This Stuff Happened — 4/19/12


Oh dear.  Most fast-food innovations I can shrug off.  I’m desensitized.  But other times, like when KFC introduced its chicken for bread sandwich, you just have to sit back in awe.  Here’s a new offering from Burger King.  I’m thinking the standard sundae was suffering from lagging sales?  People need to be lured in by a dessert.  It’s got to be provocative.  You’re grandpappy’s sundae doesn’t do the trick.  So, why not throw a piece of bacon on that puppy?  Problem solved.  It’s a bit excessive in my opinion, but if the bacon sundae catches on in the Nashville test market, maybe it will come to a BK near you.  I take a little shot at the gordo-inclined USA in the caption there, but we are not alone.  Pizza Hut has come out with a hot dog stuffed crust for their UK market.  I’m pretty sure the Brits know as much about good food as they do about going to the dentist, so I’m sure they’ll snap this up.  It comes with a mustard drizzle!


The Colts have finally made the least surprising decision in all of sports.  They’ve told Andrew Luck that he’ll be the first pick in the draft.  The Colts played it coy for a bit, even tried to lure RG3 in for a private workout, but this was always going to be the pick.  Of course, this means that Griffin will end up in Washington.  This is good news for all the people in Virginia who already got their customized license plates.  Now that we know for sure where Luck and Griffin will go, it kicks off what will probably be a career long comparison between the two quarterbacks.  Luck is considered the top prospect, but Griffin will head to a team that has a little more talent around him.  Interestingly enough, the picks the Colts make after Luck in this Draft could be almost as important as Luck himself in the early going.  If they don’t fill holes, they’re risking stunting his growth in a Sam Bradford-esque way.


There’s a 13-year old playing in the Volvo China Open (European Tour) this week.  Guan Tian-lang of China is the youngest competitor to ever tee it up on the European Tour.  Some people have questioned the way Guan was squeezed into field.  He finished fourth in a qualifying event, but only made the field after a player ahead of him was given an exemption.  He’s certainly not without credentials though, having romped to an 11-shot win in the World Junior Championships.  Guan is a bright star in what China hopes will be a growing presence in the game of golf.  He’s already (to a troubling degree?) committed to his golf game and has mapped out his plan to breakthrough on a major stage.  He’s got ten years to catch up to Rory McIlroy.


Donovan McNabb anointed himself a Hall of Famer yesterday.  McNabb is approaching Jose Canseco in terms of overestimating his own ability and in the last year or two, he’s done everything in his power to alienate his few remaining fans and tarnish his legacy.  Not only did his stats fall off the face of the earth, but McNabb has never been accountable.  If there’s one thing that hindered McNabb in Philadelphia, that might be it.  People bring up race, his lack of success in the biggest games, and his odd-ball personality, but the worst thing I can say about Don is that he never took the heat.  He was always deflecting, always casting himself as a victim, and he’s still doing it to this day.  I heard a discussion a couple of days ago on Pat Burrell and why he was liked so much in Philadelphia.  Well, Burrell was the opposite of McNabb in this sense.  He might not have always delivered the message, or delivered it sweetly, but Burrell always placed the blame for his numerous slumps solely on his own shoulders.  People appreciate that.  They don’t appreciate McNabb’s antics, and I’m not sure how HOF voters will react to McNabb electing himself.  So humble, Don, so humble.


Tom and Daisy Buchanan?

100 days until the Summer Olympics in London!  Phelps vs. Lochte.  Choose your swimmer.  I haven’t heard a ton of buildup for the Summer Games yet, but I imagine the hype will start soon.  Will Usain Bolt run the 100 in 8.00?  Maybe.  Above you see the athlete’s get-up for the Opening Ceremonies.  Ralph Lauren, ladies and gentleman.  A little heavy on the white, but hey, you could do worse, I suppose.  Little preppy, little Bobby Jones, but we’ll see how it looks in person.


7 thoughts on “This Stuff Happened — 4/19/12

  1. More pertinently, there has really been a bacon-in-chocolate-products craze up here in New England. I have never quite gotten up the nerve myself so I can’t speak from personal experience as to whether it is good or not, but if you go in any fancy food market all the high-end chocolate bar makers are falling over themselves to put out chocolate bars that feature bacon as a prominent ingredient. Have you seen this and if so, any thoughts?

  2. I have not dabbled. I imagine it’s the same premise as like a chocolate covered potato chip. Little salt/grease infusion.

    I wonder how much the actual bacon taste would come through the chocolate. I’m not really interested, but I see the appeal.

  3. There’s a burger shop here, Whitman’s, that lauds a peanut butter and bacon stuffed burger. Cheese…..peanut butter…..bacon……heart attack.

    • ha, i just can’t wrap my head around peanut butter and bacon, together. or peanut butter and burger, for that matter. both heavenly on their own. but, i think there are just some things meant to be enjoyed discretely (discrete in the math sense, so not sure if ….)…okay, separately.

      i do like to mix hummus with avocado and carrots and honey mustard and apples, though. inspired by best sandwich shop eva: darwins, cambridge mass. i think that sandwich is called the hubbard street.


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