Weak End.

I'm 3.4 billionth in line to be King of England, 5th in Line to be Saints Head Coach.

The picture and caption are my lone comment on the Saints coaching situation.  I don’t have the energy to go into detail.  Hence the title of the post, “Weak End.”  I’m not sure how strong we’re going to close out the week.  Remember those Aussie T’s?  They had a shop at the King of Prussia Mall.  They were so edgy.  I had one that said, “See It. Fear It. Own It,” on the back.  I wore it around like I was free-climbing sheer rock faces on the weekend.  Very regrettable.  Almost like having a “No Fear” decal on your car.  I loved that shirt.  Anyway, they had another shirt that said, “Seven Days Without Soccer Makes One Weak.”  That’s what I thought about when I cranked out that awful pun in the headline.


I bet you are all anxious for a Flyers Kitten Update.  What’s he been up to?  Well, I decided to Google our good friend this A.M. and I found out that Flyers Kitten is a lot more famous than we let on here.  Perhaps you remember last year when Flyers Kitten went on a tirade about Ed Snider.  Actually, you probably don’t remember.  Flyers Kitten’s salty mouh wasn’t too well received around these parts.  The post didn’t even generate a “HA.”  It was a total, “is thing on,” moment for me.  But, what was lost on some was latched onto by others.  The Flyers Kitten YouTube video, which now has over 1,100 views, was also posted on Crossing Broad.  Crossing Broad is one of the most popular Philly sports blogs, and I know this because the guy who writes it has tons of haters and there’s no better indication of internet success than people ripping you in the comments section all day.  I’m just sorry I didn’t see this video when it was posted.  Opportunity lost for Flyers Kitten.

In terms of the actual series…The Flyers play tonight and Sunday afternoon against the Penguins.  Golf in 80 degree weather on Sunday afternoon or Flyers game?  Tough call.  By coming back to beat Pittsburgh on Wednesday night, the Flyers flipped the home ice in their advantage and guaranteed that every Flyers fan is now expecting a Cup run.  It doesn’t take much with the Orange and Black faithful.  I’ve already talked myself into it–come on aboard.  Standing in the Flyers’ way is Vegas.  Prohibitive favorites to win the series and favorites to win the Stanley Cup, the Pens have been installed as beefy (-200) favorites tonight.  It’s the biggest line on the board.  That would tell me that we’re coming back to Philly tied at one game each, but if the Flyers don’t get down two, three to zero tonight, who knows?  Flyers Kitten is sticking with his prediction of Flyers in 3.  Still the Beat Bang.


About 30 seconds before he homered last night, Ty Wigginton popped up in foul territory.  I had a Wigginton diatribe on the tip of my tongue, another pop up?  In his first two at-bats, he’d seen two pitches.  Ty, this isn’t Grand Slam.  You don’t have to swing at every pitch to get your token’s worth (still operating on 1994 Grand Slam knowledge when they used tokens).  In general, the whole Nix/Wigginton/Thome thing hasn’t exactly flourished in the early going.  Three slow, free-swingers.  Just what the doctor ordered to fill in for one slow, free-swinger who actually hit home runs.  But, Gabby Sanchez couldn’t catch the pop up, Wigginton homered, and he bought himself another six or seven at-bats.  For me, it was symbolic. This team is going to take your right to the edge of losing your mind.  If you allow it…

The second straight win over Florida evened the Phillies’ record at 3-3 and .500 has never looked so good.  There’s a cavernous gap between 2-4 and 3-3.  Don’t want to let the Nationals get too far out in front.  The truth is, every win is going to be important for this team until they get healthier.  A 3-1 win on Thursday was just as pretty as the seven runs they plated the night before.  A realist says the Phillies are starting players at 4 positions who wouldn’t be regulars on many other (if any) teams:  1B, 2B, 3B, LF.  Throw in the pitcher and that’s one patchwork lineup.  The Phils are working at it, though, and look a little better than they did heading into last weekend.

The Mets slink their way into town this weekend without David Wright.  Not seeing Wright on the field should allow Philly fans to curb their obsession for the “Worley and Brown for Wright” Mega-Deal that they seem to think could be pulled off with one simple phone call.  Bad News:  Nobody is coming through a trade for a good while.  Good News:  The Mets started well, but are still crap.  Phillies have to shrug off knuckleballer R.A. Dickey tonight before they get a match against whipping boy, Mike Pelfrey, over the weekend.  Phils got that first two of three last night, time to keep churning them out.


Pitcher of the Day Bet:  Status–($125)

Wow.  Never has a theory started so ominously.  I actually think it could be a good sign.  I’ve been humbled, embarrassed, it’s time to move on.  Dust myself off.  It was a mistake taking Greinke on the road.  Lesson learned.

Today’s Pick:  David Price (+105) vs. Boston.  I’ll do 100 to win 105.  Price is another popular Cy Young pick, and had the best start of the aces that are going back to the hill today for their 2nd start.  You’re welcome, Boston!


Quiz of the Day For Old Times Sake:  Beer Logos.  

Theme:  Stock Your Coolers.

My Score:  24/25.  Shameful.

Everyone enjoy the weekend, hopefully come Monday, we’re talking commanding Flyers lead and 5-4 Phillies juggernaut.


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