Into The Weekend.

Blake Griffin: Coming Live Tonight to Elton Brand's Head.

A lot of keystrokes have been spilled lamenting the loss of the NFL season.  The NFL is so penetrating that it dominates the landscape even when it departs the scene for seven months.  Well, what are we supposed to do now?  The internet this week was full of people writing eulogy type pieces lamenting the loss of their Sunday fun.  I play into this a little bit.  The NFL certainly provides plenty of material.  I think I’m going to be all right, though.  I don’t feel myself missing the football.  Maybe it’s because football in Philadelphia has actually been over for about six weeks.  For the true die-hards, for those who cannot function without “Shefty” there will be mock drafts and Peyton Manning speculation.  For the rest of us, a guide to the weekend…


I think a Sixer is going to get dunked on tonight.  Possibly in a dramatic manner.  But, the beauty of the Sixers is that is all part of their game.  They never have the leading scorer, the leading rebounder, or the most famous guy on the court, but they win some games.  The Clippers tonight provide them a chance to bounce back from Wednesday’s loss to the Spurs and pull off the rare L.A. double.  I actually think beating the Clippers would be more impressive than beating Kobe.  I also have on good authority from a Sixers insider that Elton Brand and Blake Griffin have a bit of “thing,” so keep your eyes open for that one.  Sixers games, according to more than one article, are becoming the place to be.  Ticket prices bear that out.  If you want to see the Sixers play someone other than the Wiz or the Kings, it’s going to cost a nice chunk of change to sit in a decent seat.  How quickly things change.  Sixers favored by 3.5 tonight.  LAY THOSE POINTS. 


I wish I had known Dustin Johnson was going to shoot 63 in the opening round when I took Tiger to win yesterday.  Talk about horses for courses.  Johnson made Pebble Beach look like your standard 6,000 yd. Muni.  It wasn’t a total jinx, though.  Tiger managed a 68 at Spyglass Hill, the toughest of the courses being used in the “National Pro-Am.”  I partially blame Romo.  The lauded scratch golfer apparently had trouble breaking 80 from the pedestrian tees and contributed just one birdie.  Not acceptable.  Tony and Tiger get the more vulnerable Shore Course at Monterrey today.  Time to make that move.  The odds on Tiger have actually gone up after the day-one birdie binge.  He’s sitting at 9/2.  Don’t have to tell you guys, I liked him at 4/1, love him at 9/2. 


The Phillies equipment truck has left for Florida.  Pitchers and Catchers can be on whatever day you’d like, but for all intents and purposes Spring Training is underway.  Several players are already in Florida.  And, baseball is a year-round endeavor.  The days of guys spending the winter in Sears Hardware selling appliances and packing on 15 lbs of beer weight were over about 40 years ago.  Aside from your occasional ode to the past by guys like Brett Myers, Joba, Panda and Miggy Cabrera all these guys show up on day one in great shape.  It actually makes the lead-up to the first exhibition games even more pointless.  So, I’m going to have to ask for some more patience.  Settle down, and go back to reading your Oswalt rumors. 


Grammys are this Sunday.  I imagine that’s going to be 3 hours of Adele walking to the podium, back to her seat, over to the stage, back to the podium, etc.  Can someone explain to me the difference between song of the year and record of the year?  Or whatever those two things are that give an award for the same thing.  Adele is 1/9 to pick up album of the year.  ONE TO NINE.  That’s like Secretariat at the Belmont territory.  This thing is over.  There’s no real drama or value in award show betting.  Take my word for it.


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11 thoughts on “Into The Weekend.

  1. HUGE sixers game tonight… im gonna say Griffin gets 4 or less dunks tonight… he averages more than that right?? EB is gonna lock.him.down.

    if you happen to get all NBA-ed up after watching the sixers, you can flow on over to ESPN to check out Harvard vs the Lakers

  2. Kobe totally dismissed ‘Lin-sanity’ before their game, then he dropped 38…WOW. I know Fisher has struggled for the past couple years guarding younger pt guards but this is ridiculous. It is a really good story, how can you explain 5 straight wins without Carmelo and a couple without amare? Guys must hate playing with Carmelo…watching him just stop all ball movement and jack shots, as bill Simmons says ‘the clogged toilet offense’
    And “Blake watch’ against Charlotte had 2 more ridiculous dunks…contract the bobcats

    • What I don’t get about Linsanity is how many points did this guy average at Harvard? I know they don’t exactly run a Paul Westhead scheme up there, but it seems that some pretty average college competition did an OK job of keeping him in check at times?

  3. 3 putt, we need your investigative skills…ala 20/20 type journalism: does Carlos Boozer paint his hair black with either ‘just 4 men’ or spray paint? It looks insane

  4. Averaged 16/17 his junior and senior years at Harvard, shot 34% from 3 and 50% from the field. Could be there was just less talent around him so easier to contain one guy? As a PG, his senior year he filled up a stat sheet, that’s for sure. 4.5 assists/game, same rebounds, 1 block and 2 steals a game. I don’t watch a ton of basketball, but that seems like a lot for a PG.

    Tiger with an epic Manning Face moment. Maybe he should be “Brady’ing” right now.

      • Honestly? I’m not. I think my head might explode (pun intended). Besides, clearly this will put a serious monkey wrench into our relationship, she and I will have to really sit down and try and hash this out. I don’t know if i’m ok with my girl doing body paint nude pics, it’s borderline cheating. I think we’ll make it through this though.

  5. So he’s the Asian Jimmer.

    Rough one for Tiger. Definite step back. He’s still the only guy people expect to win every week, but this was probably his worst Sunday of the year.

  6. How bad are phil’s gambling debts right now? I feel like there should be a golf gambling rule, where if there’s bad rumors running around about phil and possibly debts involved (be it infidelity related or gambling) you should never bet against him. No part of me believes he isn’t in the hole and didn’t need this win to pay some people off.

  7. Well, he does have a house for sale. Of course, he’s also flying his own plane to the tournament next week (everyday) so mixed messages there.

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