This Stuff Happened — 2/14/12

Champion Golden Retriever "Sweetlea's Follow Me"

Not a great name for a dog unless he goes by “F-Me,” in which case I retract my statement.  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show today.  Best in Show judging kicks off at 8pm tonight.  Clear your schedule.  A golden retriever has never won.  I imagine that streak will not end tonight, but you can hope, right?  The website for the Westminster Kennel Club approaches the one for the Masters.  Everything is on there.  You can watch a live feed if you want, educate yourself on dog breeds, look at photos and videos.  It’s a real high-class production.  The dog show world never ceases to fascinate me.  The obsessive levels these people go to, and the expense.  Oh my.  In my formative years I thought that a Champion dog was very valuable and decorated with large purses, but that is NOT the case.  These people lose obscene amounts of money doing this all so we can see pictures of a Bichon Frise backstage in hair ties.  Well, let me just say, I appreciate the effort.  Always enjoy a good dog show.  And, if you are going to have a fixation you could do worse than your dog.  It could be cats, right?


Apparently Tiger Woods has started dipping or sucking on some type of bandit-like device.  Tiger’s always been known as a serial spitter on Tour.  The guy loves to spit.  I guess he wishes he was out manning the grassy expanses of center field instead on trudging around a golf course.  I never knew he had any ‘backy in there, though.  Mid-Thirties seems like a good time to pick up this habit.  There was talk of Tiger getting fined on the European Tour for spitting on a green and if that spit has become tobacco juice I have to think fines are more than appropriate.  Spitting has its claws in the sporting culture.  It’s like fighting in hockey.  Sometimes, you just can’t help it.  It is quite gross, though.  As far as I know there’s only one hard and fast place where you can never spit (outdoors) while playing a sport and that’s on a basketball court.  You can’t be having to dribble around snot rockets.


Kenny Powers returns on Sunday.  Where do people stand on Eastbound and Down these days?  When you produce 7 episodes a year, it’s hard to remember what was going on no matter good the show.  It’s like trying to remember what one piece of cake tasted like in 2009.  Yeah, I ate the sumbitch, it was good, but I can’t give you any details.  Right now I have vague memories of Kenny in Mexico.  I feel like it wasn’t as funny as the 1st season, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I won’t be watching the new episodes.  The good news is, the character is so ridiculous, so unrealistic that it really doesn’t matter what they do.  Mad Men has to worry about a timeline, continuity, etc.  Eastbound and Down can just plunk Kenny Powers down wherever they want and start over.  This year he’s going to be playing Minor League Ball in Myrtle Beach.  Sounds about right.  Myrtle is crazy this time of year.  Here’s a little rundown of Kenny’s greatest hits if you want to catch yourself up for Season Three.  


The Rangers play the Bruins tonight.  Classic Eastern Conference hockey tilt.  A game that will be played above the Flyers’ heads.  This will be a game featuring real, live defensemen.  Goalies will make an occasional save.  Wild stuff.  I am hoping Paul Holmgren watches this game and says, “I don’t think this is the year.”  The Flyers will likely make the playoffs and they can roll the dice and try to get hot, but perhaps this isn’t the year to make a valiant charge at the Cup.  When you are a fan waiting nearly 40 years, that isn’t what you want to hear, but you’ve got to be realistic.  Every year the Flyers ship off some promise for a trade-deadline bandage and it rarely works.  With a team so young and with things not falling their way anyway (see Pronger’s career threatening concussion issues) perhaps they should hold their ground for a year.  Flyers columnist Frank Seravalli is thinking exactly what I’m thinking.  He makes his case here, and I’ve got to agree.   Is one defenseman really going to make a difference?  Would it be worth the price?  I don’t think so.  It’s not the time to be shipping off Simmonds, or Schenn, or JVR if he magically heals.  Re-tool, but for next year, and who knows maybe something really crazy happens this Spring.


3 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — 2/14/12

  1. did you see the dog that won?? i mean, they’ve got to be kidding… dogs that size shouldn’t even be in the competition. I was scrolling through some of the photos from the event, and im sure this goes without saying, but some of these people are clearly nuts, like certified off their rockers

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