Coming This Weekend.

'Melo is About to Lose the Suit.

Where is everyone on Jeremy Lin these days?  Still juiced?  While Lin continues to do his thing, the only real gripe I have is the rush to write every single possible story about him in the first 10 days.  The underdog angle, the race angle, the rejuvenating the Knicks angle, it’s a total onslaught.  Unavoidable, I guess, but still producing a bit of Lin fatigue for me.  What I think is most interesting is the discussion about how Carmelo will fit in when he returns from a groin injury.  Just think about that for a moment.  Pondering whether one of the best scorers in the league is going to be able to mesh with Jeremy Lin.  For Carmelo’s sake, he better mesh, because you don’t want to cross Jeremy Lin in New York right now.  That’s dangerous business.  Carmelo is doubtful for tonight’s game, but could be back in time for Sunday afternoon on ABC against the Mavs?  I’m sure ABC is thrilled to have the game whether ‘Melo plays or not.  Speaking of national TV, the Sixers get a little taste tonight against those same Mavericks (Sixers -3) on ESPN.  Tough weekend for the Sixers with Dallas and then Love and Rubio in Minnesota on Sunday.


Phil Mickelson is looking to go back-t0-back on the PGA Tour and he’s got the lead early at the Northern Trust Open.  Since the midway point of the tournament last week, Phil has hardly made a mistake, and unlike some of the younger guys who seem to win an event then go into hiding for six weeks, Mickelson always strikes when hot.  It’d be no surprise to see him win again this week.  The course and conditions have been difficult to this point, so the field is likely to be pretty bunched headed into the weekend.  Even if that’s the case, I’d be a bit surprised if Phil doesn’t take the trophy.  He’s  skipping the Match Play next week, so he can go ahead and empty the tank.  There’s some big names in pursuit, but when he’s going well Phil is definitely the best player in this field.


The Phillies have their first official workout on Sunday.  If that’s not enough to get you going, Jayson Stark has gone ahead and written about 20,000 words on Spring Training.  Can anyone write longer columns than Jayson Stark?  Maybe a younger, hungrier Bill Simmons could have hung with Stark, but the information age has only supplemented Stark’s work.  I think it’s getting longer, the stats getting more obscure and ironic.  It’s an amazing thing.  It’s supposed to be 73 degrees down in Clearwater on Sunday.  Here it might snow.  Appropriate.  In other baseball news, the Yankees might trade A.J. Burnett to the Pirates–which isn’t really a story, but is still quite funny.  You ready for Pittsburgh, A.J.?  Bright Lights, Big City.


Do the biggest movies come out during the Summer because kids are out of school?  Because people are on vacations?  I just don’t understand the dead period of movie releases that occurs this time of year.  If I had a decent movie I’d be rushing it to the screens to compete with the slop that is out there right now.  They made another Ghost Rider movie?  They’re bringing back Star Wars in 3D?  That’s some seriously weak horsebleep right there.  The worst part about this is that in six months when all these come out on video it’s like reliving the same nightmare.  You’re trying to find a movie to  rent or to snag on demand and you find yourself seriously contemplating John Carter.  Well, Riggins is in it–let’s give it a shot.  Speaking of Riggins, there are talks of a Friday Night Lights movie (another one) this one with the characters from the TV show.  So, that’d be a book, into a movie, into an adapted TV show, into a movie.  And, you don’t think everything’s been done?


7 thoughts on “Coming This Weekend.

  1. The Hunger Games next month is the first movie I’ve been excited about in years. The very entertaining books are a bit “young adult”, but I’ve never been one to consider myself a grown up.

  2. Oh yeah, everyone lurrrrrves the Hunger Games. And Jennifer Lawrence.

    I haven’t read them. Have you seen the type-setting on those bad boys? Quite young adult. I’ll have to set aside 90 minutes to bang out the trilogy.

    Only joking, heard from several Adults that they’re killer.

  3. Espn headline: ‘chink in the armor’ after the Knicks loss:? Unbelievable. Is Chris Miller getting fired over posting that online headline? Wow

    • Hahah. Miller is classier than that.

      Just to be clear you can say chink in the armor when not talking about Asians, right?

      • did he get canned? what happened to Shakespeare’s use of chink in Midsumer Night’s Dream? huh, what are the origins of chink? i love word origins…i hate the word lame. it should be obliterated from any part of american culture.

        soon, i will hate american culture, as well…i mean, did anyone else see Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday?


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