Bubba’s Hook.

Bubba's Famous Snap-Hooey.

Now this is an approximation.  You get the idea.  The ball didn’t go straight for 80 yards, make a 70 degree turn and then go straight again, but just look at where the ball started and finished.  That’s all you need to know really.  I wonder how many people will wander into the woods in the coming months and try to duplicate this shot.  Does Augusta even allow such crass behavior?  The problem is, it’s a one in a million shot for a lefty, for a righty–just forget about it.  You’d have to tee up a driver and hit a baby heel shank on purpose to even get in the ball park.  It’d be fun to try, though, that’s for damn sure.


6 thoughts on “Bubba’s Hook.

  1. I think the hole’s about 490 yards. It’s downhill. I think the ball took a pretty clean flight into the right trees, unlike Ooosty’s shot. I want to say he had like 155. So, probably a pretty typical Bubba Drive just yanked left.

  2. Is that a cart in the fairway? And it looks like there’s tons of cart tracks all over? I guess it’s a little different for the other 51 weeks a year, but I think in my mind I picture it as pristine all year long.

  3. I’m not sure. I was also under the impression that everyone walked there, but given the membership I guess it’s not too surprising they ride. The only other explanation is that it’s not a golf cart, but a maintenance cart and this is taken during the off-season. Looks like the flag is in, though.

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