This Stuff Happened — 3/6/12

Beware the 2nd G.

It feels like an especially slow day.  Not even a Phillies telecast.  I know people were probably anxious for a second consecutive Spring Training blog.  Not going to happen.  Not for a while.  Instead, I’m just going to throw together a little post here, catching up on some things I haven’t touched on, etc.


I’ve completely ignored the bounty controversy.  For some reason this story just hasn’t captivated me like it has others, and judging by the pounding it’s getting on sports radio, people are interested.  Why don’t I care?  I guess I just assumed this was something that went on in the NFL.  I know it’s prohibited, but considering “The Bounty Bowl,” is one of the more famous games in Eagles’ history, it’s not a really new concept.  There’s no shock value.  NFL teams doing something to get an edge?  You don’t say.  I’m not pro-bounty, don’t get me wrong, but I guess I just looked at it as an accompanying evil to the game.  It’s like how you can’t go to an R-rated comedy anymore without seeing some guy’s schlong.  Do I want to see that?  Of course not, but I know it’s coming.  You’ve got to take your lumps to watch the movie.  These NFL players are trying to physically dominate (that’s the nicest way I can put it) each other on every play.  I don’t know how much more dangerous a bounty could possibly make the sport.  What I’m really interested in is, who takes the fall for this?  Do the Saints come out fresh and clean?  Is Gregg Williams going to be the scapegoat here?  With some of the other stuff leaking out about Williams, I feel like he’s going to take the brunt of this.


Cliff Lee is starting the game against Toronto today, and that made me realize that Lee has been a bit of a forgotten man in Phillies camp this year.  If you aren’t nursing an injury or in a contract year, you’ve been pushed to the back of the line in terms of attention.  Throw in that we had to wait for the 4th game to see Lee, and his start is a nice surprise, “Oh yeah, we have Cliff Lee!”  I was thinking about my Shane Victorino theory some more, that he’s gone after the season, and after you write something like that, there’s always a bit of remorse.  I should have played it safe and been less definitive.  I started talking myself into the other side of the argument, but relented. I still expect Shane to be playing elsewhere in 2013.  If for some reason the Phillies choose Victorino, or cannot sign Hamels for another reason, Lee will never go under the radar again.  I think the “aces” here appreciate the cover they get from being part of a group.  I wonder if Hamels will consider that if he does because a free agent.


Mila Kunis, a blog favorite, has joined the long line of female celebs who complainslies about, gets philosophical about never being approached for a date.  Is this the most annoying thing a model or actress can do?  Perhaps.  The quote, from a Harper’s Interview, “I don’t get asked out.  This past year, I haven’t been home, so who’s going to ask me?”  Translation: I’m too busy being a movie star to date anyone.  What a grind.  There’s a few things working against Mila.  First, I’d imagine 99% of the population assume they have no chance.  Second, she dated Macaulay Culkin for about a decade.  That sends an interesting message.  Have you seen Mac lately?  Not many of that type walking around.  I have to be famous and a train wreck to date this chick?  Tall order.  In the interview Mila goes on to talk about her general anti-social behavior (her wine is her “besty”) and kind of sounds like she never leaves the house.  Perhaps the mystery is solved.  Around these parts we’ll continue to be enamored with the idea of Mila Kunis, these in-depth interviews provide unnecessary details.


So, I came across something on the internet last week.  They are videos that are compilations of comments from Twitter or YouTube videos.  They are called YouTube Reacts and Twitter Reacts respectively.  Makes sense.  You may have been watching these for years, but they’re new to me.  What they do is, mash-up some comments and read them in voices I find to be quite hilarious.  They’re absolutely laced with profanity and contain the odd slur, but the general theme is, people are stupid.  That’s always funny.  This is a compilation of Tweets in response to the Wikipedia blackout from a while back.  Twitter Reacts…


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