Will Ferrell is Bored, Etc.

Ron Swanson Looking Fresh Faced.

I guess the Today show is a little edgier than I thought.  Earlier this week Will Ferrell appeared on the show with “Casa de mi Padre” co-star Nick Offerman and they downed a Bloody Mary or two while relaxing in their robes.  Casa de mi Padre is Ferrell’s new movie, which is shot entirely in Spanish with English subtitles.  Ferrell is promoting the movie heavily, and even did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel entirely in broken Spanish.  Apparently the movie is Ferrell’s ode to the Telenovella?  Whatever that is–you can watch the trailer here.  To me, it looks absolutely awful.  Something that would maybe make a good 5-minute sketch, stretched out and beaten to death over 90 minutes.  It’s always frustrating when comedians get bored doing the type of comedy that made them famous and venture off into projects like this.  Of course, it’s likely that Ferrell was this out of his mind from the jump, he’s just now famous enough to get away with it.


It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  I can’t remember the last time the holiday fell on a Saturday, but I’m sure that means it’ll be an even bigger sh*t show than usual.  I love how much the Irish get into St. Patty’s Day, but I’ve never been a big celebrator myself.  I haven’t had green beer in about a decade.  I never really got into Guinness, and Harp is one of the most overrated beers in the world.  It’s like the Yuengling of Ireland.  Maybe I feel a little left out because I’m not Irish.  I don’t want to be an interloper.  Have your fun, I’ll watch the tournament.  The combination of the NCAAs and St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow will create quite the bar scene.  Last St. Patrick’s Day comment: have you seen the “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potato?”  What the hell is that thing?  If you know, don’t tell me, because I think I’m better off not knowing, but I see those things in the grocery store every March and I’ve never seen one outside in the wild.  So have fun, get drunk, keep it social.


Judging by pool standings, yesterday had to be one of the most predictable days in the history of the NCAA tournament. If I’m in the 11/12 range with my picks then everything has gone remarkably well, and people who have an idea what they’re doing seemed to easily snap off 13, 14 or 15 winners.  President Obama went 14/16 and he’s notoriously awful and chalk heavy in these contests.   I don’t want to say Thursday was a boring day of basketball, but it left plenty of room for a crescendo.  A lot of the intrigue centered around whether Syracuse could actually lose to UNC-Asheville and how the referees made sure it did not happen in the end.  I didn’t get to see the end of the game, but I heard a lot of, “Is that Tim Donaghy out there?”  It was part of a disappointing day overall for the Big East, as they continue to jettison prestige at an alarming rate.  My picks against the spread went 2-1-1, and the leader in the 3PT pool, “I’m a Mad Man,” knocked out 15/16 points.  Still a wide, wide open contest though.  Law of averages says today will be full of upsets and OT thrillers, so plan accordingly.


The Phillies have cut Dontrelle Willis.  Willis was unable to throw strikes, couldn’t get anyone out, and wasn’t fully healthy this Spring.  That’s a bad combination.  I thought the Phillies were really invested in making Willis work, but it’s nice to see they aren’t afraid to cut ties.  The move leaves the 2nd lefty bullpen slot (if they use one) up for grabs.  Joe Savery has continued his renaissance from last season with a solid Spring.  He could now have the inside track to make the team.  There’s also hard-throwing, Jake Diekman, who looks like a left-on-left specialist with some potential.  Considering what else is going on in camp, the last couple of pitchers on the roster are hardly a concern right now.


In other baseball news, it’s time to check in on Bryce Harper.  Harper is the subject of a GQ article this month, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect.  Harper is cocky, unapologetic and almost endearingly clueless at times.  AKA, he’s 19.  If Harper lives up to expectations, you have to wonder if he’ll be able to maintain this attitude.  The article reminds me a bit of that first Tiger Woods feature that appeared in GQ in 1997.  Woods was much quieter in his cockiness, but it was there as was the prodigy status and several other things…like the disdain of established stars in the sport.  Tiger quickly changed directions after he felt exploited by that piece and buttoned up.  Will Harper eventually follow suit and devolve into a regurgitator of platitudes?  We’ll see, Bryce seems set on pushing ahead, embracing the enemies (the newest is Chipper Jones), and doing things the way he always has.  As far as his chances of making the Nationals out of camp?  A leg tweak slowed him down for a while, and he’s yet to homer, but an OF spot remains there for the taking.


Lastly, I’m pretty sure Peyton Manning is going to sign this weekend.  It’s been down to two teams (Denver and Tennessee) for days now.  How much longer could it possibly take?  Unless the Bills are going to swoop in.  God bless Mario Williams for taking the money.  Buffalo needed a boost.  I’m hoping Peyton goes Tennessee, because then I could finally be right about something.  It’s been a while.

Enjoy the weekend, Irish potatoes, Irish Car Bombs, Irish Whiskey, Irish Setters…the works.


2 thoughts on “Will Ferrell is Bored, Etc.

  1. can we get a report from JCK, is “Evacuation Day” (St Pats Day) moved to an honorary week day? or is all of Boston crying cause that’s a forfeited holiday, this year?


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