Grantland Contest Entry.

Hello, Old Friend.

I was asked today whether Derek Anderson was still in the league.  As embarrassing as it is to admit, I didn’t know the answer.  As it turns out Anderson is safely entrenched as Carolina’s backup quarterback.  In other words, he’s right where he needs to be.  Speaking of fantasy football, I’m not sure how many Grantland readers we have here, but they are running a contest for a fantasy football writer.  Since some of you feel strongly that they stole our idea for their Bad QB League, I thought I would enter the contest–see what I could do.  They owe me some reparations, no?  I was intending to publish my submission here, but after further reading, it appears that is against contest rules.  So, once Friday passes and I’m not picked, I’ll post my effort here as a proper introduction to D.A. Fantasy Football 2012.  To make up for the lack of a post today, I’ll be back this evening with some live commentary during the Eagles/Patriots pre-season game.  Until then…


7 thoughts on “Grantland Contest Entry.

  1. how’s tom brady looking? we prob only got a 20 second preview. is gisele still angry? she should be. the ballet she is named after is spelled giselle.


  2. They aren’t playing Tommy B for some reason. So, the game, and the live blog are going to be a lot less interesting.

  3. And can I ask what site everyone uses for fantasy? There’s no way we’re paying the $180 cbs is raping people for this year.

  4. Clearly a pick coming there. The Eagles may need to bring Anderson in, though, to back up Foles. The depth chart could be 1. Foles, 2. Anderson, 3. Edwards, 4. McNabb.

    I use Yahoo for fantasy. It’s free. What benefits do leagues that charge give you? I’ve always done Yahoo. You can set up the league how you want scoring wise and everything and it has live scoring. What else is there?

    But for all I know, Yahoo could be terrible and I just don’t know any better.

  5. If you win, you must demand to work with Rick Riley. Get all buddy-buddy with him. Make him feel comfortable. And then beat the living hell out of him.

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