No Tom Brady–An Eagles Live Blog.

Tommy Was Needed in South Beach.

I have barely acknowledged the Eagles this pre-season.  After what happened with Andy Reid and his son, there was some reluctance on my part to dive into my analysis.  Deep down I still feel the same way in terms of football.  The Eagles have a lot to prove.  So far, they haven’t shown much.  Tonight against New England was supposed to be the big test, but New England has chosen to sit many of their starters.  Still, everyone will be looking for the Eagles 1st string offense to show some life.

*Ryan Mallett, he of the big arm and 0 regular season snaps is leading the Pats.  Gruden talks about his “cannon.”  If there’s any chance Mike Kafka is going to ever get some love, it’ll be from Gruden tonight.

*Vick goes 3 and out.  Issues from the 1st drive:  Vick can’t slide.  And, the Eagles failed to pick up a 3rd and short.  There’s a portion of Eagles fans who are terrified this season is going to play out exactly like last season.  What would ever make them think that?

*Gruden compares LeSean McCoy to Barry Sanders.  In about a half hour Mychal Kendricks could be Patrick Willis.

*No Gronk.  No Aaron Hernandez.  Where is everyone taking Gronkowski in their fantasy drafts this year?  For me, he’s a little like Chris Johnson coming off that 2,000 yard season.  There’s just no way he can duplicate it, so someone is going to reach.  I don’t think you can take him in the 1st round.

*My TV is so budget that a 7-step drop takes the QB right out of my screen.

*Patriots try a fake screen left/screen right, which was the signature play of the 1998 F&M Diplomats.  It helps stall a drive that ends in a 50-yd field goal.  Not bad for 2nd stringers.

*Phillies aside:  How many times have the Phillies surrendered a lead immediately this season?  Phils fight back to go up 3-2 in the bottom of the 4th, and BOOM Halladay immediately gives it right back up.  4-3 Reds.  Vintage Halladay!

*Vick gets creamed.  Looks like ribs.  KAFKA!  FOLES!  There’s no way Vick plays 16 games this year.  Will he play 10?

*Vick is leaving the field.  I can’t imagine that he’ll be back, even if he’s all right.  Foles is in, and is moving the chains.  Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR 2012 Philadelphia Eagles.  In related news, we are probably also going to get to see Trent Edwards tonight.

*Gruden, “You can’t coach toughness.”  Other things you can’t coach: height, speed, heart, grit, pretty much anything relating to football.  You’re going to need to be tough to watch much more of this.  It’s a total horror show.

*More from the Phillies game.  Sarge:  Really need the Braves to win that game (against the Nats).  Nope, that’s not it.  Need about 4 teams in the NL to disband.  Phillies tie it up 5-5.  You know what to do now, Roy.

*Roughing the passer on top-pick Fletcher Cox wipes away a pick by DRC.  Hey, at least he got some penetration.

*Pretty smooth 80-yd drive for the future Patriots practice squad.  Things are going to super sunny in Philly tomorrow the way this one is going.

*Oh, excellent, Cullen Jenkins and Andy Reid in a screaming match on the sideline ala Lou Pinella and an umpire.  That’s what you like to see, Folks.  Togetherness.  Accountability.  I assume Reid was upset the Patriots punched it in from the 1 when the entire world knew they were going to hand it off.

*Patriots fumble a punt, it’s the Eagles best offensive play of the game.   McCoy gains nine.  He looks fine.  Can we go ahead and get him out of there?

*Nick Foles could certainly look worse, but the Eagles needed reps with their 1st team offense.  They look like it’s the 1st day of practice out there, and now Vick may be out for some time, or at least for the rest of this game.  The team, at best, needs time to come together a bit, but I’m not sure when they’re going to get that time.

*Could Nick Foles start week 1?  Can you imagine Foles vs. Weeden?  Would the NFL even televise that?  Big time Eagles lead, 14-11.  As a coincidence, Andy Reid’s mustache currently scores a 14 on the 10-scale.

*Michael Vick’s ribs aren’t broken!   I think I have to stop.  This game is like watching the NBA.  We’re going to reserve judgement on the Eagles for another week.  Start talking yourself into Foles.


10 thoughts on “No Tom Brady–An Eagles Live Blog.

  1. I watched a little bit as well and heard Gruden…my question is, wasn’t he notoriously hard as a coach on his QBs? Yet as an announcer he will compare 3rd string undrafted rookies to a young John Elway? Is the Gruden QB camp the easiest grade since an F&m ‘directed reading’?

  2. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…I needed a directed reading my last semester to graduate on time.

    I don’t know what the deal is with Gruden. At first I thought he was just being nice to everyone so he didn’t burn any bridges and could go right back into coaching, but now it seems like he’s going to stick with broadcasting for a while.

    Maybe he thinks it’s his thing? Can hyperbole be a thing? He makes Pat Croce sounds like a pessimist.

  3. I also needed a directed reading to graduate on time, I’m not throwing stones. In fact I wish I knew about the wonders of the directed reading earlier in my illustrious academic career.
    Gruden is trying to be the bill Walton of football analysis. Although I defy him to be positive about the cardinals qb situation

  4. Yeah, I was just joking. What was yours on? I did “sports marketing.”

    I’d love to find that paper I wrote. It must be hilarious.

  5. I needed 5 credits 2nd semester, so I took 4 classes and 1 directed reading. It had something to do with the Vietnam war. I wrote a 7 pg paper and got a B+. amazing. The embarrassing part was I needed to get 5 credits partly because I had to drop a pass/fail- I took the pass/fail, then decided to never go, because it was only pass/fail, then realized I had no shot to pass. What a student I was.

    • Hah.

      I also needed 5 credits last semester. There was one semester sophomore year where they only gave me three classes and instead of getting a 4th, I was like, this is kind of nice. Three classes was more my speed.

      I think there were only two grades for directed readings. If you went all out (actually read the books) you’d get an A. If you threw something together–B+.

  6. 3-Putt doesn’t read, JCK – he devours the written word like most people eat bacon. no? doesn’t matter the topic, kids an animal.


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