Will The Jets Actually Start Tim Tebow? (And Other Questions)

Gotta Strike Quick in the T-Shirt Biz.

Sports fans are funny.  By funny I mean inconsistent and fickle.  I imagine your everyday Jets fan in 2011 would have been happy to give you a quick five minutes on why Tim Tebow was terrible.  As bad as Mark Sanchez has been at times, at least he can throw!  I think that would have been a popular refrain.  You’d have to be a truly desperate fan base to covet Tim Tebow (looking at you Jacksonville). The Jets fans didn’t consider themselves so desperate.  The Tebow move was met with plenty of skepticism.  Joe Namath was vocal in his distaste for the acquisition and there was anonymous grumbling from certain players.  But the mood has shifted.  Darrelle Revis is Tebow’s newest fan.   Matt Cavanaugh likes Tebow’s arm.  What?

The QB controversy is an NFL staple and they say that the backup QB is often the most popular guy in town.  Tebow takes this to a whole new level and his power to undermine as a backup is unmatched.  Factor in the fragile grip Sanchez has on the job, and you’d expect Jets’ management to be building up the Sanchize at every opportunity, but the love is getting showered on Tebow.  Why stoke the fires of controversy?  Why try to win over the fan base with glowing reviews?  My gut is telling me the Jets looked at Denver’s offense last year and liked what they saw.  They want a piece of that.  My conclusion?  With the 1st Pick in the 2014 Draft, the Jets select Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee.


Why the hell aren’t the Saints signing Drew Brees?  The NFL is stingy with contracts.  Front offices are often heartless.  Except when dealing with franchise quarterbacks.  In fact, quarterbacks in general usually inspire GMs to do foolish things.  Trading for A.J. Feeley, giving Vince Young another shot, Jeff George’s entire career–these are the things that come to mind.  It makes you wonder, why the Saints are fooling around with Brees?  Brees has been saddled with a franchise tag, but he’s looking for that big extension.  If Peyton Manning and his suspect neck can miss a full season and break the bank, shouldn’t Brees have gotten his deal months ago?  The Saints have until mid-July to get this done and are still saying the right things, but what is the holdup?  In the wake of the massive penalties from the bounty controversy, couldn’t the Saints use a positive story?


What if the Pacers make the NBA Finals?  Even after beating the Heat in Miami on Tuesday, this seems very unlikely.  The Pacers would have to complete that monumental upset and then beat either Boston or Philly in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Sixers own upset bid took a stiff blow last night in an ugly loss that was enough to set the franchise back a couple of years.  The Heat could send an equally convincing message tonight, but what if they don’t?  What if this Bosh injury is really a concern for a team that already has depth issues?  No matter what you thought of LeBron’s playoff performances in earlier seasons, whether you are in the choke camp, or the no-help camp, this season was shaping up pretty nicely for James.  That thrashing of the Knicks had the Heat looking good and people were handing over trophies, but now Bosh is down and they look vulnerable.  If that vulnerability is exploited are we lo0king at the worst-rated NBA Finals of all-time?  What if it was San Antonio/Indiana?  Does that get more or less viewers than a Kings/Devils Stanley Cup Final?


What if they played an LPGA event at Augusta National?  I read yesterday that Mike Whan, the LPGA commissioner, asks Augusta National every year to host a ladies event.  He also revealed that Augusta National is very charitable toward the LPGA’s causes, but they haven’t budged on hosting the world’s best female players.  There would appear to be some logistical problems.  The course is already closed for 1/2 the year.  Factor in the run up and breakdown of tournament week and you’d be even more severely restricting member play.  Also, I’m not sure Augusta National has a set of tee boxes appropriate for the ladies.  The championship tees, 7,435 yards, are far too long.  The other set of tees for members might be too short.  I can tell you though, if they held a women’s tournament at Augusta it would instantly become the biggest TV attraction for the LPGA.  What if they stuck their toe in the water with a limited (36 player/36 hole) invitational on the Monday and Tuesday after the men’s event?


4 thoughts on “Will The Jets Actually Start Tim Tebow? (And Other Questions)

  1. I think you might have just called the final with pacers-spurs, not only would that be hilarious and a nightmare for the nba, the spurs would win in 4 or 5 games

    • yeah, several people have sent me this link. I feel so popular. I am one of the few that had known about this for some time. As I said before, no accounting for Euro taste in clothing.

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