A Live Shot.

Well, I feel like we’ve been moving slowly in this direction anyway.  Fewer posts, fewer riveting discussions, and a struggling baseball team.  Not the friendliest blog environment, but I find myself with less time to work on the blog right now, so as a matter of unfortunate necessity I’ll be cutting back to about two or three posts a week.  I still have far too much fun doing this to stop entirely, but even though I’m sure I make this appear effortless, it takes up a lot of time–this blogging–and if I am ever going to make any money writing, I’ve probably got to spend less time writing for free.  So, I’m going to dedicate a greater portion of my writing time to other projects, and who knows, maybe one day 1,500 pages of assorted scrap will turn into 300 pages of an actual book.

Like I said, I’ll still be posting, I expect a mailbag to go up sometime tomorrow evening, but since I’ll be scaling back, it feels like a decent time to reflect a little bit and thank everyone who has found the time to come and read day after day.  It’s been just over three years now since I started this, and to give you an idea of how far I’ve come–the first post did not even contain a picture.  I would quickly learn that my unattributed photographs were the real draw here, along with the historical academia we explored in the comments section.  If you’ve ever commented here, I am in your debt.  I read several blogs every day and almost never comment on any of them, so if reading the blog takes an effort, participating in the discussion is a true act of heroism.  To the likes of BK, JCK, Q, ZD, Nichols, Kraft, Dub, 76, Aaron, Haas, Rand, Tim, DC and anyone else I’ve missed, I would strongly examine how you spend your time–but yeoman’s work.  Forever grateful.

The best thing about writing this blog, aside from catering to a nasty case of egomania, is that allows me to feel connected to the people who come and read.  For some friends, this has become our medium of communication, which is why I would never give it up entirely.   I think the blog has saved me from losing touch with some great friends, and aside from you all paying $49.95 a month to visit, I’m not sure what more I could have asked for out of this project.

So, what’s it going to look like going forward?  As I intimated above, the mailbag will live on.  Maybe not like clockwork on Wednesday afternoon, but it’ll be there.  The mailbag never gets too many comments, but in my gut it feels critically acclaimed.  I also think it has cut into my daily content.  As you know, I do make up a good number of the questions and pre-mailbag a lot of those might have morphed into full posts.  So, as the perfect catch-all, the mailbag will press on.  SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS!

We’ll also still do D.A. Fantasy Football–if the players are interested.  That’s true innovation, so I can’t abandon that and  let Grantland go on thinking they’ve invented the genre.  I’ll be picking NFL games as well.  That’s a bit of an addiction, and of course, all the other handicappers will still be welcome.  I’m not sure if the posts will continue to be sponsored by beautiful women.  If only more of the deadbeats who came here looking for a picture of Minka Kelly would actually click on another post every once in a while.

Other than that, the content will be familiar, there will just be less of it.  It seems the Phillies do better when I abandon them, so maybe just one long Phillies rant a week will serve them well.  I also promise to continue to bore everyone to death with posts about golf.  And, I pledge to finish my “Best 18,” as well.  Don’t want to quit something like that after 3 holes.

I think that’s it, this honestly shouldn’t change your experience much, I just had to throw it up there so I didn’t feel guilty about the times I couldn’t post.  And it was a good time to say thanks to everyone for the past three years.  If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to check the blog only to see no new posts, I strongly suggest “following.”  Bottom of the screen you should be able to bang in your email address and then you’ll get a notification when the posts go up (Over a dozen people have already made this leap).  It’ll allow you to be wildly discriminatory, as well.  Read what you want.  “1,000 New Ways to Describe Jason Dufner’s Waggles?”  PASS.  “Hershey’s Syrup As a Meal?”  CLICK AWAY.

So, I’ll see everyone tomorrow some time for the mailbag, and then I’ll see you when I see you.



17 thoughts on “Semi-Blogtirement.

  1. well im sorry to hear about the semi-blogtirement, but i do understand it takes a lot of time to keep this thing going every day.

    i was actually about to share a couple ideas for new posts/features on 3PT, the one that probably wouldnt be too time intensive is as follows: people send in a funny, unique, interesting, odd picture from time to time and then you choose one or two to post each week and you simply add a caption. that’s it. it sounds overly simple but i think it could be pretty funny. since the mailbag will live on, perhaps you could call this the picturebag… just throwing an idea out there…

    but in any event thanks for all the entertainment over the past few years. yes i always love the pictures, yes i often laugh at the captions, but the actual writing is second to none. best of luck with your future endeavors .

  2. Good run, solid run. I feel like we should be signing each other’s yearbooks or something. I’m glad to hear that a few features are going to live on. Mailbags always are a reliable home to some classic one-liners. Maybe one day you can write a column where you suggest that we retire certain one-liners and substitute them with new one-liners. (Shakes head sadly.) And DA football truly is a gift to humankind. I’ll be here.

  3. well said, DC and Rand.

    In the spirit of yearbook messages, 3-Putt, in fact, signed my ’97 yearbook as “the Dog soon to be known as 3-Putt,” in case I ran the probable risk of forgetting about him. wildly clairvoyant re: many aspects of his life.

    3-Putt, keep on keepin’ on…thanks for inspiring me to meet certain amazing characters like the ultimate dad, Tim, and the guy I love because I love to hate on him, BK.

    it’s been wonderful to connect with the adult Ferris Bueller/DC, as well.

    thanks for everything, so far…this blog has TRULY been a life altering experience…………….

    anticipating a great writing, cooking and putting career, ahead-

  4. Well, thanks, thanks. I don’t want to get overly sentimental here.

    The picture bag is a real solid idea, but I don’t think I’d get enough submissions. Meaning, I don’t think I’d get any. But, feel free to submit away if the mood strikes.

  5. Don’t forget the best 18 holes and your celebrity run ins. Oh and we need top-10 QB rankings so I can vent my Eli hatred. DA of course, Phillies insights, maybe a sporcle link. Come to think of it, we need it all. Guess that takes care of that.

  6. Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you walk away….is that applicable here? Or does it at least satisfy “BK Creepy”?

    Either way, been a blast and looking forward to reading the future, spartan version.

    Back to important matters, what’s going on with Le Roy? Was that Bryce Harper ripping doubles? Something has to be wrong with him physically right?

    • If by creepy you mean, “totally appropriate,” then yeah, it was creepy.

      Roy did hang a curve to “his bryceness.”

      No clue what his deal is. Never been more pissed at him than I was last night.

  7. Never met ya but the blog was a daily addiction, thanks for the time and effort you’ve put in, truly one of my go sites on the web. Good luck with the ‘real’ gig and I’ll look forward to your posts as you get the time

  8. I tried to leave a comment the other day, but it got lost in the wordpress sign in BS. Might have been the greatest comment in the history of the blog, I can’t really remember. But, it probably just said something along the lines of how much I’ve enjoyed the blog, and will continue to enjoy a scaled back version of it.

  9. Thanks for coming out…

    Jean Short Open is August 4th this year, so make sure you swing by the week after.

    And, sorry to everyone who has been bootlegged by the wordpress comment process..

    And, everyone enjoy Memorial Day weekend, even though it’s going to be too damn hot.

  10. I must admit, and shamefully so, that I have not been as active as I’d like in the past few months when it comes to 3 Putt. Frankly, Football season is really when I’m engaged. That being said, I still visit each week and send along a few links to the guys in the office. I’m glad we’ll keep DA going and the picks and that there will be new posts from time to time. I expect that BK will continue to spit fire, b/c that’s what BK does, and I’m looking forward to watching the Philly fans continue to go thru a rough season….expecially knowing that the Eagles won’t ease their pain. Sorry for that rant, the blog does it to me.

    Gross – It’s been a pleasure being part of this. I’ll keep coming back no matter what.

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