World’s Most Expensive Dog.

Meet, "Big Splash."

China’s got the materialism bug.  Bad.  I suppose when you live in a country with over 1 billion people, status symbols are tough to come by–enter the Tibetan Mastiff.  Or, more specifically a Red Tibetan Mastiff, one of the most rare and coveted canines on the planet.  The market for this dog is obliterating the notion that there isn’t money to be made in dog breeding thanks to long waiting lists and demand sending the price for puppies up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That figure should be shocking enough, but Big Splash up here, or “Hong Dong,” as he’s known in Mandarin sold recently to a Chinese coal baron for 1.5 million dollars.

Considered to be a perfect specimen, Big Splash is just 11 months old and already weighs in at 180 pounds.  Full grown, he could top 250 pounds and will command at least $15,000 per breeding session.  So, if you can line up 100 female mastiffs, I’m sure Big Splash would happy to “pay for himself.”


5 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Dog.

  1. oh my gosh. stop it!

    but actually, i know a cuter puppy.

    hey, and I think Masters fever is already hot.
    at the gym today, the second sports channel option: “Morning Drive”
    on the golf channel. instead of comcast.

    now, that may be the most awkward morning sports who i have ever witnessed.
    well groomed, polite men, trying to be sarcastic with one another?

    it was bad. but they say watch out for couples next week?!


  2. yeah, Morning Drive, they have a specific audience.

    Fred did win the Champions Tour event last week, but I’m not too high on his chances to make a run at Augusta…yet.

    All golf broadcasters, to a man (or woman), have a soft spot for Fred and it’s all they can do to not openly cheer for him. It’s almost embarrassing, but that’s the kind of reactions he produces in people.

  3. MC’n Cheese seems to be a commentator/Arnold Palmer softy these days?
    It’s gonna be like Q and the Pats v. Eagles Superbowl, next weekend. Who, of the 5 names I know, will I cheer for? Bubba is a name I like. so is he in it? I like Ernie cause he’s an Ernie, and that’s funny, but I learned he’s not making the list. I wanna have to choose between McIlroy and Tiger like a few weeks ago? And I know who I will go with, despite my delusion that McIlroy looks like a friend of yours – I gotta feel like I go Tiger. I like a come-back despite hating his line with Nike.


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