This Stuff Happened — 2/16/12

Get in Line.

Individual game seats for Phillies games went on sale today.  There was some mild camping out overnight down at the park.  There’s really no reason to camp out for tickets other than to have the experience.  You can buy them online, but I suppose that is less hardcore.  Before the sale started the Phils had about 700,000 tickets left for the 2012 season, so plenty of good options were still available.  Of course, they’ve already sold over 3 million tickets and select dates are either unavailable or will soon be sold out.  Running the ticket office for the Phillies has to be one of the easiest jobs out there right now, the worst thing you have to do is probably turn some people away.  In more exciting Phillies news, the team remains “in” on Jorge Soler (the other Cuban) a 19-year old outfielder.   At this point I feel like a guy who went to an auction and there’s only one lot left up for bid.  What the hell, right?


Amanda Knox, the American exchange student who was eventually acquitted of murder charges in Italy, has sold her memoir to Harper Collins for 4 million dollars.  And they say the book business is dead.  This story will be coming to a Kindle near you sometime in 2013.  Knox, who kept journals while imprisoned, will work with a “collaborator” according to the WSJ piece.  Considering Knox has been mum on her ordeal and the book is promising a full and vivid account, I’d expect sales to be considerable.  Memoirs are king.  No one reads novels anymore.


Allen Iverson might end up in the D-League.  Iverson has been in the news recently for his financial situation.  There was a lawsuit over a high six-figure jewelry bill and speculation that Iverson is broke.  Willingness to play in Puerto Rico or in the D-League isn’t exactly a strong sign for Iverson’s financials, and considering he hasn’t played in the NBA since the 09/10 season I can’t imagine there will be much interest in giving A.I. another chance.  It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Iverson’s odd return to Philadelphia.  How things have changed for him and the franchise.  The sell-out on Iverson’s first night was a high-point of a dark season.  The Sixers are now not reduced to such gimmicks to draw a decent crowd, but Iverson still needs a home.  A local radio station calculated that A.I. would have had to spend 18,000 dollars a day to burn through his after-tax basketball income (endorsements not included).  The guy could score and blow through cash.  You’ve got to give him that.


Worst Slam Dunk Contest Ever.  Personally, I would have played one or two less back-to-backs and just cancelled the All-Star weekend, but that’s reason #1 why I’m not David Stern.  The NBA’s insistence on holding the dunk contest is admirable, even when the line-up is: Chase Budinger (white), Paul George (who?), Iman Shumpert (quien es?), and Derrick Williams (rookie).  I’m sure all four of these guys can throw down.  But, people don’t want to see players they don’t know dunking.  You might as well have gymnasts flying around off mini-tramps.  They’re always changing the rules for this thing.  Props/No Props.  Passes/No Passes.  Multiple rounds, multiple misses allowed, a time limit.  It’s a hot mess.  The question is, do you want to watch and then attempt to recreate the dunks on a Nerf hoop in your living room? If the answer is no, the dunk contest is dead.


This is totally random, but you know what is a little annoying for me:  Hearing about In-N-Out Burgers.  I’m sure they’re great and all, but I have a slightly hard time believing they are the pinnacle of burgers.  It is just a burger after all, and don’t we think there’s a little Pat’s/Geno’s/Jim’s phenomenon going on here?  Clearly those aren’t the best places to actually get a cheesesteak.  If there’s even a discussion that a Five Guys burger might be better than an In-N-Out Burger then I can’t get too excited about it.  Again, Five Guys is a good time, but try not to get so overstimulated.  And, part of this is all my fault because I pay attention to dipsh*t social network things where every time someone gets within 100 miles of an In-N-Out they start blabbering away about Double-Doubles.  I don’t go for that secret menu and vocab crap either.  I don’t think I’ll ever have an In-N-Out burger at this point.  There’s no way it could live up to expectations.


6 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — 2/16/12

  1. In-N-Out burger is fine. 5 guys is fine. Both are obviously better than McD’s, and both are obviously worse than a burger you’d either get at a better place or make on your grill if you knew what you were doing.

  2. I remember when Budinger was at Arizona and people were crazy about him. Oh, this guy’s AN ATHLETE. He’s a volleyball STAR.


    Seriously? Nothing against volleyball, but we’re talking about basketball here, not fishing. Anyone want to give Dwight Howard a 10-minute volleyball lesson and see if anyone on the other side of the net survives?

  3. The dunk contest is going to be embarassing…the only thing worthwhile to watch would be to rotate 12th man bums for Blake griffin to posterize: 180 over Martin gortat, next up adonal foyle….someone dial Yinka Dare

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