Morena Baccarin Wants Winners…

…And the Truth About Brody.

There are 85 picks in a Pick ‘Em Season.  Up to this point, no one has really distinguished themselves.  I blame bad luck and officiating, but that’s only a game here or there and 19-14-2 is a bit further away from true greatness than I’d like to be.  My dream is to run off about 65% winners one year, build up a stake and go win the Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest,  Mike McD style.  As far as I know, the Super Contest is the best 5-game per week competition out there.  The leader is sitting at 24-9-2.  Hello.  I’d be a full week of wins behind.  The good news?  I’d still be ahead of plenty of idiots.  There is currently someone in last place who is 9-25-1.  Is that possible?  Are they trolling the contest?  This week’s winners…

JCK, Record: 19-15-1

  1. Chicago (-7.5) over Carolina
  2. San Francisco (-6.5) over Arizona
  3. New York Giants (-2.5) over Dallas
  4. Detroit (-2.5) over Seattle
  5. San Diego (-3) over Cleveland


Kraft, Record: 18-16-1

  1. Indianapolis (+3.5) over Tennessee
  2. Seattle (+2.5) over Detroit
  3. Washington (+4.5) over Pittsburgh
  4. Oakland (+1) over KC
  5. Green Bay (-14.5) over Jacksonville


DC, Record:  17-18

San Francisco (-6.5) over Arizona.  San Francisco has had a lot of time to rest up for the opportunity to step on the disintegrating Cardinals.  Extra time might be bad for baseball teams in the playoffs (see Verlander, Justin) but here, the 49ers have had almost a second bye week to get ready for this game and Arizona’s offense is a house of cards. SFO 23, ARI 3.

Chicago (-7.5) over Carolina.  Am I supposed to say that Carolina is going to suddenly show me something because their GM got fired?  Maybe the Panthers are ready to prove something this week, but until they do, there is no credible evidence to believe that Carolina can keep this game close.

New York Giants (-2.5) over Dallas.   Dallas is another team that hasn’t put together a solid enough body of work to bet on–they barely squeaked past Wake Forest last week.  Giants, on the other hand, I think will find sufficient motivation to beat an NFC East rival by more than a field goal.  Let’s go ahead and put this one at NYG 27, DAL 19

Kansas City (-1) over Oakland.  KC is coming off a bye week and Oakland is coming off an emotional overtime win against the Jaguars.

Indianapolis (+3.5) over Tennessee.  May the best team win, preferably by a field goal or less.


Big Dub, Record: 19-15-2

New England (-7) over St. Louis.  New England loves to get up by double digits and then squander the lead. This time around the Rams can’t put together a late rally for tha backdoor cover

Philadelphia (-2.5) over Atlanta.  I don’t care about Reid’s bye record. I care more about the weather and how a dome team reacts to playing in awful conditions. Are the Eagles a power running team that can benefit from such a mess? No. But neither is Atlanta.

Seattle (+2.5) over Detroit.  The Lions flat stink. I hate backing a bad QB, but I’m gonna do it here

New York Jets (-2.5) over Miami.  The Jets are running their mouths and it feels like one of those games where the Jets roll and build up a sense of false sense of security.


Nichols, Record: 19-16

New England (-6) over St. Louis.  The NFL needs to prove that American football can be fun for the Brits.  Pats by 17 is that way to do that

Atlanta (+2.5) over Philadelphia.  Fat Andy Reid is undefeated after the bye, but so is Mike Smith.  Atlanta won’t go unbeaten, but this isn’t the game they lose.

Chicago (-7.5) over Carolina.  Chicago is playing well and Carolina sucks.

NY Giants (-2.5) over Dallas.  Giants want revenge for the opener.  Dallas already sucked and now they’re hurt.

New Orleans (+6) over Denver.  Denver wins, but not by six.  Not sure why.


Grossy, Record: 19-14-2

Cleveland (+3) over San Diego.  I’m going to keep hammering underdogs this week.  The Browns beating the Chargers would be a big upset, right?  Then why is the line only three points?  Because the Chargers are what the Ancient Greeks referred to as, “A f*cuking horrible road team.”  I took Cleveland last week and they lost, but it was another game where they were right there at the end.  Philip Rivers continues his quest to be the Jets’ starting quarterback next year, Browns outright.

Seattle (+2.5) over Detroit.  Got into a bit of a discussion about Detroit in the comments section earlier in the week.  The bottom line is, the Lions didn’t impress me and haven’t impressed me all year.  The Seahawks defense will be a 2nd straight tough test.  It’s been two weeks since Russell Wilson crafted something from his charisma machine–here’s your 2nd straight outright dog winner.  It’s as easy as Dave Krieg to Steve Largent.

Miami (+2.5) over New York Jets.  The Jets are in disarray.  Is Tebow asking for more playing time?  Do they allow that type of behavior in the good book?  Switching to Tebow might be a bigger waste of time than switching to Brady Quinn.  Miami might have the best defense in the AFC and the Jets won’t do a thing to test them.  Any game that seems destined to end in OT is a tough pick, but Miami is due for a break.  Outright #3!  Dolphins in the extra period.

New Orleans (+6) over Denver.  The O/U for this game is 55.5.  They might do that in the 1st half.  Let’s remember the last time we saw Pey-Pey on the big screen he was playing the perfect half, but that came after spotting the Chargers a 24-0 lead.  The Broncos still make a lot of mistakes, and Brees isn’t going to pull a Rivers.  Jimmy Graham plays, Jimmy Graham doesn’t play, it doesn’t matter to me.  Saints bust up Denver, IN DENVER, because the AFC is a trash heap.  That’s 4 outright dogs.  Pressing on…

Atlanta (+2.5) over Philadelphia.  Have the Eagles won a game by 2 points this year?  I honestly can’t remember.  One of these years Andy is going to lose after the bye, right?  RIGHT?  But that has nothing to do with it.  Things that matter:

  1. The  weather isn’t going to be that bad (more Monday/Tuesday according to my charts).
  2. Julio Jones and Roddy White.
  3. Who’s covering Gonzalez?
  4. Danny Watkins is hurt.  He’s so bad, he shouldn’t be in there anyway.  His backup?  Lulz.
  5. Atlanta is the better team.

There you go, folks.  It’s the year of the damn dog.  These five are winning outright this week.  If you want to parlay those 5 money lines together, it pays 73 to 1.  You’re welcome.


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