Breaking: Sean Payton Suspended; Tebow in Worst QB Controversy Ever.

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Dang, you lock it down to crank out one mailbag and the NFL blows up.  Tebow to the Jets for a 4th round pick.  AKA, nothing for nothing.  And, Roger Goodell just absolutely b-slapped the Saints for the bounties.  Head coach Sean Payton is suspended without pay for 1 year.  Gregg Williams is suspended from the NFL indefinitely.  The Saints lose two 2nd round draft picks.  Their GM is suspended for 8 games.  Good luck in 2012, New Orleans!

I can’t find the particulars of Payton’s contract, but we’re talking about a 4+ million dollar hit.  That stings, as does a year away from football.  Are the Saints going to stand by their men here?  I think Roger Goodell is a bit power-hungry, a bit of a mad man when handing out these punishments.  And, of course there will be backlash from the people who view his punishment to New England for “spygate” as a slap on the wrist compare to what the Saints now have to deal with.

As far as Tebow is concerned?  My goodness, NY.  The Jets are on a steady decline and are doing everything they can to mess with Mark Sanchez.  We want Peyton!  Nevermind, take this extension!  Trade for Tebow!  I feel like this is going to end badly.  Probably with Tebow at the helm and with Rex Ryan looking for another job.


7 thoughts on “Breaking: Sean Payton Suspended; Tebow in Worst QB Controversy Ever.

  1. Yikes. Roger means business! Any predictions on what this will get reduced to after appeal?

    If you are Jacksonville how do you manage to let Tebow get traded to NY? All you have to do is trade a third-round pick and you get X dollars in merchandise revenue. I don’t see Tebowmania having the same glory in New Jersey.

  2. I’ve hears rumors that the Jags coach, I forget who they hired now, but some people are going as far as saying he needed a guarantee they wouldn’t bring in Tebow. Apparently he had no interest in dealing with it. Not sure if there’s any truth in that.

  3. what was roger goodell thinking when he handed out this punishment on the saints when he let new england off with a dont do that again and then do this to the saints .Maybe goodell needs to be replaced if he thinks this was fair what will he do to the next one to go before him .Hay Goodell get it together look what you have done and you call yourself a fair man get real

    • I think we can safely draw a distinction between secretly filming other team’s practices for a competitive advantage and systematically encouraging the intentional injuring of opposing players. We can debate the severity of the penalties on their own merit but I think the comparison to the Patriots situation is misplaced.

    • I think the NFL likes to come down hard on certain issues. Player safety is front and center now, it’s a topic that is being covered critically by the media so they can use this as an example and say they’re serious about the health of the players, this stuff won’t be tolerated, etc.

      the issue with the Patriots, while perhaps more damaging to the integrity of the game wasn’t a safety issue and didn’t fit well into something they could stump about after handing down the punishment.

      I do think the Saints punishment is a bit excessive, especially to Payton. There’s no way 6 or 8 games wouldn’t be an equal deterrent. I’m not sure if he has any chance at an appeal, but if he does, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it trimmed a bit.

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