Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

The Very Rare “Double Arby’s”

Wow, the Eagles are bad.  This is a historic Eagles season, because it now appears the end of the Andy Reid era is upon us, but also we’re dealing with one of the least popular teams I’ve ever seen in this city.  There have been plenty of bad football teams in Philadelphia.  You could even argue that for a time the Eagles enjoyed a bit of a lovable loser status in the harshest of cities for sports, but this team is the polar opposite.  Talented and easy to hate.  That’s the 2012 Eagles.  Watching the game Monday Night it appears that the vast majority of their issues are on both lines.  They get no pressure on the QB and they can’t block anyone on offense.  Vick can be bad, the play calling can be worse, but everything comes back to not having any time.  And on defense the lack of a pass rush is magnifying every flaw.  Andy Reid’s biggest long term flaw, aside from several regrettable drafts might be failing to replace talented assistant coaches.  How do we feel about Howard Mudd right now?  Jim Washburn?  The promotion of Todd Bowles looks foolish.  Andy can’t lean on a big defense and stout o-line anymore.  That’s his biggest problem and it looks like it will finally usher him out of town.  

Better news?  The Pick ‘Em Standings.  We are reaching full-on tout status.  Two separate handicappers went 5-0, and as a group this was the best week in Pick ‘Em history.  Sure, it coincided with a week that everyone made a killing, but why focus on the negative?  We can make you all very, very rich.  

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. JCK, 27-17-1
  2. Grossy, 25-18-2
  3. Nichols, 25-20
  4. DC, 25-20
  5. Big Dub, 23-20-2
  6. Kraft, 23-21-1

The “Beef and Cheddar,” Pick of the Week:  Dueling Perfection (JCK and DC).  

This may be a bit of a cop out, but there really was a ton of overlap in the winning picks this week.  After taking a beating for much of the year the favorites finally had their day.  JCK and DC took 10 favorites and had 1o winners.  Did everyone parlay that action?  JCK’s best pick may have been New Orleans.  They were 2-5 after all.  They had been embarrassed the week before.  They did lose at home to Kansas City.  So, it wasn’t that easy.  DC’s best pick was probably Detroit.  It hasn’t been the easiest year to forecast the Lions, even when they are playing Detroit.  Plus, there was some mention of Megatron having a big game.  You want more personal praise than this?  Don’t have the winners that everyone in the World had this week.  

The “2 Hours After Eating Beef and Cheddar,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Kraft & Gross (Eagles +3)

Maybe if Vick’s pick-6 didn’t materialize this game would have played out a little differently, but this was a pick based on simple denial and that’s never good.  Did picking the Bills (Big Dub) make less sense?  Maybe on the surface, but at least Buffalo hung around for a minute.  Every Eagles game this year feels like a missed opportunity, but also feels like they could have been easily blown out.  After watching Andy Reid for 14 years, and watching the effort at home last week there should have been no way anyone predicted a bounce back in New Orleans.  Not in prime time.  Not with that secondary and O-Line.  

The Arbitrary, But Definitive Top-10:

1.  Atlanta, 8-0.  Another less than pretty picture, and yet another win.  The Falcons look like they could win 14 games.

2.  Chicago, 7-1.  The Bears can expose a bad offense quicker than any team in recent memory.  Those poor Titans.

3.  Houston, 7-1.  The Texans did enough to beat Buffalo.  I was expecting more after the bye-week.

4.  San Francisco, 6-2.  The Niners took a week off, absence drops them to #3 in the NFC.

5.  Green Bay Packers, 6-3.  Four straight wins and charging.  All without Greg Jennings.

6.  New York Giants, 6-3.  Haven’t been as sharp since that beatdown of the Niners.  

7.  Pittsburgh, 5-3.  Nice win in New York, like Green Bay, they’re moving in the right direction.

8.  Baltimore, 6-2.  A win over Cleveland (late) doesn’t really blow my hair back.  

9.  Denver, 5-3.  The |AFC is finally showing some life.  Look at Pey-Pey!

10.  Indianapolis, 5-3.  A nice feel good story, but there isn’t 10 good teams in the NFL.  Not even close.  

3-PT D.A. of the Week: Christian Ponder

Check out the D.A. standings, the discussion of a close battle this week and a new scoring proposal all by clicking the tab at the top of the page.  


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

  1. I wonder what kind of lines we’ll see this week. The issue is simply that the best five or six teams are MUCH better than everyone else.

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