Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

Go Horsebleep Yourself, McKnight.

Too good to be true.  That’s what you call riding into Monday Night at 4-0 with only the Jets standing between you and a perfect week.  The Texans are a really good team.  Nothing happened against the Jets to change that opinion, the cover just didn’t materialize.  Was it because we all had Houston?  Maybe.  I tried to engineer a bit of a double reverse hexola, but once Joey McKnight returned a kickoff for a TD I got that uneasy feeling.  I also blame the Texan who didn’t have the stamina to run 95 yards for an easy pick-6 before the half.  It was a rough end to what’s been a pretty grim two weeks around Pick ‘Em.  For the first time since week one, we’ve got multiple contestants under .500.

Speaking of being under .500 and disappointing seasons, do we think we’re seeing a changing of the guard in terms of power teams in the NFL?  Look at Green Bay, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, NYJ…I don’t think any of these teams are going anywhere.  Two years back these guys were making up everyone’s Final Four.  Any of these squads have a last gasp?  We’ll see.  Plenty of time for a rally, in Pick ’em and in the real live NFL.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Grossy, 14-9-2
  2. JCK, 13-11-1
  3. Big Dub, 13-11-1
  4. Kraft, 12-12-1
  5. Nichols, 12-13
  6. DC, 12-13

The “I’ve Got Homeland on the DVR,” Pick of the Week:  Grossy (Kansas City +6.5)

I’ve got to admit I felt pretty comfortable with the lines this week and I’m riding a 7-2-1 after a nightmare in week three.  Trying to build momentum, and it’s games like Kansas City/Baltimore that can turn your whole week.  The Ravens/Chiefs battle royale was one of the ugliest games of the year and that’s what you love to see when you have the underdog.  As I said, the Ravens defense is not what it used to be and Charles had a pretty nice day on the ground.  It didn’t need to produce TDs, it just had to keep the Ravens off the field.  Shorten the game.  The terrible teams in this league will cover (see NYJ Monday Night), and when you hit one it feels incredible.

The “Had to Work on Columbus Day,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Kraft (Jacksonville +6)

I wish I could say this was a hard choice, but it wasn’t.  Kraft has been doing this a long time.  He knew it was coming.  I can promise you that.  For some reason, despite having a rule of “never betting on Jacksonville,” the Jags were picked.  I think he has a soft spot for Jacksonville, somewhere beneath the surface is a Tony Boselli jersey?  Anyway, at halftime things looked promising.  Then the Bears started scoring on offense AND defense.  Both scenarios were equally dangerous for Jacksonville, thanks in large part to Blaine Gabbert and the general malaise that hangs over this particular piece of Florida paradise.  I have a feeling Kraft won’t come back to the Jags for a long, long time.

The Definitive, But Arbitrary Top-10

1.  Houston.  I’m bitter, but not enough to be irrational. Still the class of the league.

2.  Atlanta.  People have been predicting their letdown for a few weeks now.  Still unbeaten.

3.  San Francisco.  Need a team to blowout one of the league’s trash heaps?  Call Alex Smith.

4.  Chicago.  The Bears’ defense has 4 TDs in the last two games.  Always helps.

5.  Baltimore.  This is how bad the NFL is, we can’t even make it to #5 without getting to a team that is wildly beatable every single week.

6.  New England.  The Pats offense seems to be finding a nice groove and Hernandez should return soon.  Beware those running Patriots.  Is that Mosi Tatupu and Craig James in the backfield?

7.  Minnesota.  The Cincinnati Bengals Memorial “until they get blown out next week,” ranking.

8.  Philadelphia.  Because the AFC is terrible and because even though they could be 0-5, they could also easily be 4-1.

9.  New York Giants.  Look at them shoot up the rankings.  Last week–10.  Blow out the Browns after spotting them a couple TDS?  NINE.

10.  Arizona.  Hey, who beats St. Louis in St. Louis?  No one.  That’s who.  I “forgot” the Cardinals last week even though they were 4-0.  Welcome to the top-10, boys!  For now.

3-PT D.A of the Week:  Blaine Gabbert.

Read about Gabbert’s mad skills and check out all the D.A. info by clicking the tab for week six at the top of the page.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. It took some chops to pick KCY there. I’ll give you that. I don’t think Baltimore is that good but it doesn’t mean KCY’s not capable of getting blown out any given Sunday. See JAX.

  2. I thought you were in line to get the worst pick of the week with KC even though you won. Last week you said how picking AFC West teams was not a good idea anymore and then you came right back with KC.
    The good news is that Baltimore is terrible on the road.

  3. Easy, I’m sensitive over here.

    Wasn’t that AFC West teams playing each other?

    If not, that’s the addendum. And when underdogs only.

  4. By the way, how is Homeland? Worth putting on the queue?

    And, does anyone have a better suggestion than Netflix? Their instant-watching program is now a toilet. Only benefit is that they have Sesame Street; as a parent of a two year old I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to be able to put on fifteen minutes of Sesame Street on short notice.

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