This Stuff Happened — Fat Tuesday.

When Will the Skinny People Get Their Holiday?

These are called “Fat Tuesday Buns.”  I was going to post the recipe for these bad boys, but then I saw they were filled with whipped cream and almond paste.  Almond what?  Disgusting.  When I saw the picture I thought is was a fasnacht filled with icing.  Major letdown.  Anyway, double your daily caloric intake today.  It’s tradition.


Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is running for President in Russia.  Is this like Perot running?  Perhaps the billionaire is already bored with the NBA.  The Nets beat Jeremy Lin last night, but there doesn’t look to be much promise in the future–even with the move to Brooklyn on the horizon.  Many experts think it’s a forgone conclusion Deron Williams will end up in Dallas.  If he leaves, the team becomes far less appealing to free agents like Dwight Howard.  Prokhorov probably thought he’d be in the Finals by next year–at the latest.  I guess he thinks taking on Vladimir Putin is a chance for him to pick up a much-needed victory.  He’s got to have a shot, right?  The world isn’t shy about electing billionaires or people involved in sport.  I mean, Manny Pacquiao is a Congressman in the Philippines.  Who do you think is the most electable current athlete in the United States?  I’m pretty sure we’d elect Peyton Manning president.  Tom Brady could certainly be a Governor.  Senator Mickelson?


Baseball America has its list of the top-100 prospects.  I can remember back in the days when Baseball America was this obscure printing that only the true die-hard fans cared about.  It’s about Minor Leaguers?  Who cares.  Now, prospects are big business.  The publication is in a good spot, because its rankings are used to placate fan bases that trade off star players for prospects, but at the same time it’s understood that the rankings are volatile and ultimately not too reliable (Dom Brown was #4 last year–more on him coming).  For some teams like Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Houston the rankings are the only bright spot in the organization.  In Philadelphia, we’re still undergoing a transition.  Big market fan bases don’t pay as much attention to prospects except to eagerly put them in armchair trades at the deadline.  Recent history shows that’s the new Phillies’ mentality, but it’s still easy to remember a decade ago when all the Phillies had to look forward to was a group of young guys coming up through the Farm System.  The 4 former Phillies in the Top-50 shipped out in recent trades still sting a little bit, especially when the top current Phils farmhand, Trevor May, checks in at #69.


This was up at Deadspin yesterday, it’s a piece on the making of the “Homer at the Bat,” Simpsons episode that featured 9 MLB guest stars.  If you haven’t seen it already, I’d suggest giving it a read.  It’s good stuff, especially when considering how the place of the Simpsons in the culture has changed over the years. Get back in touch with the days when it was controversial to wear a Bart Simpson T-shirt (I had one), and there’s also a quote about Steve Sax that some will find pretty entertaining.


The news from Clearwater today is about Dom Brown’s renewed confidence.  Brown spent the winter getting a little bigger and according to the Phillies beat writers working a bit with Gary Sheffield.  Sheffield doesn’t appear at first blush to be a great hitting coach candidate, but I imagine he’s good for building confidence.  Everyone needs a hype man.  Brown has been so mismanaged to this point that his expectations have dwindled back down to almost nothing.  It was two Springs ago that we were first supposed to get excited about Dom Brown and now we’re trying to rationalize a mid .700s OPS.  Brown says he’s coming to win a job, but what job would that be?  It seems Brown would be in a partial platoon at-best.  He’d have to have an epic Spring to push aside Mayberry, Nix, etc.  And, even then he’d still be on a short leash because of expectations for the team.  If Brown hadn’t been rushed, if he’d gotten 1100 at-bats the last two years, he’d probably be better suited to a 4th or 5th outfield spot to start, but now you have to wonder if he can afford to go another year without getting regular at-bats.  In other news, Charlie Manuel feels that Ryan Howard is progressing nicely.  Charlie is forever and always an optimist.  You’ve got to give him that.


I’m starting to think the Broncos are using their QB situation to keep themselves in the news.  Let’s stay relevant.  In fairness, I’m pretty sure they don’t want Tim Tebow starting in the long-term, so playoff wins be damned–they’re going to keep stirring things up.  First, John Fox said yesterday that he wants two new quarterbacks to compete with Tim Tebow next season.  It’s a volume business.  The Broncos have announced that Tebow will enter next season as the starting quarterback.  How many other teams with a set starter are out there talking about acquiring two new quarterbacks?  Perhaps you wonder what this means for Brady Quinn?  Luckily, GQ tracked down Quinn (and others) for his thoughts on Tebow.  Putting aside the obvious question, why does anyone ever talk to Brady Quinn about anything, Tebow’s backup’s arguments can be summarized in one word: OVERRATED.  Quinn wants his own chance to lead, win and pray (less selfishly).


5 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — Fat Tuesday.

  1. Prokhorov’s campaign head said he was running based on height. That’s a legitimate comment. Something to the effect of the slogan was meant to imply not only demanding more (“Demand More” is the slogan) from moscow in relation to the economy, but also that putin is 5’7, the other guy is 5’2…and then Prokhorov towers over them at 6’8. Crazy cossacks….

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