Natasha Wicks; Picks.

‘Tis the Season For Plaid and Winners.

What did I think about during that horrific Thursday night football game?  I wondered if you can ever go backwards in sports.  The Thursday night football product has proven to be a poor one.  The players hate the short turnaround.  The games are penalty ridden, turnover filled disasters, but it’s still another prime time game for the NFL.  There’s no way they’ll ever give that up, right?  It’d be like contracting a few teams in the NHL.  Or putting playoff baseball back on during the day.  Have you noticed that sports leagues almost never admit when an idea doesn’t work?  That’s called pulling an Andy Reid.  So, with that in mind, how about a few winners?  Coming right up…

DC, Record: 20-20

Detroit (-4) over Jacksonville.  I’m ready to bet on the Lions.  Here’s why: THEY HAVE CALVIN JOHNSON AND PROBABLY IF THEY JUST THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL THERE ISN’T ANYONE ON THE JAGUARS WHO CAN COVER HIM.  It’s time for the Lions to decide if they want to make the playoffs this year or not.

Seattle (-4.5) over Minnesota.  I’m ready to bet against the Vikings.  They are worse than their record would indicate and I think they’re getting worse right now instead of better.  Let’s put it this way: I don’t think the Vikings are a 6-3 team.  Seahawks, on the other hand, have lost two in a row and need to pick up a win here to stay in good position for a  wild-card spot.

Houston (-10) over Buffalo.  Arian Foster is coming off the bye week in time to be the first player to ever run for 1,000 yards in a single game.  Okay, that probably won’t actually happen, but even with generic performances all around the rested Texans can put this game away by 13 to 17 points, something in that neighborhood.  Shouldn’t Toronto be embroiled in a QB controversy yet?  Seems like it’s about that time.

Green Bay (-10.5) over Arizona.  I think this little extra half point is trying to tempt me into remembering that the Packers had  a little trouble putting away the Jaguars last week and into remembering that the Cardinals were good for four weeks at the beginning of the season.  But the Cardinals are coming off a short week, have to travel for this game, and are absolutely crumbling as a team.  Stump Mitchell and Johnny Johnson are not walking through that door.  Green Bay in a blowout.

Atlanta (-4) over Dallas.  Only one extra point above the home field advantage?  Let’s not try to be overly cute about guessing Atlanta’s’ first loss.  +EV PEOPLE.


Kraft, Record:  20-19-1

Chicago (-3.5) over Tennessee.  The Bears may be the most balanced team in the NFC- not a good matchup for those awful Titans. I like the Bears LBs who can certainly match up well with Tenn’s biggest offensive weapon, Frank Wycheck. They neutralize him and CJ2.3 YPC just repeatedly runs into the line.  But, he got paid 2 yrs ago. How’s that contract working out?

Pittsburgh (+3) over New York Giants.  The Giants are due for a slip up, and they usually slip at home. Carnell Lake picks Eli a couple times as Dick LeBeau ‘s D treats us all to an old school Eli face.

Dallas (+4) over Atlanta.  Gut instinct.  And when you have posted a 30% winning percentage over a 17-week NFL season, you trust your gut.

Houston (-10) over Buffalo.  The mercy rule should be applied here to stop the game at halftime.  Buffalo’s D can’t stop anything, Ernest Givins has 3 TDs in the 1st quarter.

Philadelphia (+3) over New Orleans.  Now or never.


Grossy, Record: 22-16-2

Miami (-2.5) over Indianapolis.  Miami might not have good players, but I think they might be a decent football team.  By NFL standards.  A lot of people might look at this and say, “That’s got to be the worst game of the week.”  But, those people don’t realize this is actually a pretty good AFC matchup.  Drink that in.  Dolphins are the better team, should be able to win by at least a FG.

Houston (-10) over Buffalo.  The Bills give up over 30 points a game.  That’s to anyone.  Good teams, bad teams, flag football teams–It doesn’t matter.  This line seems almost comically low.  My only thought is that Houston still hasn’t become a “public” team for whatever reason.  I think it was the 14 straight years of going 8-8.  I hope no one out there is playing against Arian Foster in fantasy this week.  That could get a little ugly.

Chicago (-3.5) over Tennessee.  I don’t think we should get carried away with the Bears struggling for a couple of games.  They can and will still completely shut down Tennessee’s offense.  The Cop Speed revival was due mostly to the Bills defense.  I actually don’t think this game is going to be close.  At all.

Seattle (-4.5) over Minnesota.  Christian Ponder in the Quest (Qwest?) (Kuest?) Dome/Field…I don’t know what it’s called.  But, remember when Dallas rolled up to Seattle earlier this year and got absolutely throttled.  Ponder is like Romo without the upside.  Cute girlfriend, hot mess in the pocket.  The Vikings season already peaked.  This line tells the tale.  When a team as “challenged” as Seattle gives this many points?  You jump, jump.  Like Kris Kross.

Philadelphia (+3) over New Orleans.  I didn’t pick the Monday game last week and I didn’t like that feeling.  I need something to watch while I stay up into the wee hours composing the T.M.S.E. Check.  Everyone was a week early on the Eagles.  They couldn’t save the season against Atlanta, because the Falcons are good.  The Saints showed their colors last week.  Go ahead and pick up Dalton Hilliard in fantasy, because the Saints are going to score, but the Eagles hang, and win–Outright.  Reid won’t make his departure easy.  Believe that.


JCK, Record: 22-17-1

  1. New Orleans (-3) over Philadelphia
  2. Seattle (-4.5) over Minnesota
  3. Chicago (-3.5) over Tennessee
  4. Atlanta (-4) over Dallas
  5. Houston (-10) over Buffalo

Nichols, Record:  22-18.  

  1. Washington (-3) over Carolina
  2. Detroit (-4) over Jacksonville
  3. New York Giants (-3) over Pittsburgh
  4. Atlanta (-4) over Dallas
  5. New Orleans (-3) over Philadelphia


Big Dub, Record: 21-18-2

  1. New York Giants (-3) over Pittsburgh
  2. Seattle (-4.5) over Minnesota
  3. Buffalo (+10) over Houston
  4. Baltimore (-3.5) over Cleveland


12 thoughts on “Natasha Wicks; Picks.

    • DC, you got my vote this week with Johnny Johnson. The guy would occasionally break a big one against me in Tecmo when I’d go to slam Timmmm Rosenbach on what I thought was a play action pass. had some injury issues though.

  1. I just spike out my diet Pepsi on the floor of the ferry leaving Nantucket when I read the Carnell lake reference. Wow. Good one

  2. For awful pick of the week no one actually picked Tennessee. But can I still nominate those of us who failed to pick Chicago? That was EASY MONEY.

  3. I don’t know if there is anyway for me to say this without sounding like an ass, but I wish I knew Pagano was going to be in the house for Indy today.

  4. Did anyone have Terry Bradshaw saying Reggie Bush was running after a bucket of chicken? Because I’m pretty sure that was the call of the week

  5. Luck was a solid pick up in the DA league this week
    Did I read correctly that Tennessee had 6 fumbles? It’s hard to fathom that a 51-20 game wasn’t even that close…
    And how many teams has Chicago’s defense scored more than their offenses?

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