Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

New Scale: Zero to Poulter.

I was pretty down Sunday evening.  That dang U.S. Ryder Cup team.  Just too invested.  In the end, I was happy to have missed most of Sunday’s collapse.  Interestingly enough, in 1999 when the American side pulled off the exact same comeback I was sitting in the stands at a Phillies game.  That day I wasn’t concerned about missing the action, because the rout was on, and Ben Crenshaw was out of his mind.  Had a great time at the game–wouldn’t have minded catching Brookline on TV, though.  This time–haven’t watched the highlights.  But, we get over things.  Andy Reid somehow avoids blowing the game, you go 3-1-1 in Pick ‘Em and you move on.  How is everyone else feeling this fine morning?

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Kraft, 12-7-1
  2. Grossy, 10-8-2
  3. DC, 11-9
  4. Nichols, 11-9
  5. Big Dub, 10-9-1
  6. JCK, 10-9-1

The “A Tie is Not a Loss,” Pick of the Week:  DC, Houston (-12)

Hey, anyone out there watch the NFL?  It’s on every Sunday.  Seen the standings?  There’s one team in particular that’s 4-0.  They’re also unbeaten against the spread.  They have a +70 point differential.  Read that again.  That team is the Houston Texans.  They were playing Tennessee, who are nothing if not dreadful.  Offense, defense, the whole package.  They couldn’t make this line high enough.  Twelve?  It should have been 21.5.  Sometimes this is as easy as picking the best team in the AFC to beat a pile of slop.  

The “12 Holes is More than Enough,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Grossy, Kansas City (Pick)

You know, there are certain lessons I’ve learned over the course of the last three years and one of them is the AFC West is a dark and disturbing mystery.  I’m just torturing myself picking games that involve teams from this division.  The worst part of it is, I know what lures me.  It’s all these misconceptions about home field advantage and how certain teams play terribly on the road.  The bottom line is, any of these sh*t teams could win or lose by 3 TDs any week.  When they play each other, I’ve got to remind myself to look elsewhere.  You watch the Chargers get smacked last week and you think they’ve been exposed.  The Chiefs will play them tough.  NO.  Never again.  

The Debut of the Definitive, But Arbitrary, NFL Top-10

1.  Houston.  Still waiting for them to be challenged.  A real live defense you can see somewhere besides a museum.  

2.  Atlanta.  Drink in my loyalty to my Super Bowl picks.  The scary thing is, they’re this good with Julio Jones’ wild swings in production.  

3.  San Francisco.  The Jets might want to think about joining the CFL.  That was just a shame.

4.  Baltimore.  I worry that the Ravens defense is just going to get worse as the year wears on.

5.  Chicago.  The Bears can turn you over, protect leads, and when Cutler/Marshall are clicking they almost look like a real contender.  

6.  Philadelphia.  The Eagles have a -17 pt differential.  Enjoy this while it lasts.  Were those running plays Sunday Night.  I was confused.  

7.  Cincinnati.  The Bengals have beaten Cleveland, Jacksonville and Miami Ohio (I’m not sure).  But, they’re only 6 wins away from another wild-card loss.  

8.  New England.  The Patriots dropping 50, combined with their near win in Baltimore the week before makes them better than their record indicates. 

9.  San Diego.  Why not?  You can only beat who’s on the schedule.  We’ve been out of actual good teams for a while now.

10.  New York Giants.  Last shred of respect for the defending champs.  

3PT D.A. of the Week:  Tony Romo

*To read D.A. Summaries and my flip-flopping account of the week’s poor QB play, check out the tab at the top of the page.  And, everyone check your records for accuracy.  I’m cross-eyed.  


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

  1. Atlanta does look good, however they benefited from an incredibly stupid panthers team. I watched the last 2 minutes and was in shock. First, Carolina has a 3rd &1 with 1:30 on the clock (Atl has no timeouts, so a 1st down ends the game). Newton gets the 1st, but fumbles backwards, Carolina recovers but it’s 4th and inches. Result? Punt, but a guy makes a great play and downs the ball on the 1. Ok, so the dumbest play I’ve ever seen: what do you call here? How bout a play action pass? Yep, play action and a 65 yd pass to roddy white. Do you really have to honor mike turner with 1 minute left on the 1, or should you maybe just drop as far as you can into coverage? Nah, lets let roddy white get behind our D and catch a 65 yd bomb. Did I mention that ATL had no timeouts?

  2. Yeah, I heard about the end of that game. Pretty classic. It’s amazing how often a team gets that 1 more shot when it looks like they shouldn’t.

    I’ve got to keep them #2 though, because every other team has either gotten a similar gift, blown a game, looked completely horrible, etc.

  3. Don’t disagree with the rankings at all, Atl looks strong. Matt Ryan is playing very well. It isn’t the 1st time I’ve seen play action when a team needs a final drive either, it’s the 1st time I’ve seen it work.

  4. Yeah, people are already talking about Houston peaking too early. I guess you can only play well for 4 weeks these days.

  5. No Mailbag This Week. We’ll Be Back Next Week.

    Thursday NFL PICKS:

    Nichols: Arizona (-1)

    Big Dub: St Louis (+1)

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