This Stuff Happened — 2/9/12

Keep Yo' Face Out of Dog's Face.

I saw this nice, feel-good story a few days back about a dog that had been rescued from a frozen lake.  Pretty daring and courageous recovery to save an Argentine Mastiff named Max.  It seemed like it was all going to end nicely, but then during an appearance at a local television station a news anchor got a little too familiar with Max and the dog bit her in the face causing serious damage.  If you are not familiar with dog breeds, Mastiffs are big dogs.  This isn’t like getting nipped in the ankle by a Corgi.  Anyway, the dog’s owner was given several citations and Max himself is currently in quarantine.  I’m not sure what his fate will be.  The point of the story, though?  The newswoman is an idiot.  I’m sorry she was hurt, but it takes a special breed of clueless to go up to a Mastiff you don’t know and try to give it a hug and kiss.  You’re not Jack Hanna, just sit in your chair and do the interview.


Phillies pitching prospect, Michael Schwimer, apparently took the time to write into Grantland’s mailbag to ask a question of staff writer, Katie Baker.  You’ve got to scroll to the very bottom, brave a lot of hockey questions, but it’s there.  The questioner identifies himself as “Michael S.” and says he had a brief call-up with the Phils this year.  It’s either Schwimer, or someone impersonating him to have a laugh.  His dilemma was that he’s a die-hard Giants fan, but now that he’s part of the Philly sports culture, he didn’t know how to deal with that.  He wanted to root for the G-Men and keep the support of the Philly faithful.  Am I a little disappointed Schwimer chose Grantland’s mailbag over the one here?  Sure, but I’m more concerned that Schwimer is taking the time to do such things.  Hey Buddy, go long toss or something.  It’s February.  Take a Twitter break, watch the game and root for your Giants like a normal person and let’s move on.  Call less attention to yourself, por favor.


Rodney Harrison=Super Fan.  I’m sure you’ve heard by now the story of several Patriots (including Gronk) dancing the night away after the Super Bowl.  A reporter on hand from 1920 called the atmosphere, “quite gay.”  Fans always have a big problem with this, because they spend the hours after a tough loss being miserable, cursing at people, getting into scraps, polishing off leftover liquor, etc.  They think the players should feel as bad as they do.  You might remember Shane Victorino tweeting from the golf course the day after the Phillies were eliminated this year.  He got killed for it.  Of course, most players take losses hard (see Brandon Spikes, Sad Brady), but they don’t quite feel it in the same way fans do.  It’s just different.  And, that’s what most former players will tell you and that’s why most players will stand behind their “brothers” in situations like this.  Not Harrison.  Harrison is going after Gronk pretty hard, saying that he’s lucky Harrison wasn’t still on that team and at that party.  Ladies and gentleman, the transition from Pro Bowler to fan is complete.


The Green Bay Packers are favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl.  They’ve been installed at 6/1, not bad odds for a team that everyone thought was head and shoulders above the rest of the league for the majority of the season.  The defending champs are only 12/1, behind New England and New Orleans and featuring the same odds as Philadelphia and San Fran.  Tampa, Minnesota, Jacksonville and Cleveland all bring up the rear at 100/1.  I guess the question is, does any of those teams have a shot at Peyton Manning?  What if Peyton found his way to Minnesota?  Is AP going to be ready for the season?  I imagine those odds would plummet.  I think you’ve got to be a special kind of long con man to get interested in such wagers.  Can you imagine waiting 12 months to see if one of these hit?  I need a faster turnaround on my action.


I imagine the case of George Huguely, the Virginia Lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend in May, 2010, has drifted to the back of your mind.  It’s amazing to me that this took nearly two years to get to trial, but the case is finally underway.  There have been a couple of days of testimony, and I imagine when the verdict eventually comes down the case will creep back into the national spotlight.


4 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — 2/9/12

  1. Relative to the dog, the d*mn thing just went through an insanely traumatic experience, and her first instinct is to go nose to nose with it? She should be fined and put down for invading the dog’s personal space. If someone ran up to you and just went nose to nose or tried to bear hug you and you didn’t know them, you’d probably be pretty upset too.

  2. Isn’t part of being a player the ability to move on from wins and losses quickly? If Gronk, etc just sat mired in doldrums and depression, wouldn’t that be a hinderance to them as players? I know not all games are the same, but I assume part of what makes them great and able to play at a high level is a short memory both for wins and losses and not getting to emotional over either.

    Huguely is hopefully going to jail for, um, life. He’s the opposite of the Duke rape case. The rumors I’ve heard is his temper was an issue multiple times in his life and it wasn’t addressed, but i don’t know how accurate that is.

  3. I think there are some things working in Gronk’s favor. 1st, it was a team event so even though everything ends up online now, he might have been a bit more relaxed than usual. But, this is Gronk, who’s like 1 step from talking to George about the rabbits, so that might not have even crossed his mind. He’s a kid, though, he probably thinks they’ll just win it next year. He doesn’t have a ton of perspective.

    It’s impossible to put yourself in that position, but everyone handles the loss differently. I’m sure plenty of guys didn’t feel like partying. It’s probably something he’d rather not have on camera, but it’ll be forgotten with his first TD next year.

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