to tweak you, but I don’t think anyone thought the rankings were outrageous.

    Then, at a later date, I had moved Eli up to 6th. At which point you said you agreed with the ranking.

    So, you really haven’t been harping for 3 years about Eli being top-5. You’ve mostly just been complaining that he’s always been slightly better than I give him credit for.

    And, if Giants had lost the game 31-27 and Eli played well I certainly would not have said anything about how Eli choked or was awful. Unless he threw a game-ending pick-6 or something. The fact is, I haven’t said anything like that about Eli in a long time. I certainly point out when he has a bad game, just for a laugh, but it’s all been in the greater context of him playing well for a long time.

    So again, this is just some injustice you’ve built up in your head that you demand reparations for, but I’m not giving them. I don’t think I’ve said a thing about Eli that makes me sound foolish or needs to be retracted.

    There’s really no evidence of me dogging Eli, it’s just me not praising him in the manner that you think he deserved to be praised.

  10. 8th, with the 27th ranked defense (for whatever that means). Either way-terrible.

    I was making an assumption. Just like various other things that run into making a pick. Pretty sure any sort of pick involves various prognostications that are born often out of thin air or a mystifying formula. For example, the end premise of you picking the Pats in this very post. “The giants momentum will run out….” That’s not a completely gut assumption relating to something entirely intangible that there’s no way to account for? So yes, I made a leap and figured the Pats would have the ball last.

    That ranking also led us to what was considered elite, at which point top 10 was eschewed and top 5 was made the benchmark. Prior to that I had been defending Eli as a top ten qb/elite, when it was made top 5 at a later listing over discussion. I’ve always defended Eli here, and that includes with rankings, etc.

    I think you’re taking this as me saying you and you alone are who i’m pointing to. Obviously that’s NOT the case-Dubb and various others are who i’m mostly referring to about if Eli had lost, etc. I don’t think there’s any question that, should the giants have not won in any of these games, we’d have heard the negative eli commentary over and over again.

    Reparations? 40 acres? Some cold hard cash? All I’m pointing out is that the community at large here has hammered Eli consistently, and if you think that would have stopped today (had the pats won, regardless of score/Eli’s play) you’re fooling yourself.

  11. It just seems like an odd thing to base your pick on, if you think that Eli is going to be Brady’s equal or outperform him–I don’t know how you come up with the Pats winning. Brady is about the only advantage you could come up with for the Pats, unless you want to talk specifically about the tight ends. The Giants had their own mismatches in the passing game as well.

    Judging by your predicted outcome, it’d make sense to say that both QBs and offenses did not meet your expectations (which was my conclusion). So, if that’s the case, I just don’t see why this was such a vindication for Eli because he was slightly better than Brady in this game.

    He made one exemplary throw at the end of the game, I don’t deny that, but this was not a great game for offense. Either the defenses for both teams got DRASTICALLY better in the last couple of weeks (I don’t think so), or it was a bit of a stinkfest. I say it was the latter.

    I know you aren’t talking specifically to me, but I feel compelled to say something because you often pull things out of thin air that simply aren’t true. Ex, the Giants gave up the most points in the league. Well, no, they didn’t. Then you say, well, 8th–same difference. Or you say things like Greg Olsen is one of the best tight ends in the league and everyone’s head explodes. It kills your credibility and makes everyone want to give you a hard time.

  12. So the way i landed at that conclusion ironically fits into why i think the game was low scoring in the end. First, the Pats TE’s vs the Giants LB’s i felt would be a significantly bigger margin of victory for the pats compared to the G-men WRs vs the Pats secondary. There’s a number of reasons for this (I’ve discussed how, outside of nicks, i think the giants WRs are overrated immensely and largely a product of Eli being awesome), Wilfork being a beast inside and the giants o-line looked like dog sh*t against the 49’ers so I didn’t believe Eli would have time for any deep patterns/double moves and a stagnant running game, and lastly that I just felt the giants lB’ers were much, much, much, MUCH weaker than the pats secondary. Chase Blackburn was literally a substitute teacher several weeks ago. Him and Boley would have a hard time covering a guy coming off the street, they weren’t gonna be running up and down with a healthy gronk/hernandez. Second, and this is the important one, BB is a defensive minded coach, a genius in many people’s opinions, and giving him two weeks to stop Eli is something that scared the bejesus out of me since the G-men had become largely one dimensional. I felt it would be high scoring, but that BB would find a way to largely neutralize the giants offense just much more. Not a lot, but just enough, maybe a wrinkle or something, but enough.The Giants would move the ball, they’d score but there would be just enough of a coaching disparity that BB would be able to neutralize Eli just enough to pull it out. Counter that with the fact I think Fewell is a dumpster fire of a defensive coach, so he wouldn’t have a wrinkle or anything along with the fact that Gilbride is unbelievably predictable as an OC (no joke, on a text of about 6 giants fans 3 of us called the first play correctly, the guy is an automaton) and it just gave an edge to the Pats. Plus, like i said, i thought it would be a bit of a shoot out and my gut told me that the pats would have the ball at the end-yes a totally random thought but it was a factor nonetheless.

    All of that said, i think the two weeks is what led to this game being a total mess. Giving a HOF coach who’s a defensive strategist two weeks to prepare can lead to this kind of a game. Obviously Gronk being hurt helped the gmen a lot, but fewell i guess did a better job than i expected and i wholeheartedly agree that weatherford was a major cog in winning (crazy aussie, i wanted him to smash a Foster’s can on his forehead after one of those punts). So giving any good coach two weeks to prepare for any offense is going to have ill effects on the game. Couple that with Gilbride being terrible and Gronk-a major, major reason the Pats made it to where they are-being incapacitated, and you end up with a stinker. I really do think that, had they played the game right away, you’d have seen a much more rhythmic game. That time off is a killer.

    I didn’t pull that out of thin air and there was also the caveat “i believe” as in “i’m not sure”. They were 27th in Total Defense, so only 5 teams worse. And I think eli had more than one exemplary throw. I thought he had number of throws where he was fitting balls into some crazy tight windows, for example the one he rifled over Spikes’ hands that dropped into Nicks’, and I also felt there were several balls that would have been big plays had the receiver held onto it/there hadn’t been contact before the ball got there (looking at you Chung).

    ps: Tell me that’s not an awesome Foster’s commercial. Weatherford walks over, grabs a sixer of Foster’s and boots it 80 yards down the street to some guy’s house where it lands in his lap-australian for delivery. Or just “Football” and Weatherford walks over and smashes a foster’s over his head and “foster’s australian for beer.”

  13. I find it mildly interesting that you think pretty much everyone associated with the Giants aside from Eli Manning is terrible. Both coordinators stink, the offensive line stinks, Victor Cruz stinks, the running game is pathetic, the tight ends stink, the linebackers aren’t just bad–they’re really bad.

    I know that fits your argument, but lets be honest here. you don’t know dickola about OL play or defensive game planning.

  14. Absolutely untrue. Nicks i have a man crush on, i think he’s a top 5 WR in the NFL and a total stud, have been all over him since they drafted him. I also am infatuated with KP, i think their secondary is underrated (and will be better next yr when healthy) and that Prince will be a beast. Their D-line speaks for itself, i won’t rehash how absurdly, scary talented JPP is or the workhorses Canty/Tuck are.

    I’m not saying cruz stinks, i’m saying i think he’s overrated. Gilbride i absolutely do think stinks, i’ve been saying that forever along with the fact that i like coughlin a lot but that he had his wagon hitched to gilbride since he never upgraded. For the o-line, i think any giants fan would tell you it’s terrifying that Boothe is a starter/plays at all and watching ninkovich abuse mackenzie pretty much speaks for itself. The running game was 32 (last) in the NFL. I think you’d agree that’s a good indicator of a weak offensive line.

    Chase Blackburn is such a “good linebacker” that up until about week 12 or 13 he was a substitute teacher. So yeah, i’d say that’s a pretty distinct sign he’s not very good at all.

    So there are people on this blog that are experts in OL play and defensive game planning? Did i miss the sign here that people are experts and it’s a prerequisite to having an opinion? When people make their picks here, are they having in depth discussions worthy of being televised, due to the amazing insight they have into the game planning? Let’s not get crazy and start acting like playing HS football all of a sudden makes any of us an expert. My opinion is that belichick is a defensive guru-widely accepted. I don’t think that’s a stretch by me at all. I believe that the offensive line was blasted by the 49’ers in the NFC championship-also a widely accepted fact. So in no way was i purporting to be an expert, i merely assimilated information into a conjectured outcome. That’s all. What’s the difference between that and the plethora of vitriol spilt here regarding Andy Reid, Castillo, etc?

  15. obviously no one here is an expert, and the opinion is always welcomed. your extensive breakdown of why you picked a high-scoring game, but how a low-scoring game actually proved you right just set me off a bit.

    I am not an expert on anything really, but I at least try to argue rationally and will concede if I make a mistake instead of just twisting the argument around or ignoring it and moving on.

    This is you, “I believe LeBron is leading the league in FG percentage.”

    Someone who takes the 5 seconds to look it up: Actually, he’s 5th.

    You: Ok, well he’s 2nd in scoring, so whatever.

    • Yeah i wasn’t saying it proved me right, or at least i didn’t mean for it to sound that way. I was more pointing out that one part of my thought process for having the pats win was belichick being a sick D coach, and looking back those two weeks give him a long time to prepare to stop any offense.

      I think if I had looked it up i probably would start trying to twist the numbers-or appear to be doing that to some people. My point was simply their defense was bad, very bad, especially for an organization that’s entire legacy is built on defense.

      Long/Short, it was a crappy game, two weeks is way too long between games and Eli is now in a group of 5 with multiple super bowl MVPs. Oh, and Gisele sucks.

  16. I think my head just exploded. Thank you both for a very entertaining back and forth — I thoroughly enjoyed it. No joke — it was really a good read. I tend to be more of a blind fan than BK…I’m a big fan of the coaching staff (even Gilbride since he helped win 2 SBs) and I think we have a lot of pure talent that will go a long way (thinking Cruz here since he broke Toomer’s single season receiving record in only his 2nd year). I’m also not a resident of NYC so I don’t have to balance my love of the team with some real hatred (I don’t know a Giants fan in NYC that just loves them…always gotta be some nastiness…but I understand).

    But, in all fairness, I do think Eli has gotten a bad rap over the years on our beloved site. Frankly, it’s b/c this site is ruled by Philly and/or Boston fans and anything NY is evil – I understand. I’ve thought for a long time that Eli was better than most QBs in the league and this year I believe he proved it. I’m not a huge stats guys but I am a big W guy. His 4th QT heroics are by far the best, and any player will tell you it’s the guy who comes thru under pressure that means more than almost anyone else in that huddle. Is there another QB I want leading my team heading into next year? No. Why? Because while they may be statistically better in some areas then Eli he still beat them when it counts. That’s all I care about. I’m damn proud of that mouth breather. And I’m pretty sure his teammates would agree.

    Last but not least, we can all agree that BK does one helluva job adding fuel to any fire (love you BK — you angry little SOB). Now let’s go back to doing what we all do best – ripping on the Eagles and how they have so much raw talent and manage to let Andy Reid gobble it up every year with his gargantuan jowls.

  17. Gilbride is terrible, I think they win in spite of him. Cruz is a good 2nd/3rd receiver, but people make him out to be a near number one. He’s not. I’m not saying this is definitively the case, but TC started as a WR coach, and I think he gets in there and really helps young receivers. Manningham has more talent, but is not remotely the brightest bulb in the bunch, and I think everyone benefits greatly from Nicks being such a threat and so GD dominant at times. Anyway, I just think the articles touting the G-men’s WR’ing corps as “the best in the NFL” are just a lot to listen too, especially when in the same breath they act like the Pats were trotting out a bunch of no-name, no talent a*s clowns. So Wes Welker leads the league in receptions 3x in the last 4 years (maybe 5?), but he’s a nobody and it’s all Brady’s talent getting him there. Cruz breaks the single season G-men record and the media immediately hops on the Cruz bandwagon as him being wildly talented and overlooked. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle for both of those guys.

  18. I really think my trashing of Eli is blown out of proportion. The only time this year I said anything other than he was having a great year was after the Redskins game–and, he was absolutely pathetic that day. Again, I’ll remind you NY’ers that BK is the one who repeatedly took Eli in D.A. Football. So, that’s either self-sabotage or a lack of faith–not sure. I don’t think Brady, Brees, or Rodgers was taken by anyone all year.

    I’m not sure what you want out of the Giants receivers and your assessment of Cruz is something that really bothers me, this belief that he’s OKish. I don’t know what proof you have of that, no one has ever become a good player after being overlooked in the draft? I’m not saying he’s the best WR in the league either, but who are these dream receiving corps you speak of (aside from the legendary Steve Smith Greg Olsen combo in Carolina)?

    You realize a lot of teams don’t even have a legit #1, so that right there puts them ahead of a large chunk. Then they have a guy who you conservatively say is a good “2nd/3rd” and had 1500 yds, and then another guy who has more talent than that. Do you want Fitzy and Megatron to line up with Nicks? Talking strictly WRs, the GIants are miles ahead of NE and most other teams in the league with the possible exception of GB and NO off the top of my head. And, your #1WR and QB makes those guys better arguments apply there as well.

    Welker is good and their TEs were sick, but their WRs after Welker are not much to get excited about.

    It’s a bit of what has happened in the last five minutes is the only thing that matters phenomenon, why Cruz is so loved, but that applies to other things as well, like now Eli is the greatest 4th quarter QB who ever lived. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and lets not act like there isn’t an avalanche of media out there stroking the Giants and Eli.

    The Giants were down 2 points going into the 4th quarter. They came back to win the game, but it was the timing of the drive that made it and the fact that the Giants defense didn’t surrender a point in the last TWENTY SIX minutes of the game. It’s nice when you have almost a whole half to engineer this “comeback” from 8 points down. Solid performance by a unit coordinated by a dumpster fire.

    So, you’re just assuming that I don’t give Eli credit because I’m bitter or that I hate the Giants. I do hate the Giants, but in both of these Super Bowls he did what he had to do and was timely. He played good games (better this time around) but I don’t think he put on any clinic of great QB play and I think at least one of the MVP awards probably should have gone elsewhere. I mean, last time around they hold one of the best offenses ever to 14 points and Eli wins the MVP?

  19. I’ll reiterate that i’m not referring to you all the time (nor most of it), narcissist. It’s the universal “you”, the collective if you will. Tell me Eli hasn’t been largely bashed by various people on here. People who post on here love to call the guy out. For example, I was called out before the super bowl…..well now it’s radio silence from everyone who bashed eli all year so I’m calling them out. Is this only a one way street on here? Just let me know. And reverse hexola’s work, so yes I took Eli. Also, i think i did take brady once or someone of that ilk.

    Welker is “good” but Cruz is being underestimated by me??? Pot….Kettle. Welker has 120+ catches this year. That’s your level of “good”. Ok. My opinion is that Cruz is a very, very good #2. They do have a phenomenal 1-2 combo in them. But there are articles out there acting like Cruz is the second coming. The overreaction to one year is what I’m pointing out.

    My point is simply that the Giants have seen guys become number ones here or have outsized production (see Smith, Steve) often, and I’m saying i think TC has a hand in that as does Eli. Do i think Cruz is very good? Of course. But acting like they trot out a number 1 and a 1A is absurd.

  20. Stop it. You never took Brady. STOP LYING. And, if you’re going to throw in the “of the ilk” qualifier than the only other person taken even remotely close is Philip Rivers, who you have vehemently argued IS NOT of brady’s or eli’s ilk–so one or the other–again.

    welker is very good? a great possession receiver? does that clear up the pointless semantics argument for you?

    before the Super bowl you were asked to say definitely whether or not you thought Eli was going to win the game. you chose not to do that.

    and, i’ll remind you that in the history of this blog, this is the first year that Eli has done a damn thing in the playoffs. we weren’t around for his last fabled run. was he ripped? of course, and deservedly so. he played some terrible games and made some incredibly costly mistakes (especially against the Eagles–which obv gets more coverage)

    the tone has certainly changed, or at least he’s getting ripped a lot less, but you want everyone to come groveling back on their hands and knees, like you’d ever do that, the guy who refuses to concede any point, ever.

    I love the distinction “phenomenal 1/2 combo” but 1/1a is absurd. So, how much space is there between a phenomenal 1/2 and 1/1a?

  21. First, i was “asked” by someone by claiming i was having a classic “fade”. Unbeknownst to me, that convo kept on since I stopped checking the blog heading into the weekend. Sorry. BUSY!

    It’s not “pointless semantics” when you’re telling me I’m underrating Cruz and then label Welker as only “good.” But whatever.

    And no i don’t. But here i sit, being ripped by you for not being present the day before the game…..but how silent were Eli’s critics for the last 4 weeks? That’s excusable b/c? What’s that logic? That anyone who’s an Eagles fan can say what they want heading into it and never have to cop to it, but I have to cowtow to everything? If eli lost and i was on here, what do you think the overriding sentiment would be? Pretty large double standard here that I didn’t say the giants would win and I’m in the firing range, but the myriad of people commenting here that “eli SUCKS” and other comments are “ho-hum, never mind”. I guess eagles of a (sad, sad, dream team) feather flock (or should i say crash and burn) together. Is eli being ripped less, or have your Eagles bunch run scared and don’t want to comment b/c Eli flat out dominated them? I think it’s the latter. They’re silent. Shhhhhhhh………let it happen.

    Answer: a lot of difference. That is all.

  22. I’m not ripping you at all. The point being made was that you were a Giants fan picking the Pats, that’s what he was talking about. It was a pretty mild shot, if it was a shot at all.

    I’m just trying to get you to make sense.

    You showed up here demanding apologies and concessions. You made the first comment. What do you think is going to happen? A bunch of Eagles fans are going come on and talk about how good Eli is?

    No one is ripping him or you. Like I said, I’ve never seen you come on here and say you were wrong about 1 thing, so there’s no reason for you to expect it in return.

    The way you debate just drives me insane. At least I make a clarification on “good,” changing it to very good or great possession–I really wasn’t trying to make a shifty point by saying good. Is that good enough for you? I mean, it’d be great if you said, you know what I did totally pull that Brady in D.A. out of my ass, or anything ever along those lines, at least then I’d feel like I’m actually discussing this with a rational person and not someone who just cherry picks a few things out of my comment that is convenient and starts going off again.

  23. I’m willing to say that Eli is way better than Michael Vick. I don’t think the Giants were some great team this year, no one is ever going to call this one of the 30? best teams ever, and I don’t think they “dominated” the Eagles, but in terms of overall success of the franchise I guess it was a domination because the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs. I don’t lust after Eli to quarterback any team that I root for. That’s the truth, but he’s better than Vick–obviously–but that was never the point.

  24. I’ve repeatedly backed off in this discussion, numerous times I’ve agree with you in fact and also pointed out that I was incorrect. If you expected me to look back at my da picks, you’re crazy.

    And I think the point is you called me out essentially for hiding when I didn’t say the gmen would win last wknd, yet you’ve handed a proverbial pass to the myriad of people who ripped Eli and are now silenced. Where’s dubs yelling about how Eli throws too many int’s or throws the ball high? Hasn’t come up. The most effort was an innocuous comment about Eli managing the game (which is more applicable to 2007). So that’s a double standard, which is fine since I’d have one too if my “dream team” couldn’t break .500.

    Saying you wouldn’t take Eli as your qb right now smacks of hyperbole. You mock me for extremes, take a look in the mirror with that one. Vick (0 mvps

  25. I said he’s better than vick. I would take him over vick. I said I don’t lust after him, meaning he’s not the first guy I would take and I’m not sitting around saying the Eagles need to get their hands on the next Eli. If you think that’s bullshit, then so be it.

    I said you hid behind the pick. I stand by that. That was my impression. It seems odd to me that a game you saw as so close, that being a Giants fan you wouldn’t pick the Giants. It seems like taking the easy way out because then if the Giants win you are still happy and if they lose you don’t have to take as much junk because you predicted it would happen. If you say you are just that rational, that you completely separate your fandom from your pick, in a situation where really nothing is on the line, then I take your word for it–it just appeared suspicious to me.

    You look at it as the Giants won the game–discussion over. Your initial comment says as much. I think Eli played a decent game and Brady was worse. The Giants played a smart and mostly solid game, but not a great game and the Pats were worse and more mistake prone.

    Eli really didn’t do anything to make me think I was watching a great QB. Again, the timing of the last drive was clutch. But, what if he had led them on a drive at the beginning of the 4th quarter and then the game was scoreless for the last 12 minutes. Why is it more impressive because the Giants didn’t score early in the 4th quarter? Wasn’t he leading those drives as well?

    There wasn’t any debate over whether Eli could win a Super Bowl. He already did. I actually would have been more impressed if he’d lost the game 45-38 or something like that and had a huge day. I think we both thought that the QBs and offenses were going to play better in this game (regardless the final outcome) so I don’t see how if Eli didn’t really live up to initial expectations how that is supposed to change my opinion of him. What if the Giants won 9-6? Was that also discussion over? I know you chalk that up to the layoff and the defense game–planning but I don’t buy that. And, I fully comprehend that Brady was worse. And, Brady is in the process of lowering his legacy over the last few years as far as I’m concerned, and maybe we need to slow down the Brady is the best ever talk, but that isn’t really pertinent to Eli’s case.

  26. Well, to quote Simmons “not all championships are the same” and that goes as well for drives/scoring. Of course it’s more impressive that he drove them to a TD late in the 4th quarter. Don’t you think there’s such a thing as clutch? I mean, doesn’t A-Rod get hammered for exactly being the opposite? The guy “only hits home runs early in games…”, so to go to baseball, couldn’t you say “Well why is it more impressive to hit a hr in the 9th when he had 3-4 other at bats earlier in the game to hit one?” Obviously it’s more impressive to take them down the field with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. I thought throughout the game, Eli made some ridiculous throws into some insanely tight windows, throws that maybe 4 other guys in the NFL can make today, while under a good amount of duress and without much of a running game. Also, no one mentions it, but the G-men lost both their TE’s in the game. According to Eli, that forced them to run a number of plays they hadn’t practiced or used in over 5 weeks. For what its worth.

    Interesting that you don’t give credence to the idea that giving a superb defensive coach two weeks to prepare can change the game. I’m not arguing with you, obviously an opinion is an opinion. From what i’ve read, it sounds like both defenses sat back and were willing to whatever it took to not give up the big play, almost a prevent defense. In that situation, i guess the question becomes how much is on Eli/Brady/the QB relative to what he does. If the deep routes are blanketed doesn’t he have to take the 5-10 yard underneath routes? I think Eli took some shots (specifically the one to manningham in the first Q where manningham didn’t run his route correctly and ended up just out of bounds) but that mostly there wasn’t anything to throw at. Is that on Eli as a positive or a negative? Should he take shots into double coverage and give his guys a chance or take what they give him and hope they make plays? I don’t know. Either way, I think with two weeks to plan for one game, one team, the schemes are so tailored and the players so well prepared its a much difference scenario.

    And i agree, Brady’s legacy is not what it once was, the shimmer/gleam is gone. Some guy wrote an article claiming that Brady has strengthened his legacy with that game and played superb (i think it sent it to you), and those articles are absurd.

    Also, i will continue to post on this thread regularly so it keeps a top billing as one of the Top posts and everyone is constantly reminded that the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS are world champs.

  27. “everyone is constantly reminded that the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS are world champs” AND that BK did not believe his team would win the game.


  28. How did the NY Baseball Giants do this year? Is this a more annoying phrase than THE Ohio State University? I mean, at least that is what the place is called. There is no NY baseball Giants and the NY Giants play in Jersey…how about just the Giants

    • How about a little respect for the organization and it’s history. It’s not like the name came out of nowhere, and it is the organizations name, FYI. NY Football Giants, Inc., is the official name of the organization. Given your love of baseball’s history, you’re obviously aware that there WAS a baseball team in NY named the Giants, and in order to provide a distinction when they both occupied the same city, the football team was aptly named the NY Football Giants.

      Maybe your frustration comes out of years of losing, of just being mired in the frustration of sitting on potential and never fully realizing it? Or of employing federal convicts? WAH-Mbulance is on it’s way, it’s a paddy wagon extra sized for all Eagles fans to be fit into it.

  29. My wife was sorting through internship applications last night and one of the students had put on their resume that she attended “The Ohio State University” as an undergraduate. I recommended immediate recycling.

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