This Stuff Happened.

Klosterman: "America Has A White-Hot Hatred of Horses."

The football season is over.  So launches the worst month in sports.  Am I actually looking forward to the Pebble Beach Pro-Am?  Whoa, slow down, let’s not get carried away.  Celebrity golf will always be the bane of my existence, unless I become a celebrity, in which case–Love it!  But, with no football and some time to kill before Spring Training, March Madness, NHL playoffs, etc., I thought things might get a little slow around here.  A little…desolate.  So, I’m thinking about a new feature, shooting for daily, where I just highlight some things I saw on the internet or heard around the ‘burg in real short blurbs.  I know what you’re thinking, good luck getting this idiot to write less than 500 words on anything.  He loves the sound of himself so much that he answers his own questions every week, but bear with me.  I could lose steam on this by tomorrow, but for now we’re calling it, “This Stuff Happened.”  Keep your eyes open.


At Grantland last week Chuck Klosterman suggested the lack of interest in HBO’s Luck was tied to America’s sudden distaste for the equine.   Now, this is where I admit that I often don’t know if Klosterman is being serious, ironic, kinda serious, or whatever.  But, he opens a paragraph with, “the horse is no longer central to the American experience.”  No kidding.  I’m sure that line was also written in 1925.  I think Americans still have a soft spot for horses, see Barbaro, see the Secretariat movie, it’s just this HBO series is bogged down in an element of the horse game that people don’t care about.  If the show was ACTUALLY about horses, people would love it, but since it’s about the shady people that surround horse racing, it’s bound to get awful ratings.  I’ll still watch.  What’s your feelings on the horse these days?


Phil Mickelson is suing an internet provider to release the information of an anonymous commenter who has been slamming him on Yahoo’s golf stories.  The attacks go beyond the standard, “Mickel-bosoms” jokes and venture into wild speculation about Mickelson’s wife and his off-course activities.  These stories have been circulating the golf underground for years, always presented as “anonymous whispers,” and “allegedly,” this and this.  I guess this commenter has taken to presenting these tales as fact.  Is Mickelson overreacting?  Surely, an anonymous blog posting has no credibility, but where’s the line?  Personally, I think Phil has taken his share of crap, and I’ve come back around to supporting him.  I hope he wins this minor battle against the trolls.


Here’s a story about Claremont McKenna, a liberal arts college in California, falsifying standardized test data in order to boost their ranking in the annual US News & World Report ranking.  Can we stop ranking things?  What good has ever come from a ranking?  From the pre-season college football rankings, to this, to ranking NFL quarterbacks–we never seem to get anywhere.  As someone who went to a liberal arts college that is very conscious of its ranking, I’d like to say that the ranking played no part in my choosing to go there, and in fact their fierce protection of that ranking is one of the reasons why I chose not to donate any of my vast fortune back to the school.


Has anyone figured out what a caucus is?  I mean, I know what a caucus is, but really, we’re caucusing?  The Republican primaries are a bit like watching two people fight over getting the chance to kick you in the nuts.  Then once that’s done with, that guy fights it out with Obama to push you down a flight of stairs.  I’m down on politicians.  Gary Johnson was my man.


Earlier today I made a contention that the Super Bowl commercials weren’t necessarily worse than they’ve ever been, it’s just that our standards have gotten a whole lot higher.  We are no longer so easily entertained.  You have to win the battle vs. the smartphone.  Anyway, here’s a Bud Light commercial from 1987.  Glory days, or were we all just idiots back then?


3 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened.

  1. I watched the first episode of Luck, and they graphically depicted a horse breaking down and being euthanized already. Yeah, I’m gonna say I’m not watching this POS. The last thing i want to watch on a Sunday night is seeing animals being killed/worked to death. How is horse racing still legal with all that goes on?

  2. That was very, very disturbing. I am hoping they got it out of their system, kind of like, “this still happens,” now we can move on.

    There’s a big backlash against horse racing, especially from people are in the business of horses, but do not race them.

    It’s a tough debate.

    • From someone who is in the horse business but does not race them… people are obsessed with horses, even if they’re a little bit afraid of them. And you’re right if the show was about horses people would love it. Look at what horses will do for people. Go to war just being one of them

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