This Stuff Happened — 2/23/12

Jimmy and Cholly had a Sit-Down.

The Phillies are doing a great job of pacing their press conferences.  Every day it’s someone new and exciting as we count down to the battle with Florida State, or as I like to call it, “THE SEASON.”  It was Chase Utley’s turn to speak today, but Chase isn’t one to give real elaborate or insightful answers, so there’s not much to say.  His legs are stronger than last year.  He still thinks he’s good.  That cover everything for you?  The bigger news was that Charlie Manuel had a little chat with Jimmy Rollins that was deemed productive.  It seems that Charlie (finally forced by Ruben?) is going to take a real shot at mixing some things up this year.  He discussed multiple things with Jimmy, but the two biggest takeaways for me were that he wants Rollins to make better decisions when he’s ahead in the count and he’s looking for the energy level that Rollins showed pre-2010.   Sarge might say that J-Roll has been spending a little bit too much time “in the Cadillac.”  I’m on board with this.  It sounds terrific.  Will anything actually change?  I DON’T KNOW.


We’ve reached another step in the Jeremy Lin saga.  An unfortunate step.  The Asian American Journalists Association have felt compelled to release a set of guidelines on how Lin should be covered.  I guess what I find unfortunate is that when you go and look at the guidelines you find a lot of stuff you’d like to think would never make it into a Lin article.  “Me love you long time,” for example, is specifically mentioned as something that’s not OK.  You’re 1st reaction is to say, “no sh*t,” but if people hadn’t spent the last two weeks throwing out “Yellow Mamba,” fortune cookie references and dropping “chink in the armor,” I bet this press release wouldn’t have happened.  It is a damn shame that we can’t just watch Lin play basketball.  Not me, but people who actually like the NBA.  Lin and the Knicks have the Heat tonight in what should be an obscene ratings coup for TNT.  If not the toughest challenge yet for Lin, certainly the toughest for the Knicks during their charge up the division standings.


I feel like overstating the importance of something.  So, here we go…the match Tiger Woods is playing RIGHT NOW could go a long way to determining his success for this entire season.  Does that sound ridiculous?  It should a little bit, but let me try to defend the position.  Woods is taking on rising American star Nick Watney, a player whose form has out-paced Tiger’s by a mile for a good two years now.  If Tiger wins the match he’ll likely face Lee Westwood, and that’s the kind of marquee match that would get everyone’s attention.  A chance to beat the man who replaced him atop the World Rankings would surely perk up Tiger.  There’s also the issue of Tiger’s play yesterday.  It was the first notable step back he’s taken in a while.  Woods is known to loathe desert golf and was fighting an illness, but still–that was an ugly win.  He still seems to be having trouble hitting a draw, and how many more times can this “comeback” be slowed?  Anyway, a win would go a long way.  They’re all square at the turn.


The Oscars are this weekend.  If you hate the Oscars, here’s an interesting piece, absolutely overflowing with profanity about why each and every nominated movie and actor is terrible.  It’s aptly called The Haters Guide to the Oscars.  I don’t mind the Oscars, but I’m not going to say I’m fired up.  If I’m lucky, I’ve seen half the nominees.  I’m not going to watch The Artist.  Now it’s just a matter of principle.  I don’t have a ton of faith in critically acclaimed fare when it comes to movies.  Here are 5 things I want to see happen, or not happen at the Oscars.

1.  Moneyball wins nothing.  It was a pretty good movie.  The people calling it their favorite sports movie of all-time are high.  It might crash the top-20 party.  We get it, you like Brad Pitt.  But, lets not forget that the A’s have gotten progressively worse over the years.

2.  I put in Tree of Life for about 9 minutes and it actually may have broken my DVD player.  It hasn’t worked since.  That’s how terrible this movie was.  If it wins anything–very disappointing.

3.  I think Woody Allen should win for his screenplay Midnight in Paris.  Never have I thought I was going to hate a movie more and turned out to actually like it.  I’m not going to give Owen Wilson credit for this, so you know, Woody.

4.  I’d like to see Nick Nolte win for Supporting Actor.  I imagine he has no chance, but a) it’d be interesting to see someone win for an MMA movie and b) don’t you want to hear Nolte give a speech?

5.  Not The Descendants for best picture.  I’m against the trend toward depressing subject matter in books and film.  Someone is always terminal, or something horrible is happening.  I get that’s real life, but my goodness, can we lighten things up once in a while?


6 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — 2/23/12

  1. haha….i’ll save the Oscar report for a highlight tomorrow…frankly, i’m more concerned about the impact Tiger’s performance has on your mental status.

    or is that a projection. how awesome would a 4 way tie had been last weekend?


  2. well, Q got around to the Oscar report by 3-Putt

    may have just lost a very loyal reader with this comment:

    “I’m not going to watch The Artist.”

    a fan of yours just went to cry in the corner. and yet, i am willing to make a bet, you may like the Artist given your about face on Midnight…who knew you care about hard-core artistic temperament at all?

    keep on rightin’ …your opinions matter.
    i just feel so badly for that hardcore Artist fan among us…”not watch on principle” what does that mean? someone else’s subjective lens bothers you? hehe

    cheers, Q

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