Partial Blog-Cation.

I’m sure everyone noticed there wasn’t a post on Friday.  How did you all make it through the weekend without a little parting shot from me?  A courageous effort by all of you.  Lost a chance to get everyone fired up for what turned out to be a clinching effort from the Flyers.  So, we’re shooting to be back in the mix for a mail bag on Wednesday and the NFL Draft on Thursday.  If things go really well, maybe I’ll do my first ever Mock Draft.  Me vs. Kiper.  In the meantime, some things are happening…

1.  The NHL playoffs, as always, are wide-open  The Penguins are out.  The Canucks are out.  Two other Eastern Conference favorites are on the brink.  If Ottawa and Washington can advance, it could set the Flyers up as the favorites to advance to the Finals.  I don’t trust those underdogs.  Regardless of opponent, the Flyers were going to have to alter their style of play a bit in the later rounds.  It was nice to see their most complete effort come in Game six.  And, Claude Giroux seems to have used the Playoffs to once again find a higher level.  It’s nice to be able to sit back and wait a few days for the 2nd round opponent to identify themselves.  I prefer the Devils.  Ship Marty off to retirement.

2.  I’ve got no answer right now for the Phillies.  Let me drink in the rest of this road trip and we’ll put some ideas in the hopper by the end of the week.  Chase Utley is supposed to be in Arizona, hopefully he threatens a few lives and breathes some life into the team  They could use some more talent, but they could also use a jolt.  And, Jim Thome’s gotta hang ’em up.

3. Brian Dawkins, an All-Time Eagles great announced his retirement today.  The Eagles will likely try to lure him back for a 1-day contract.  Dawkins is probably the most universally loved Eagle of my lifetime, and he’ll make an interesting Hall of Fame case when he comes up for induction.  He’s got all the numbers, but the Hall is a little tough on Safeties.  I say put him in.


6 thoughts on “Partial Blog-Cation.

  1. I know this is the worst post I’ve ever written. I’ve got a computer battery issue, had to knock it out quick on the phone. Hope to be back in action soon.

  2. i thought it was fine. succinct. tres 3-Putt. happy april 23rd! and see ya when ya come back around. we’ll all be waiting

    Q as in the family name Q’mo’casserole
    (and pizza and 6 pieces of bacon)…yes, i’m eating my way through your blogcation)

  3. I hate computer battery issues. Is it just me or are batteries worse than they used to be? I have a computer that is barely two years old and it can hardly run without its power cord. What is up with that?

  4. Yeah, everything else I have with a battery, I understand that it’s not a permanent power source, but I feel like laptop batteries should last forever.

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