Paula Prendes Has a Bucket Full Of Winners.

Looks Like Extra Crispy.

The kid is coming off a 1-4.  It was a perfectly timed implosion.  With seven weeks of games left to pick, another rough week could take me out of the running.  That puts a ton of pressure on this week.  It’s time to perform, got to find some clarity in this dismal lineup.  I think I’ll just go up in flames and pick some AFC West games.

DC, 29-21

St. Louis (-3) over New York Jets.  As far as I can tell at this point the Jets are stealing Tim Tebow’s lunch money and pushing him into lockers whenever he tries to walk down the hall.  I think the Rams are the more resilient team, and I think the road to being that scrappy 6-9-1 team continues with a win over the Jets here.  I actually think Bradford will have a decent game here.  Just for the sake of it:,_Johnny

Baltimore (-3.5) over Pittsburgh.  I’m not sure whether this line reflects the fact that BYRON LEFTWICH is starting at QB for the Steelers.  I guess you can consider this a challenge to Leftwich to prove to me that he can keep this game within a field goal, because I don’t think he can.  It’s not like the Steelers can pound the ball the way they used to.  I’m thinking a touchdown pass from Flacco to one of those tight ends and a few Ray Rice breakouts are more than enough to take out the Steelers here.

Houston (-15) over Jacksonville.  Obviously Vegas is trying to bait people into putting money on the Jaguars.  NOT ME THANK YOU.  I’ll stick with what works, which is picking the Texans to beat a pile of slop by two touchdowns and a haypenny.  Do we really think that it will work to have an NFL team in London?

Cleveland (+7.5) over Dallas.  I think a Joe Haden pick six and a long Webster Slaughter touchdown reception will be enough to cover the spread here.  Hell: Browns outright.  I don’t think the Dallas win over the Eagles proves ANYTHING and the Browns are ready to pick off another team.

Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit.  If Green Bay’s got what it takes, they’ll see that they’ve got an opening in the NFC North right now and they’ll just step on the Lions.  I think the Lions are JUST about ready to give up on their season.


JCK, 29-20-1

  1. Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit
  2. Cleveland (+7.5) over Dallas
  3. Carolina (+1.5) over Tampa Bay
  4. New York Jets (+3) over St. Louis
  5. Baltimore (-3.5) over Pittsburgh


Nichols, 27-23

  1. Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit
  2. St. Louis (-3) over NYJ
  3. Cincinnati (-3.5) over Kansas City
  4. New Orleans (-4.5) over Oakland
  5. Baltimore (-3.5) over Pittsburgh


Big Dub, 26-23-2

Oakland (+4.5) over New Orleans.  Doesn’t this feel like a perfect spot for Brees to have an uncharacteristically mediocre game? Emotional win + travel out West = letdown.

Washington (-3.5) over Philadelphia.  Eagles hung with a bad Dallas team for 3 quarters. They hang with a slightly worse Washington team for 3.5 quarters before losing by 6.

Jacksonville (+15) over Houston.  Could Houston be any less interested? Huge road win + Upcoming game on Thanksgiving =letdown.

Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit.  Why not?  The Lions blow.


Kraft, 26-23-1

Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit.  Pack continues their charge to catch the Bears, Rodgers throws for half a mile against that atrocious Lions defense. Where is Mark Carrier when you need him?

St. Louis (-3) over New York Jets.  Anytime you can lay single digits to the Jets you don’t ask questions, you don’t bring attention to it, you quietly place your wager and collect your $. Lets put it this way, Bart Scott ‘can’t wait’ for the offseason.

Jacksonville (+15) over Houston.  When these two teams get together the rivalry is so intense, you can throw out the records….seriously, short week for Houston after a big win, Jax has to have some dignity.

Indianapolis (+9) over New England.  Closer than the experts think. Luck will be able to move the ball, keep it close. This pick is clearly ‘ChuckStrong.’

Washington (-3.5) over Philadelphia.  The least likable Eagles team that I can remember.  I’d like to administer a “Code Red,” to all 53.


Grossy, 26-22-2.  

San Diego (+7.5) @ Denver.  I told you.  I’m going to lose my mind this week.  The Broncos are very hot, but they haven’t played the toughest schedule I’ve ever seen.  The Chargers are an abject failure and embarrassment to the league, but they did build a 24-pt lead on Denver just a month ago.  I’m lured in by that half point and I couldn’t find three games I liked this week, let alone five.

Baltimore (-3.5) over Pittsburgh.  One false move and Big Ben’s busted rib could go through his aorta.  Allegedly.  That leads me to believe that there is a possibility the stumbling ox will not play this week.  If he doesn’t, the line should be 35.  Byron Leftwich was terrible in relief last week.  His offensive line still has to carry him to the line of scrimmage, not because he’s hurt, but because he’s a fat dump.  Seriously, he’s built like Rick Reuschel, and might have a worse arm.

Indianapolis (+9) over New England.  I saw the Patriots in person last weekend and they just have too many holes in the secondary to lay this many points.  I don’t think they’re in any danger of losing the game, but if Luck can limit his mistakes, he’ll have chances.  Can we address the Reggie Wayne comeback?  This guy is one suspicious death and a few car washes away from being Marvin Harrison.

Washington (-3.5) over Philadelphia.  There are people who think Nick Foles is going to play well on Sunday.  There are people who think the Eagles are going to win outright.  I am not those people.  The Eagles have trouble winning in Washington under ideal conditions.  Remember that trip to Arizona before the season was dead?  This could be that ugly.  I see Babin and Cole meeting at Griffin’s 7-step drop about four seconds after he’s left the pocket and is weaving through the secondary.

Tampa (-1.5) over Carolina.  Line makes me nervous, but not as nervous as betting on Carolina.  They stink.  The Bucs can score and the Panthers will offer little resistance.  Cam Newton isn’t going to bounce back this year.  He’s officially in Freeman 2011 territory and we all know you don’t get well against Hardy Nickerson.


16 thoughts on “Paula Prendes Has a Bucket Full Of Winners.

  1. Any chance we fire Reid before the end of the season? I guess I don’t know what good it would do, but, it would be at least a little satisfying?

      • i dunno, part of me is like – i wanted Reid out of here 2 years ago, and now – mid-season…what’s the point? what is there to salvage when the team is also playing so poorly, the offensive line prob could not protect a QB no matter who was in charge…and now, i am kinda in the camp that firing Reid THIS YEAR, would taste awful, after losing his son…it might taste as sour to me as letting 3 Phillies coaches go minutes after the season that a GM and Manager were responsible for. PHILLY: GET.IT. TOGETHER. let’s get Tom Brady in here, we need Tom Brady.

        What would Brady do? I dunno. But it’s an important answer to many a followers’ questions…


      • Did you know the Phillies have won a game more recently than the Eagles? It’s true! At any rate, I’m in the thrall of bloodlust at the moment so rationality is not really carrying the day. CAESAR SAYS THUMBS DOWN THUMBS DOWN THUMBS DOWN.

      • hahah…

        and, that’s a scary stat.

        It’s not that firing Reid would accomplish anything football wise, or for this season. Isn’t it amazing that they don’t have a single assistant coach who’s even a candidate to be the interim coach? That kind of sums up Andy’s assistant hiring of late. Do we go with Andy’s clone, Morningwood, or the guy who took a mediocre defense and made it the worst in the league.

        It’d just be nice for the fans. They have a Monday Night game next week and all these fans are going down there to see that miserable trash. I imagine some are worried that Reid might survive for next year. They need to be put out of their misery, so to speak. If Reid gets canned, they can just go and watch a terrible football team in peace. They don’t have to also be agitated by this ongoing saga.

      • Let’s start a “Buddy Ryan for Interim Coach” movement. Don’t tell me that’s not an amazing idea. I don’t care that he’s 81 and sick. People would LOVE it.

      • That would be amazing. The Fans would be a quivering pool of glee. I’m now convinced this is the only option.

        Or, Brian Dawkins.

  2. Yes sir- and the San Diego TD was almost overturned. Well done.
    That is the sign to go to Vegas and max out the credit card at the sports book…you have the mojo

  3. I can’t believe the Ravens couldn’t pull that out. I guess when Chipwich scores on a 30 yard scamper that’s a bad omen.

  4. Those Arizona cardinals continue to be DA gold. They are the model DA franchise.
    Ryan Lindley? WOW. What’s the next move? Do they draft the linebacker that the University of Maryland trots out as their starting QB (because their top 3 are hurt), to groom as another QB project?
    You do not bet against Chad Henne in Texas. You don’t do it. Henne to Cecil Shorts has a Montana-Rice ring to it.

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