Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem (And Hurricane) Check.

I Remember When Hurricanes Used to hit the Southeast.

This is two hurricanes in two years now.  I heard something about the NY stock exchange being shut down for the first time since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.  I am barely old enough to remember Hurricane Gloria.  I was too young, and too much of a dipsh*t to have any clue what was going on and I think we got off pretty easily anyway that time around.  For the next 25 years I operated under the assumption that there was almost no way a hurricane was going to hit the Mid-Atlantic.  And none did.  Now, we’re on an unfortunate streak.  I look at the pictures of NYC and I know I’m lucky I dodged the worst of it again.  I doubt the Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check will be any consolation to those flooded and without power, but here goes anyway…

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. Grossy, 22-16-2
  2. JCK, 22-17-1
  3. Nichols, 22-18
  4. Big Dub, 20-18-2
  5. Kraft, 20-19-1
  6. DC, 20-20

The “Power is Still On, ” Pick of the Week:  Kraft, Oakland +1.

There were some real solid picks this week.  Atlanta, New England, and of course I was tempted to toot on my own horn.  At one point Sunday afternoon I thought I was headed toward 4 quick outright dog winners.  But, then it didn’t happen and the Saints made my theory look pretty suspect.  Kraft didn’t send his usual hard-hitting analysis along this week, but I’m pretty sure it would have included something about Oakland beating the ferocious Jags last week and laying points with Brady Quinn.  There also might have been a Todd McNair or Neil Smith reference.  When the Cowboys came charging back on NY and almost stole a cover I remembered why I talked myself out of that game.  I don’t remember how I talked myself out of this layup.  

The “Basement’s Flooded,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Big Dub (New York Jets -2.5)

There were a few candidates this week, I thought.  My aforementioned Saints debacle (that Nichols joined me on) and I could have highlighted DC for taking the exact opposite of our pick of the week, but something about taking the Jets stands out.  Something felt so very wrong about putting your support behind that mess.  Dub mentioned something about the Jets building up a false sense of security, but I think those days are over.  The Jets have gone from stingy defense, enviable running game and sometimes game-manager QB to a total train wreck.  The Dolphins were just clearly the better team.  And, that’s as big of an indictment of the Jets as any, they could be the worst team in a pretty bleh division.  No more laying points with the Jets, people.  

The Arbitrary, But Definitive Top-10.  

1.  Atlanta, 7-0.  Do the Eagles become their best win, or are we still thinking Atlanta hasn’t played anyone?  Reid haters could forever be in debt to the Falcons.  

2.  San Francisco, 6-2.  The next four teams are really close, but San Francisco’s whooping of Arizona is fresh in my mind.  

3.  New York Giants, 6-2.  The Giants maybe got caught taking their foot off the pedal a bit?  I can overlook it in the big picture.  

4.  Houston Texans, 6-1.  A bye-week doesn’t help the Texans in the rankings, just makes me question the AFC even more.  

5.  Chicago Bears, 6-1.  There was something troubling about having a tough time with the Panthers.  Letdown, or some old Cutler magic?

6.  New England Patriots, 5-3.  Watch out if the Super Bowl is ever in London.  

7.  Green Bay, 5-3.  Real ugly win for the Packers over Jacksonville.  Sad thing: improvement over early in the year.

8.  Denver, 4-3.  Denver looking better each week, or was that just the Saints defense?

9.  Baltimore, 5-2.  The Ravens will continue their decline in the coming weeks.  

10.  Pittsburgh, 4-3.  Nice solid win over the trendy RG3.  

3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Brady Quinn.

Check out the tab at the top of the page for a look at Quinn’s brief outing and the D.A. standings.  



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem (And Hurricane) Check.

  1. You are on the $$$- ill be back this week with some analysis, but my contract states that I must make at least 1 Christian ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ Okoye reference per season, and that would have been mentioned along with Brady Q. Romeo Crennel, my advice to you is to get Elvis Grbac’s agent on the phone STAT

  2. 1 more thought: I’m not hating on the NO pick, because I thought Brees was going to engineer the perfect back door cover, but from here on out I don’t know how anyone can bet on NO. How can you back the team with statistically the worst defense in NFL history? They offer no resistance whatsoever to anyone (except probably the eagles this week- punch me in the groin repeatedly)

  3. Yeah, I was really disappointed with that pick. I got caught up with Brees? That’s the best explanation. But, as I sat there watching it, I knew I was in trouble immediately, because it felt like Denver was averaging about 18 yards a play. It was insane.

    At the beginning of the year I joked the Bills could give up 500 points (They’re still on pace to give up 518!), but the Saints are on pace to give up 493. You have to stay within 2 TDs to backdoor cover.

  4. So let me get this straight: the explanation for why the Chiefs gave Jamaal Charles only five rushes or whatever last week is essentially that they forgot to use him in the “flow of the game”? How is that possible?

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