Olivia Munn Has Winners.

Live From the Newsroom.

In case you were worried that there aren’t enough terrible teams in the NFL, the Panthers put on a show for the ages last night.  The Giants were essentially “getting some work in,” on their way to an ugly beat down.  South Carolina actually released a statement this morning reminding everyone they have nothing to do with the Panthers.

There always seems to be a group of NFL teams that is stuck on the hump.  The Panthers, the Bills of recent years come to mind, the Bengals, the Bucs, the Lions even–these teams occasionally look like they’re on the rise, but they’re always taking steps back.  Last night was a huge step back for Carolina.  It made the win over the Saints meaningless, and it makes you wonder if the Cam Newton era is going to take a bit longer to take hold than we originally thought.  When you see Derek Anderson going 3/3 in the box score?  There is no bigger red flag.

When you don’t know which team is going to show up, it’s tough to make picks, but that’s the job.  On to week three…

Kraft, Record: 6-5.  

Cincinnati (+3) over Washington.  I’ll take the ginger.

Philadelphia (-3.5) over Arizona.  I’ll lay the points against an NFC West team whose best offensive player is a corner.  The Birds need to show they can win by more than one, and this is the game they break out.

Houston (-2) over Denver.  Funny what one week does.  Peyton was back after week one, but now he’s just old and has no arm left.  Either way Houston can run and throw, their defense is stout, and they have a familiarity with Manning.

Tennessee (+3.5) over Detroit.  Weird things happen.


JCK, Record: 7-4

  1. San Francisco (-7) over Minnesota
  2. Denver (+2) over Houston
  3. Detroit (-3.5) over Tennessee
  4. Atlanta (+3) over San Diego


Big Dub, Record: 5-5-1

  1. Chicago (-7.5) over St. Louis
  2. New York Jets (-2) over Miami
  3. San Diego (-3) over Atlanta
  4. Oakland (+4) over Pittsburgh


DC, Record: 6-4

Philadelphia (-3.5) over Arizona.  Cardinals are primed for a letdown and Eagles should be primed to blow the doors off someone, provided they can get out of their own way.  

New Orleans (-9) over Kansas City


Indianapolis (-3) over Jacksonville.  Home favorites parlay of the week.  Kansas City and Jacksonville are completely lost right now.

Cincinnati (+3) over Washington 


Seattle (+3) over Green Bay.  Outright dogs parlay of the week.


Grossy, Record: 6-3-1

Baltimore (-3) over New England.  If this was a dominant New England team they wouldn’t be getting the road team points.  It’d be 1.5, maybe even a Pick ‘Em.  The Pats lost as 14 point favorites last week.  It’s not like they didn’t cover, they lost outright to a team that is trying to lure Jake the Snake back from his professional handball career.  Can we finally ask, what’s going on with Brady?  How bad is this offensive line?  The Ravens just look like the better team right now.

Dallas (-7.5) over Tampa Bay.  You’ve got to ride the highs and lows with Dallas.  They were trapped last week.  It was 50% Romo, 50% circumstance.  Now Dallas finally gets to return home to the billion dollar bowl and beat up on Tampa.  Has Schiano figured out he’s not in the Big East yet?  Guy is a buffoon.  That little extra half point is all I need to see.  Rout city.

Philly (-3.5) over Arizona.  I refuse to live in a world where the Cardinals AND KEVIN KOLB are 3-0.  You know what’s annoying me? All this NFC West talk.  Oh, it’s such a deep division.  Go pound sand.  The Cardinals still stink and so do Seattle and St. Louis.  You can argue the Birds are going to let down, but the Cardinals are coming off their biggest win since 2008.  There’s only one rule in this game:  Don’t kick it to Peterson.

Green Bay (-3) over Seattle.  The Seahawks make me ill.  They gave me a huge win last week, but I would have been all right if they lost that game and Wilson threw 9 picks.  That’s called taking a loss for the greater good.  Yes, Seattle is a difficult place to play, but let’s not get too carried away.  They don’t go 8-0 at home every year.  It’s more like they win 4 or 5 games at home and go 1-7 on the road.  Not a good enough team to pull off two straight upsets.  The Packers’ defense is good enough to let Rodgers get the slow burn cover.

Houston (-2) over Denver.  Shouldn’t the Broncos be favored?  Peyton at home?  Is that only if there’s a dome?  As I stated last week I want to ride my Super Bowl picks, show confidence.  There’s something really funny about that ATL/SD line, though, so I’ll just keep going with ball control to the Texans.  They’ll wear the Broncos down, they’ll give Peyton plenty of problems–get ready for a Brock Osweiler Hail Mary or two.  I’m telling you, Texans=Super Bowl.  Get used to the idea.


13 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Has Winners.

  1. Well, what’s going on is that you can’t take Atlanta. I don’t have Will’s courage to take the Turner/Rivers combo to go 3-0 after beating Oakland and Tennessee. The best I could do was stay away. Only 73% of the bets on ATL, which is actually lower than I expected and even more confusing. I guess the Falcons aren’t much of a national team at this point? Otherwise, they’re going down it seems. No way around it.

    PS, I love Kraft’s line about Zona’s best offensive player being a corner. That had me dying.

  2. no, counter spam works well here. just a lil once a week puppy and tb. through the season. goes well with supermodel and pick’ems. Q

  3. Great pick by me there. A real candidate for the special prize.

    The best way I can describe it is that the Eagles’ offensive line can’t block. And the Cardinals have a good front 7. In response to this the Eagles decided to throw the ball on 25 of 30 1st half plays. That’s called passes.

    Throw in 3 turnovers and I think you pretty much will get the picture.

  4. Note to self, don’t bet on the eagles again. What an atrocity. You are right about once again just ignoring the run, when you have one of the top 5 RBs in the league. And the turnovers are just sickening. Embarrassing.
    And every time people start to count the Patriots out, it seems like they also put together an amazing game on the road.

  5. I am also not betting on the Eagles again both for hex and they-haven’t-beaten-the-line-yet reasons.

    My god the Texans have been easy money so far this year.

    Nothing like a 1-4 week (probably) to bring you back to earth.

    That Atlanta line still has me flummoxed.

  6. That’s a little mid-game poison from Kraft right there. You’re welcome Boston!

    Um, I see what you are doing there with the game tonight. And, it’s not going to work.

    I’m the one who is going 1-4.

    A lot of “pros” whose picks I see on occasion had a tough day yesterday. That’s all I can say about ATL, and some other strange results.

    I also had “under 48 seconds” on the Baltimore “Bull-bleep” chant. Lost that one too.

    • I think I’ve got to start putting asterisks in the Pick ‘Em standings. Did Seattle cover or did the refs? I hate to be a whiner. But good christ.

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